1. your-name-here says:

    Given the world domination plans of GWAR are failing, Oderus Urungus is back to the streets recruiting anyone who will listen.

  2. Kingsley A says:

    “Oh, that’s a great school, my son went there.”

  3. bobmcd67 says:

    Yes, Mom, I’m wearing clean underwear.

  4. JMJahn says:

    “Republican, why ?”

  5. Cursor_ says:

    I have a 60th LVL blood elf shaman. What about you young man?

  6. bobbo, student of the haiku says:

    The MONSTER sits NEAR
    Can my journey in this LIFE
    Be successful now?

  7. raster says:

    “Oh no! They noticed us! Act casual and pretend you don’t know me.”

    but #4 FTW!

  8. jimmy james says:

    “Crackpot and Buzzkill”

  9. rimshot says:

    Pard’ me ma’am, can you help an alien down on his luck?

  10. honeyman says:


  11. LittleTimmy says:

    “Oh you are SO correct…pillaging IS a lost art!”

  12. cuzzoni says:

    “You remind me so much of my late husband Chester. God rest his soul”.

  13. SWILK3RS says:

    I am GWAR!!! Which train is to the comicon?


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