1. judgen says:

    Effing awsome and so accurate.

  2. Guyver says:


  3. Aude says:

    LOL see its easy to control you zombies.

  4. PF says:

    Greeeeaate ! When in Sweden, tell me.

  5. interglacial says:

    Excellent video!!
    But why is it flagged as NSFW? What kind of job have you got where it’s OK to spend your time watching youtube videos but not OK if there is the odd swear word? Just asking because I’m curious – I’ve worked places where pretty much anything goes as long as the work gets done and also for companies with strict policies on computer use.

    [If I don’t let people know, they bitch like hell. – ed.]

  6. gromnie says:

    All they needed to do was point out that every single one of those songs was “Pachelbel’s Canon” and it would have been perfect.

  7. Howard Beal says:

    good stuff!
    I love their big hit WWJD

  8. Cursor_ says:

    It doesn’t stop with four. Cheech and Chong lampooned hard rock in their song Earache My Eye when they revealed to be a big rock star you only need to know three chords.

    But then if really want to blow overblown music stars’ minds just remember that the classical music that everyone seems to think is so highbrow and artistic was chiefly made of nature sounds and scraps and hooks of folk music that were expanded upon.

    In other words, Mozart, Beethoven and the rest were sampling to make their music.

    Who knew that they had something in common with Rap and Electronic Music?


  9. bobbo, student of the haiku says:

    Four chords is awesome.
    But most singers only have
    Three note vocal range.

  10. gromnie says:

    If only they’d pointed out all these songs are Pachelbel’s Canon, it would have been perfect.

    Check out “Pachelbel Rant” on Youtube.

  11. bobbo, student of the haiku says:


    Musical humor and even the history can be quite interesting. “Ovation” on cable tv has a good series on Great Composers. Seems Vivaldi’s great Mass of Work including “The Four Seasons” was completely lost to the world until original manuscripts were found in an Italian Library.

    To that end, the copyright on music is hard for me to understand. So many notes in a row can be copyrighted: but while mathematically the combinations may be quite large, this video comedy routine really shows our cultural filters make the actual available choices quite limited.

  12. jobs says:

    In actually most of those songs are not played with those four chords. Many do use the same basic progression but are in different keys or in different modes. This is how the piano guy at the local lounge seems to know every song ever written.

  13. deowll says:

    Three thumbs up and a big toe.

  14. ArianeB says:

    Actually the axis of awesome and the pachabel rant are different chords, or more accurately the same chords in a different order.

    The Axis of Awesome rant is C, Amin, F, G or the very similar C, Amin, Dmin, G
    The Pachabel Rant is C, G, Amin, F

    Ironically the most common is just three chords
    C, C (again), F, G

  15. Gasparrini says:

    I guess that when your parents said that all Rock music sounds the same they were right. 🙂

  16. Paul says:


    A lot of these are the ‘sensitive female chord progression’ (Toto-Africa). Google it for a lot more links.


  17. jobs says:

    #15 I’m pretty sure the axi of awesome guys are mostly playing E B C A. Hmm… 1-5-6-4 kind of a spin of #17s 6-4-1-5.


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