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Today’s Guests:
Vanessa Fox, Founder,
Roger Chang, Senior Producer, Revision3
Andrew Eisner, Director of Content and Community, Retrevo

The Topics:
The New Twitter
IDF 2010
Intel’s New Wares
Steve Jobs, Ninja
The Killer Kindle Ad

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  1. ludovik14 says:

    I loved the show would always watch it Thursday on my blackberry on the subway. I think you are a great host and the only podcast I cared to watch. Hopefully you can keep it going.

  2. balee says:

    I’m gonna really miss the Show. This was the single show I turned on the TV for.
    CG was by far the most entertaining, intriguing and funny tech shows around.
    John, we’ll be waiting for your return 🙂

  3. SG says:

    Lets hope this news is an early April Fools joke.

  4. Amar says:


    I loved this show.
    I guess I’ll have to start over back at show #1 and listen to them again. (I saved all of them)

    Good Luck John ;,,,(

  5. Martin says:

    Those “advertising agencies” seem to be douchebags, I for one used code “crank” when I ordered at godaddy.

    The TwiT network shows that the longer format is working and is what the geeks that watch theese kinda shows want and respond to most. Actually I always thought CG was too short and a bit rushed, i prefer the relaxed athmosphere of the Laporte shows.

    Well greetings from Austria and thanks for all the great shows!

  6. tomdennis says:

    I like whatever you do John. You will always have a following. I hope “Big Bucks” understands the tech aspect of whats been said on Ziff productions – be it TV or the Internet.

  7. TiredMemeCat says:

    Now I’ll be a half hour short on shows to watch while ironing. I will miss CG even though the sound has really been crappy lately, and there were way too many commercials and self-serving ‘analysts’ and ‘consultants. The best guests were the cynics; the guys from The Register. Why they don’t do a weekly show full of critique and snark is beyond me. But in place of CG, we need something- and no not that clown Laporte.

  8. EdZepp says:

    John what ever you do it’s great! Cranky geeks is no exception,I will miss it.
    People take for granted how hard it is to expose and put yourself out on this thing they call the internet and in media,advertising is how the game is played.If you don’t like something…don’t.I wonder if people that post hate comment’s about other people ever look in the mirror,they should and I do,hate myself more then anyone on this planet.Go on people keep the hate going!We can all watch this planet go into the dumper…Peace out:(

  9. Uncle Patso says:

    I have wondered when this would happen for the last several months — JCD’s attitude toward it all seemed to have changed somewhat. I have watched every single episode of Cranky Geeks (except, of course, the one where they forgot to record the audio!).

    Like many others here, I was also a big fan of the predecessor show, Silicon Spin back in the old ZDTV/TechTV days. I was really surprised and bummed when that show was cancelled. This time the surprise is less, though still present.

    Apologies to anyone who will see this as spam, but in the spirit of nostalgia, I have decided to celebrate the life of Cranky Geeks/Silicon Spin by putting one of my Silicon Spin mugs up for auction on eBay.

    Heartfelt thanks to John and all the crew and guests who managed to overcome confusion, clumsiness, recession and flood to put out almost ten dozen shows! I look forward to the next incarnation, whatever that might be.

  10. Wintermute says:

    Very disappointed to hear the show is going away.

    I definitely think CG was the best tech podcast I’ve come across. TWiT and others are nice, but Cranky Geeks was the one I look forward to most.

  11. jcjweb says:

    Wow can’t believe this is being wound up.
    This is a great show. believe it or not, besides it being great to watch,

    I watched it every week on my iphone on my train home from work.

    Its adverising worked on me. I actually got Godaddy accounts and got others buying godaddy accounts too.
    If that’s not the power of adverising at work what is??

    Bring back the show!!

  12. ttist25 says:

    I have one thing to say (well two including “thanks for making my Thursday morning shower time informative and productive”). What will my neighbors think when they no longer hear polka music blaring out of my bathroom window?


    “Cronky Geeks”

    Check the definitions at Urban Dictionary. Nearly every form of the word could be applied in one instance or another.

    Is our attention span really that short. What the hell?

    Wait, what was I just saying?

    Thanks John – we are here with you. It’s revolution time.

  13. MikeG says:

    CrankyGeeks kind of grew on me. I listened to BOL for a while but it went from something I could tolerate to giggly crap. I tried Twit, but just did not get into the Leo crowd. However, I do like the Tech News Today that Tom Merritt has on Twit.

  14. Kelvin says:

    As a long time watcher (most of those 4.5 years) I don’t have any interest in watching those so called advert friendly 1-2 minute shows. There’s no beef in them just advertising.

    CG is much better with reasonable advertising. The downfall of quality content must be linked to an increase in MBA’s or whatever these dumbass accountants have got. They cancel everything but the shallow advertising driven crap that might peak in the short term but cannot sustain a viewer base. I also agree that Twit can be annoying and that CG is usually focused enough to give a good tech rundown and read between the lines from the force fed happy cherry hope you are a ‘sheep’ consumer news the industry wants to serve up.

    Hugs to John and the crew from Taiwan.


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