The implications of this study, which is breaking news today, are mind-boggling.

Job seekers take note: Resumes printed on heavy paper stock are likely considered more seriously than those on lightweight sheets.

That’s the finding of a new study that reveals our sense of touch unconsciously influences our thoughts and moods.

“When people physically experience weight—when they feel heavy things—it makes them see the world in a more serious and important way,” said study leader Joshua Ackerman. (See: “Warm Your Hands, Warm Your Outlook?”)

Ackerman and colleagues created six experiments where they gave people similar objects of different textures and weights, such as heavy or light clipboards and rough or smooth jigsaw puzzle pieces. Handling the objects affected the subjects’ impressions and decisions, the study found.

  1. yankinwaoz says:

    But most resumes are digital Word or PDF files.

  2. Winston says:


    Staples light blue 67 pound card stock (#490883) resumes have resulted in innumerable job offers for me, but I’m having quite a time trying to decide at which Walmart I want to be a greeter.

  3. Guyver says:

    Odd…. I want to say I read about this a year or so ago. Strange to see it as breaking news now.

  4. Buzz says:

    Also, good layout design, full page envelopes and physical beauty (during the interview) all make extra points.

  5. The Ox says:

    People still print resumes? Do companies still accept them? Most openings these days seem to want a Word or PDF file in lieu of paper…

  6. chuck says:

    #2 – When you learn to spell (greatergreeter) maybe your job prospects will improve.

  7. chuck says:

    Word documents are usually heavier than PDFs

  8. Guyver says:

    6, Rider, So how do you equate rape with resumes? 🙂

  9. Sister Mary Hand Grenade of Quiet Reflection says:

    “The resume should be no more than a 50 page powerpoint listing pictures of each of the alter/choir boys that you had sex with (30 pages) and the remaining 20 pages listing the medications that you are on.”

    /recommendations for priests looking to relocate because they were feeling the heat.

  10. paddler says:

    So why aren’t fat people taken more seriously?

  11. newglenn says:

    The wine industry has known this for just about forever. Heavier bottles = higher quality wines, in consumers’ minds.

  12. wirelessg says:

    So a good strategy would be to ship a ream of card stock with your resume on top and write a note saying, “Resumes printed on heavy paper stock are likely considered more seriously than those on lightweight sheets. I would like your opinion. Please call me.”

  13. Uncle Dave says:

    Two words:

    Stone Tablets

  14. The0ne says:

    Money well spent! Sign me up for the next survey. I love to categorize subjectivity, bias and just being a plain idiot.

    As Elly Wood might have done it…I say put your stuff in pink and with a scent to boot!

  15. soundwash says:

    It took a study to figure this out? This “knowledge” is as old as Gold.

    Personally, i think it is something “carnal” to all humans, or better, the human spirit.

    If we are indeed simply (higher) energies that must book passage here in the 3rd Density for a cycle (or two, -for the slow ones) to gain better understanding of well, everything, -then it would seem a no-brainer we would be rather highly attracted to the sensation of very dense things, yes?

    -Recall the feelings that run through you when you pick up (or just touch) something that is far heavier [denser] than it’s size foretells..

    Get it?


    [Like the iPad? – ed.]

  16. Alf says:

    Dress for Success is a book about impressing the hiring authority (recruiter language). The right watch, the right tie, the right suit and even being a bit taller somehow make a difference.

    I wonder if the Bible would be more believable if the pages were thick and not tissue.

  17. The0ne says:

    Don’t start with the “intelligent” debate again. We’re smart, the most powerful, and can do anything…ANYTHING!!!

    That is despite some little bug doing things we can never imagine ever being capable of doing hahahaha *crys laughing*

    But seriously, don’t start. A LOT of members here are high on themselves and I rather not have to suffer through their explanation of why we’re so superior to everything.

  18. Skeptic says:

    So THAT’S why my resumes typed on tissue paper didn’t work!

    And here I thought it was the broken “e” and “r” keys.

  19. Buzz says:

    #7 Yes, PDFs are rampant, but people who submit them on 32 GB thumb drives get preferential treatment.

  20. bobbo, is all politics necessarily corrupt, or always a choice says:

    At one time, I wrote resumes professionally “Baron Resumes” if you ever used my service. The basic service provided 20 resumes on the heaviest paper available. Plain white was offered but never wanted–always a light off color. I never consciously realized until now that I expressed this innate preference.

    I wonder if it goes back to selecting rocks and clubs for out primate survival? Ha, ha, — it goes with ephemeral ideas as well: “Thats Heavy” not to include my brother.

  21. Stephen Harper says:

    It worked for me!

  22. bobbo, is all politics necessarily corrupt, or always a choice says:

    Well, not much there:

    Makes it look like no one actually supports the xxx domain name as they are only generically described rather than listed, at least by footnote? Flat charge regardless of extension.

    Spam/porn–you’d think after two years of not wanting to become a court reporter or not wanting a free dell laptop that my name would drop off their list==but no. Almost makes me want to go to the store and “almost” buy a Dell but then at the last moment decline purchase because they spammed me so much==or is Dell totally innocent and its those third party providers?

    Third Parties should be outlawed.

  23. Milo says:

    Nobody touches a resume anymore until it’s been approved by some resume scanning program anyway.

    I’ve considered trying to figure out how to give corporations a virus this way!

  24. Floyd says:

    I’m job hunting. While I understand the impressiveness of heavier paper stock when reading a resume’, very few hiring companies want anything but an electronic document these days.


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