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  1. deowll says:

    Does reading on a back lit screen give you a headache? Turn down the brightness! If you can, adjust for a darker background. The whites on my thirty inch monitor would sear my eyeballs if I didn’t turn it down for reading and word processing!

    I do have low end wifi kindle ordered. I guess I see if I like it. I don’t see why this thing couldn’t have more ram or a flash chip slot. Books take up space and I no longer have the space.

  2. Lee Stevens says:

    You hit on something John I wish you would hammer home and that is that Google Search has gone way down hill.
    I’m going to pages primary results that just re-post the question ( a tech problem ) with no answer, pages of nothing but broken links. I search guitar sweepstakes list after list of expired sweepstakes that kind of crap needs to be culled. My least favorite is all the crappy shopping search engines that automatically up the price. They need to bring back the x out cancel button and I want to know why it went away. They really havent indexed You Tube and You Tube is drowning in crap thats where Google needs to focus or somebody else needs to give them a run for their money.

    And to put your anti global warming opposition to rest here:

    Your shows are getting better

    Cheers Lee

  3. Mick Hamblen says:

    Um uh “episode”

    [Thanks. I missed the typo. – ed.]

  4. Sarah has a big rack says:

    Hey, I just said what the rest of the viewers were thinking… mmmK

  5. Glenn E. says:

    I think the reason Intel bought McAfee, is this. I suspect some of Intel’s board members are major stockholders of McAfee. Maybe even board members too. And buying out a failing product maker, takes Intel money that should have gone to Intel shareholders. To boost McAfee’s stock, and line the pockets of those Intel board members. If I were an Intel stockholder, I want full disclosure of why my stock dividends were diverted into buying McAfee? Without a lot of vague excuses, like “ah, we think it’s a good investment”. And who exactly stands of profit the most from the deal, at Intel?

    But as we’ve seen with Enron. Corporations get to define their own expenses and liabilities. And pretty much cook the books, as they see fit. And the shareholder are all along for the ride. And get just enough payback to string them on.


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