Telegraph UK – 26 Jun 2010:

Former US vice president Dick Cheney is expected to spend the weekend in hospital in Washington after his latest health scare.

Mr Cheney, 69, who has suffered five heart attacks since he was 37, was admitted to hospital after telling his doctors he felt unwell. He is undergoing tests, his office said.

“On the advice of his physicians, he was admitted to the (George Washington University) hospital for further testing. He is expected to remain in the hospital over the weekend,” said a statement released by his office.

The hawkish Republican was the most influential vice-president in recent history during his eight years alongside George W Bush and remains extremely popular in conservative circles, despite leaving office with extremely low public approval ratings.

He played a key role in US decisions on Iraq and Afghanistan and has emerged as one of his party’s most outspoken critics of the national security policies of President Barack Obama.

  1. jessica says:

    Is it just me or does Dick Cheney suspiciously resemble Elmer Fudd?

  2. Hereortogo says:

    When liberals leave office, we who have opposed them wish them a long peaceful retirement. When conservatives leave office, the hate from their opponents just keeps spewing. Shame on you for being upset that he’s not dead.

  3. Faxon says:

    Liberals. The tolerant, diverse, free speech-loving, open-minded, progressive, vicious side of American Politics. I don’t seem to recall any college students getting their panties in a know about any Democrat commencement speaker.
    Democrats, the party of Ku Klux Klan members.

    Your post would be a major news controversy in the liberal media if it were 2013 and Obama you refered to.

  4. McCullough says:

    Let’s see…how many innocent civilians and soldiers are DEAD because of Bush, Cheney and now Obama’s illegal war.

    Fuck them all. Why would anyone care about this creep?

  5. Animby says:

    Shame on you, SN. Maybe you should see a counselor. Work through these feelings you have. Hey! Look at the bright side: Another couple of years and there will be another Republican administration and you can start building up your bile again!

  6. SparkyOne says:

    Not Fud. Fud could not hit broadside of a barn or a lawyer.

  7. Bm3 says:

    Given the amount of people Cheney has had killed and tortured, wishing him death is not out of line, since it is you, the republicans, that believe in Capitol punishment and death to murderers. Unfortunately, ur last administration were the biggest terrorists in the world, bigger and more destructive than the Taliban, sadam etc

    And it is you who has revoted them in, despite the lies and bs they spun to propel ur country into war.

    You ignorant idiots. Wake up. Cheney is a maor share holder to the company that supplies the us government arms and war-time services. You imbecile morons. This is open public information, check it out. Talk about a conflict of interest yet uz kept voting them in.

  8. rectagon says:

    Wow… wishing someone was dead. Are you like 10 SN? Grow up already. Let’s hope your ilk doesn’t ever get control of any political entity… otherwise death camps will be back in black.

  9. jimb says:

    He should die in prison not a hospital

  10. S. Atan says:

    Don’t worry, the Cheney wing of Hell is still waiting. No one better qualified to fill it.

  11. CZen says:

    Wow is this a Tech Blog or Daily KOS?

    [This is not a tech blog. Dvorak Uncensored: General observations and true web-log. – ed.]

  12. Mextli says:

    Lets all hold hands and preach tolerance, diversity, and peace like good little liberals.

    Whoops, I forgot Chaney wasn’t a democrat. Oh well, maybe if he had just drowned a girl in a car.

  13. Mextli says:

    Speaking of wars killing people, remember this one?

    “American advisors were present in Vietnam in the Eisenhower era in small numbers. Under Kennedy, that number increased to about 16,000. But it wasn’t until 1965 that President Lyndon Johnson sent hundreds of thousands of American combat troops streaming into the country.”

  14. fulanoche says:

    4 & 9

    I’ll second that.

  15. CZen says:

    So the answer is Daily KOS 2.0. Got it.

  16. bobbo, to the left of Obama says:

    #17–Lou==well done. Do you believe 30% of that crap or was it just an exercise? But well done. Fun to see “the truth” limit you to mere mouthing of the mirror image without sufficient substance. But well done.

    A matter of degree not kind, I agree and stated as much in my lead. Being to the left of Obama, I agree his biggest sins are those following the Bush policies/mismanagement.

    Yes, they are all corrupt, not the change I wanted. The Repugs keep all the graft for themselves, at least the Dems push a few scraps off the table for the public. Its nothing compared to too little.


  17. SomeDudeInPA says:

    Cue “Still Alive” from Jonathan Coulton

  18. sargasso_c says:

    Proof, he has a heart.

  19. GreatAmerican says:

    Cheney is clearly the best VP we’ve had in a long time. Compared to that plagiarizing drunkard buffoon Biden, there’s no contest. Get on the train Joe!

    So some of you sickos wish a great American dead? That’s nice you losers!

    Ugh and I see Bobbo’s back to his tricks again…being full of crap.

  20. GreatAmerican says:

    Perhaps the editor’s handle “SN” means “Sh*t nose”? Thanks lefty!

  21. BOEPC says:

    Don’t make me have to dig up old comments on Ted Kennedy.

  22. Lou says:

    Dick has had 5 H A. Funny how he will only get one more for 6. Who thought D C would be going out on number 6. It all adds up now.

  23. Dallas says:

    Maybe he’ll get an erroneous sex change operation like Ann Coulter and become Dickless Cheney

  24. Joe M says:

    I don’t wish anyone dead, but I do think he should be tried as a war criminal, along with every other responsible leader who is in fact responsible for countless unnecessary deaths.

    So typical of right wingers to point throw up the KKK issue, or point out Ted Kennedy’s history in response.

  25. Faxon says:

    #27: And, just what IS it about the Ku Klux Klan and Teddy Kennedy that we have WRONG?????

    Speaking of DEAD… I am waiting for Byrd to assume room temperature finally, and put an end to the endless artifacts named after him in his state, based on his equally endless PORK projects.

    Let’s finally have the Robert Byrd tombstone with his fucking name on it.

  26. Bm3 says:

    @ #22 “greatAmerican” you are such an ignorant republican, as are most republicans. Dick Cheney the greatest VP? WTF is wrong with you? Stop watching fox news and bill oreilly and watch some unbiased sources like BBC and you will learn the truth about your previous leaders.

    You have voted for a torturer and war criminal and his right hand man, donald rumsefldis wanted for war crimes at several industrialized countries around the world – to be arrested as soon as he/if he lands.

    The educated world hates you guys because of the crimes and murders they have committed, and even after you guys knew your leaders lied to you all to send you into an oil war and a hulburton make “Cheney” money war and lied about weapons of mass destruction, uz still voted those morons in again.

    Now there are two categories you fit in, either you are ignorant and do t really know whats going on and watch too much fox news and hannity, or you do in fact know exactly what is going on and like it that way, which means you are a heartless person who is happy to have unnecessary foreigners killed for the vhastly misguided iillusion that you and your country are safer.

    Ever single republican falls into one of those two categories, either really ignorant or really heartless, I don’t know which one you belong to but you should be ashamed of yourself either way.

    How can you be proud to be an American after all the things done in the bush years? Drop dead and rott in hell!

  27. [deleted for violation of blog guidelines — ed.]

  28. Bm3 says:

    What’s th matter Patrick? Couldn’t spread your republican blabbering? Go watch more hannity and his bullshit flicking, incomplete sentence and pseudo-fact spreading nonsense.


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