Google has unveiled a series of image and video mock-ups of a tablet PC based on its Chrome OS, the still-gestating operating system centered around its Chrome web browser.

Mountain View uncloaked its tablet “concept UI” early last week – two days before Steve Jobs announced Apple’s long-awaited tablet, the unfortunately named iPad. Google user interface designer Glen Murphy hoisted the mock-ups onto the Chromium Projects site, home to the open source incarnations of Chrome and Chrome OS.

Murphy calls these “visual explorations of how a Chrome OS tablet UI might look in hardware.” With a series a still images, he explores various software keywords, tool menus, and application launchers as well as a UI that puts multiple browser windows on the same screen. Chrome OS is essentially a Linux-based operating system that runs a single local application: Google’s browser.

Ha! This Google-Apple war could well be a lot of fun.

  1. deowll says:

    Look, if it doesn’t work as a stand alone as well as on line I don’t need it. The phone bill will kill it for me.

  2. Greg Allen says:

    I’m pretty upbeat on the tablet concept — it seems like a great way to deliver audio/visual/text content.

    But it has to be as flexible as a PC, so that every and any content provider can deliver to it.

  3. chris says:

    This one looks too big. I don’t like Apple’s content control, but they do make good gizmos.

    Still think my netbook is better than either.

  4. Gallahhad says:

    IPhad needed 3 things in order to make me say “Oh Cool!”

    1)USB Port, this is a must.
    2)SDHC Port, this is a must.
    3)Affordable 3g, this is a cool but not required feature for me.

    The first 2 would probably make me say “Oh Cool!”, but in his infinite wisdom, Jobs decided that the best thing to do was to hobble the device so he could pull the strings.

    I’ll get a Google Tablet when it ships, my guess is they won’t try to micro manage me or my hardware.

  5. RLF says:


  6. Unimatrix0 says:

    Another “concept” tablet that won’t make it to market.

    And whats with all this whining about “content control” about Apple. Every Apple device I own, AppleTv, iPhone, Macbook Pro..I put MY own music on it, MY movies on it.. You don’t have to buy ANY media from Apple.

  7. sargasso says:

    #6. I concur with your second statement but disagree with your first. Google have very probably already got a piece of hardware, they’re very open about their ambitions, they will learn from Apple’s mistakes.

  8. chuck says:

    So Apple comes out with a tablet computer that’s really just a big iPod touch – and everyone complains you can’t run Flash and it doesn’t have USB ports.

    And then Google comes out with a video of a table computer that doesn’t even exist (!!!) and somehow we all thing it’s better?

    Apple: 0
    Google: -1

  9. chris says:

    #6 If you want an “app for that” there’s a specific company that you have to go to get it. If you want to make an app you have to apply to Apple, and let them distribute it for you. And if they later decide they don’t want you having an app they can delete it, right?

    If you want to put media onto your music device you’re supposed to use the manufacturers software interface. If you want to move that music off and onto another computer(I have several) it doesn’t want to.

    Want to change the battery? Want to sell a computer with MacOS installed? Want to choose your cell provider?

  10. smittybc says:

    Personally I like Microsoft’s courier tablet book vaporware thing better than Google’s lunch tray vaporware thing. Though at least Google wasn’t dumb enough to continue to use a stylus. Those things are the worst.

  11. Unimatrix0 says:

    #9 – Again, I do everything I want to do with my Apple devices regarding media without buying from Apple. So where’s the control?

    #10 – Yes, you have to go through the Apple store. No worry about malicious software…unlike with the Google phone that recently had that issue.

    I do use the manufacturers software interface…it’s called ITUNES. And i move my media on, off and between my Apple devices with no problems.

    Battery replacement? The batteries last at least 3 years…by that time the product has been rev’d several times and it’s time to buy a new device.

    And I don’t want to sell computers with Mac OS and as far as cell provider, I have had zero issues with my iphone and AT&T.

  12. Ah_Yea says:


    If you REALLY want to see what started it all, check this out.

  13. Chrome web browser of Google is mind blowing fast!I like this browser most.I thought the same thing. I don’t see anything special about any of these tablets. I’ll stick with my laptop and I’ll hold out for the Google Chrome OS notebook.

  14. Dallas says:

    I’ll wait for Hitler to provide his honest opinion. Until then, it’s speculation.

  15. chris says:

    #12 I’m not telling you what devices to use, but I’m allowed to have my own opinions. Apple has always tried to tie good products to their media distribution channels. You might find that synergistic, but I find it annoying.

    If they gave you a price break on the device to lure you in it would be alright, but Apple’s stuff tends to be overpriced as well.

    The iPod and iPad might be super devices, but I prefer an MP3 player and a netbook. My choice, right?

  16. superchip says:

    Why does nobody bring up the Archos 9? I know it is Windows but surely someone can put Linux on it. For $549 looks like what the Ipad should have been.

  17. qb says:

    #16 Absolutely your choice. There is this weird underlying thread on this blog that Apple doesn’t provide choice.

  18. jobs says:

    #18 There are only 140.000 ways to use your iphone, you call that choice? If you’re away from your computer and you hear a song on pandora while on your iphone and want to buy it, you have to give apple your dollar for non-DRM song, extortion! You can only use one app while talking on the phone, the nerve of apple! If you like using a computer that 90% of the world doesn’t use then your a sheep. You will only have real choice when you break free from apple and use the same things everyone else does.

  19. an234 says:

    It will be useful for me if it can read and add comments and may be some handwriting to PDF and other e-books formats…

  20. jmsiowa says:

    I wish at least one of these tablets would be water proof. So I can use it for taking field notes in my research plots. I have two broken HPLX 200’s in my drawer at work. I’d put them in a ziploc bag ang go. But since these are touch screen I can’t do that.

  21. qb says:

    #22 Dude, how many ways can you miss the point? Are you forced to buy any Mac product?

  22. qb says:

    #24 Strike three

  23. Father says:

    BS, you can use apps while on the iphone 3G, if you are on the 3G network. I’ve done it in the past. I’m posting right now while calling my GF.

  24. Father says:


    your comment has no credibility.


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