Based on early work, University of North Carolina experts believe a blast of ultrasound to the testes can safely stop sperm production for six months.

With a grant of $100,000 from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation they will push ahead with more clinical trials. Once the testis has stopped producing sperm and all “sperm reserves” have been depleted, explain the researchers, the man will be temporarily infertile.

Doesn’t using Windows do this already??

Found by David Guaraglia.

  1. honeyman says:

    Indeed. I have my balls busted by Microsoft every day of my life.

  2. Maricopa says:

    Doesn’t using Windows do this already??

    Nah. You’re confusing the way Apple sucks you dry and leaves you impotent.

  3. John E. Quantum says:

    Bill busted his balls after a chair jumping demontration went horribly awry. Here he performs the feat, but while attempting to repeat it off camera, Connie kicked the chair sideways and he landed on his balls on top of the chair (so I heard somewhere).

  4. Max Bell says:

    Oh, God. Is that available in a portable?

    Just think of all the people that would never breed if you could carry one of those in your pocket.

  5. Dexton7 says:

    Bill seems to really be into experimental vaccines and sterilization.. maybe he is a NWO eugenicist after all.

    However, my opinion of him would go up astronomically if he can figure out how to make mosquitos extinct on the anti-malaria project…

  6. chris says:

    #2 I’m with you.

    The mac guy looks asexual, the windows guy just does it with a homely chick.

  7. LDA says:

    Bill Gates Jnr., son of former Planned Parenthood board member and eugenicist philanthropist. Vaccine anyone?

  8. Camacho says:

    When Bill Gates first announced his charity initiative, it seemed like a good thing. Now, he seems to be a bigger threat than terrorism. First, he said vaccines could be used to reduce population. Now, if this ultrasound technology could be married with the existing shock wave technology used by Israeli military, mass sterilization programs could be accomplished easily.

  9. Gildersleeve says:

    Gee, it’s beginning to look as though nerds with money is a bad thing.

  10. deowll says:

    The guy that invented the laptop took care of that. Cook your nuts and they don’t make sperm.

  11. BigBoyBC says:

    Hey John!

    Maybe that would explain you’re “Low T”, that or hanging out with Adam Curry?

  12. caption this photo says:

    Joe and his team demonstrate their new method of polishing shoes.

  13. Animby says:

    #13 Goatmaster – miracle cures are almost never truly miracles. I’m aware of Humble’s mineral treatments. Tell me (actually please don’t) how you think one treatment would be viable against some of the worst viruses around AS WELL AS bacteria, parasites and – gosh dandruff? I suspect you probably believe in the power of prayer to heal, too. Well, pray well because Humble’s chlorine solutions can be deadly.

  14. Uncle Patso says:

    Them collidge boyz think ther so smart!

  15. MR says:

    Is the foundation gonna grant money to Sami Salo who ruptured a testicle blocking a slap shot the other night?

  16. Benjamin says:

    #13 Malaria was mostly prevented by a chemical called DDT. However, not enough people in African countries were dying, so they banned it. And no, DDT shouldn’t have been used for agriculture. Spraying it around the village was sufficient to stop the majority of malaria.

    As for the actual idea of making men infertile for six months, how is this different from the birth control pills that woman take? How do you know that the woman actually took her pill? A mistake there will be a monthly payment for the next eighteen years.

  17. amodedoma says:

    The scary thing about this is, I can only think of one reason to develope such a thing. A method that leaves people infertile that doesn’t require direct contact and can be used without their knowledge. Hmmmmmm, if the birthrates in the third world start to drop dramatically, we’ll have our confirmation.
    Bill Gates has always produced a reaction of fear and hatred in me, and news like this makes it worse.

  18. Somebody says:

    What a lucky guy!

    It looks like all the R&D money that got sunk into the Electro-hummer wont be wasted after all.


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