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  1. bobbo, int'l pastry chef and film critic says:

    First clip is 30 min and more generic while second clip is 38 min and focused on Star Trek. Both funny and interesting if you are into movies and/or Star Trek/wars.

    Nothing new, but well done. There is a difference between science fantasy and science fiction. Between these genres and a Hollywood film as well. Difficult to find that balance between popular vs good when profit is based on popular?

    Same with politics.

  2. atmusky says:

    Interesting take on the state of Hollywood. One does have to wonder if they actually succeed in getting On Demand of everything every made available through the Internet at any time if we will really need much new content.

    I think the same of the music industry – how many tens of 1000s of hours of existing music is there? Would I really even notice if no one wrote a new song? Heck most new stuff is in some way a rehash of old stuff anyways.

    It would be interesting to see where the “Entertainment” industry is in another 50 years.

  3. bobbo, int'l pastry chef and film critic says:

    Still doing remakes.

  4. Brain Freeze says:

    First the advert, then the dullest guy in the world begins to speak. Sorry, life’s too short for this one.

  5. Animby says:

    Geez. An hour of video? I have to spend half my time on here avoiding ECA, Alfred, Dallas, etc. and now you want me to watch an HOUR of video?

  6. LotsaLuck says:

    # 5 Animby said, on September 4th, 2010 at 7:52 am

    “Geez. An hour of video? I have to spend half my time on here avoiding ECA, Alfred, Dallas, etc. and now you want me to watch an HOUR of video?”

    I, for one, come here primarily to partake of the comic stylings of Dallas, bobbo, and especially the always hilarious Greg Allen.

    Seriously, that dude always cracks me up!

  7. xjonx says:

    #5 For that dumb ass comment, YOU MUST WATCH IT TWICE!

  8. bobbo, int'l pastry chef and film critic says:

    #7–xjonx==I join you in urging our dear editor overlords to require the man with two tin cans and no string to watch the video twice. Or failing that, to have his ip connection linked for that amount of time.

    Its one thing to have a life and prioritize the offerings here at DU as you will, but quite another different thing to denigrate the rest of us who do not.

    Where is the humanity?

  9. EricD says:

    re: #2
    The music bizz will no doubt be the first to go under. The entire structure is built upon acting as gatekeepers, separating the artist from the listeners and maintaining an artificial scarcity.
    What’s happening now is:
    A) The tools for making pro quality music are becoming extremely accessible. Millions are doing it for them selves.
    B) Creative commons music sites with ad revenue sharing are popping up and becoming more and more popular. If Google or someone go into this arena, it could take out the old structure almost over night.
    C) The quality of new music productions are generally lower than those made say 10-15 years ago. Lowering the bar for A and B to happen.

    Combined with the point #2 made about the huge back catalog, we are looking at an almost unlimited supply of music.

    (When the giants fall they will likely blame piracy though.)

  10. Sea Lawyer says:

    I’ve never understood why Star Trek makes so much effort to bore the audience by incorporating real science in it’s story lines, while at the same time you have multiple combinations of cross-breeding between species that aren’t even from the same planet. Isn’t it in middle school biology when you learn how silly that concept is?

  11. bobbo, int'l pastry chef and developing alcoholic says:

    SL==what Rings of Uranus are you talking about? I never saw any cross breeding on Star Trek. Did see a bunch of bestiality going on but Sex and Breeding are two different things. Come to think of it, I never saw any real science either. I tried once to reverse the polarity of the tractor beam and feed it into the anti-matter propulsion system and all I got was “No signal.”

    Geeks and Twerps.

  12. sargasso_c says:

    I think knee-jerk stereotyping of people who watch Star Trek and enjoy the adventure fantasy of space scifi as plumping nerds and dorks, (seeing my reflection in my screen) is probably pretty accurate.

  13. Tippis says:

    For more of the same, search for RedLetterMedia on You Tube — the SW Episode I/II rants (in many many parts) are particularly noteworthy.

  14. MikeN says:

    THat’s not the only stereotype. Mickey Kaus reported some years back that Star Trek fans are more likely to be pedophiles, with an inordinate percentage of them having Star Trek dolls.

  15. Counterweight says:

    Bobbie #11 – I never saw any cross breeding on Star Trek.

    Really? One of the very minor chracters was a pointy eared freak named Spock. Seems to me he was the result of a nasty Vulcan taking one of our decent white women. Apparently he took her again and again every seven years. Hmmm. I wonder if my ex-wife was Vulcan.

  16. bobbo, int'l pastry chef and sexually repressed star wanderer says:

    Counter–you got me there, pretty obvious with half a second review of the main characters. I guess I just had my head stuck in the warp core or fixated on what was actually “shown” on screen. Kirk mating with every color of the rainbow. Rodenbury’s concept of racial acceptance, but we all know its a form of oppression===right girls?

    Ha. Ha.

    What do you think the Vulcans were really thinking? Silly Hoomans.

  17. MikeN says:

    The Genesis torpedo project has already been achieved.

  18. Counterweight says:

    Easy Hoomans.

  19. steelcobra says:

    Then there’s Worf’s 3/4s klingon son, B’lanna Torres (1/2 Klingon) who has a kid with a human, Naomi Wildman, who’s half Ktarian, Deanna Troi (1/2 Betazed), Saavik (1/2 Vulcan, 1/2 Romulan, though not as weird since they are splinter races)…

    I’d say it’s pretty common in the fiction.

    Either way, it’s been pretty much established that Star Trek Online is part of the original timeline.

  20. Derek says:

    Ok, that was a great video. If you get the time, watch the dude’s review of Star Trek: Generations. It’s hilarious

  21. Counterweight says:

    #19 : You can speak Vulcan,can’t you?

  22. steelcobra says:

    #21: No, no I can’t. I’m not that bad.

    #22: Well, she is human, but I think Chacotay is tapping that.

  23. Somebody says:

    OMG! CBG lives!


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