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This Episode’s Executive Producers: John Snyder, Ben Blondin
Associate Executive Producers: Jordi Ramirez, Jason Marella, Robert Mathers
Artwork by: Sir Paul T. and Sir Randy Asher
Knighthoods: John Snyder, Jordi Ramirez

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  1. deowll says:

    New gear! I thought you sounded better! Almost as good as FM. You weren’t even sounding like good AM.

    Drinking raw milk is a great way to catch TB and a dozen or so other potentially fatal diseases. Heating the milk kills most of the germs.

    I drank raw milk as a youngster and didn’t get TB because our cows didn’t have the disease.

    High fructose sweetener is in every freaking thing and in large amounts not good for you.

    If you work outside and sweet your cloths may end up white with salt.

    Sodium Chloride is Sodium Chloride however impurities can be important.

    Nobody has the cash to save the EU.

    Oh yeah! They shot Bambi!!!


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