We are living in a geek’s paradise. We are so spoiled by our gadgets and the Internet that we expect everything to be automated, digitized, and customized, not to mention responsive to the swipe of a finger.

Technology has rewired our brains, altered our expectations, and, frankly, turned us all into cranks.

How do you know if this has happened to you? Look for the following 21 warning signs.

You know you’ve been spoiled rotten by technology when…

1. You no longer complain about how slow, buggy, and crash-prone your PC is. Instead you complain about how slow, buggy, and crash-prone your smartphone is. And now you’re doing it in the checkout line at the supermarket.

2. You automatically assume that every screen is a touchscreen, but you have to touch them all just to make absolutely sure. This explains why you’re no longer allowed to enter Best Buy.

3. Someone else is named Mayor of McFatty Burgers in Foursquare before you are, and you wind up depressed for a week. Don’t worry, you’re still King of the Dorks. Would you like fries with that, Your Highness?

Click here to see the rest of the 21.

Found by Cinàedh.

  1. interglacial says:

    Read the list and scored 0. Hmmm, pretty sure I used to be a geek, maybe it’s time to admit I’ve aged and am now a techgrouch.

  2. Platypus # 7 says:

    Sign #22: You read every single word, describing each and every one of the 21 Signs mentioned in this Article.

    You’re still utterly unaware they’re supposed to be funny.

  3. Awake says:

    I also scored a big “Zero” on the test. Weird, because I’m the guy that people come for help with their technology. Oh, I figured it out… I don’t use ANY apple products… so I must actually be well balanced mentally!

  4. Special Ed says:

    #3 – That’s funny, you sound like a zero too.

  5. admfubar says:

    #22 you make way too much money to afford all this crap..
    ah the data connection the new $5,000 per gallon ink..

  6. #22 You spent too much time playing Plants versus Zombies so you forgot to write a column this week, so you decide to churn out a list in place of real content.

  7. whamalamadingdong says:

    Sign .01 You wasted your time reading this drivel in the first place.


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