The poll is closed and a slim majority of Dvorak Uncensored readers think the Colts will win. Feel free to discuss your opinions on your favorite team in the comments.

To our non-American readers, we feel your pain. Spending three hours to watch 12 minutes of actual play time is asinine to us too. But take solace in the fact that the ads are entertaining, the cheerleaders are smoking hot, and any excuse to drink beer is a good one.

  1. Dallas says:

    #31 LOL

  2. Faxon says:

    Based on the two cheerleaders, the Colts, with the open crotch cheerleaders, will win.

  3. Thomas says:

    You should care because it one of the few times you will see a sport manage a championship properly.

    Based on the cheerleaders, it’s going to be a very low scoring game.

  4. qb says:

    Too bad it’s not real football like the CFL.

    (wait for it…)

  5. Jägermeister says:

    Missing option: Who gives a shit?

  6. Loose Stool With Cheese says:

    For those who don’t like football, that explains a lot about you. 😉

    An interesting but useless study might be the political leanings of pro sports fans vs non-fans.

  7. Canucklehead says:

    Even more important, who will win the Scotties?

    Team Canada or Team PEI?

  8. Semantics says:

    12 minutes of American Football is far superior to watching 90 minutes of kicking a ball up and down a field and the game ending in a tie or 12 seconds of reading any post on this site by SN.

  9. satman says:

    I love me some underdogs!!!

  10. Thomas says:

    What a great game. Each year the Super Bowl reinforces why the NFL is on top of the sports world: single elimination championships.

  11. Rectal Dysfunction says:

    Well, there we have it. The Vikings curse triumphs. The Vikes manhandled the Saints and self destructed then the Saints turn around and outplayed the Colts. Pain all around. Congrats to the swamp rats

  12. Birddog says:

    WHO DAT!!!!

  13. We need another big hurricane says:

    #5, lol, with LA having some of the worst schools in the country, I’m not sure why everybody thinks it’s so clever that the slogan of the Saints is “who dat?”

  14. deowll says:

    I took a nap while the game was on.

  15. 888 says:

    My apologies go to all *normal* non-american guys out there.
    Yes, we call it football, and most of our guys get orgasm-substitutes watching it (simply because our fat and obese women always have headaches, so that’s the only way they can get close to an orgasm without committing sin of masturbation 😉 ).
    So please blame our women, not us, for the existence and popularity of this outrageously stupid and boring “sport”.
    Also please blame the media for brainwashing our morons into honest believing that they really *like it* and they *give a shit* about “their” teams!
    (no no, it is not yet-another conspiracy, just business as usual)

  16. birddog says:

    If you are not football fans why post on this one. You are all a bunch of fucking trolls.

  17. SN says:

    40. Semantics said: “…or 12 seconds of reading any post on this site by SN.

    God, you are so fricken pathetic. Despite the fact that you hate my posts, you read them anyway, and you waste your time commenting on them. Do even have one friend you can talk to in the real world?

    Get off your ass, go outside, and get a real life dude. If that’s too much for you, at least you could do the rest of the world a favor and end it.


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