California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law a bill downgrading the possession of an ounce or less of marijuana from a misdemeanor to an infraction.
The bill makes possession of up-to an ounce an infraction; like a traffic ticket, punishable by a simple $100 fine and no arrest record.

The Governor said that the bill is not intended to make it easier for people to have cannabis, but instead to ease the state’s financial burden of the cost of enforcing the previous policy.

“Gov. Schwarzenegger deserves credit for sparing the state’s taxpayers the cost of prosecuting minor pot offenders,” Gieringer said. “Californians increasingly recognize that the war on marijuana is a waste of law enforcement resources.”

The new law will not take effect until January 1, 2011, and it will still remain relevant even if Proposition 19 passes.

  1. mentor972 says:

    Wow. That will save the state a bit of money, won’t it?

  2. Somebody_Else says:

    To summarize:
    It’s legal, but we can still arrest you if we feel like it.

  3. LDA says:


  4. McCullough says:

    #2. It’s not legal, but you can’t be arrested for simple posession. We have this in Colorado. It’s about time all states adopt this.

  5. oldfart says:

    ” it will still remain relevant even if Proposition 19 passes.”

    Hmmm, I don’t get that part, if it is made legal for adults to purchase, possess, and use how would it still be an ‘infraction’?

  6. BuzzMega says:

    So the New Question is this: How do I grow a marijuana plant that produces useful results, yet weighs less than an ounce?

  7. B, Dog says:

    Arnold rules!

  8. Improbus says:

    Conan, what is best in life?


  9. t0llyb0ng says:

    Holy shyte, that was a long time coming. Has there been a planetary shift of some sort? At least Earth hasn’t exploded. The sun will rise tomorrow & the day after that.

    Green bud is a wondrous & life-enhancing substance. Who knew.

  10. Awake says:

    The title is not quite right.

    It’s still not legal to have less than an ounce. You just can’t get arrested and hauled off to jail for it. It is an infraction, and you can only get arrested for a misdemeanor or above. You still get a $100 fine, payable by mail.

    Since “driving under the influence” of any substance (prescribed or unprescribed, legal or illegal) is already illegal, it should not have much effect on driving enforcement, although since there is no measured limit for THC, it is fairly easy (but expensive) to fight it in court.

    As for employment, working under the influence of anything can lead to firing in most companies. You can be under the influence of Nyquil and get fired.

  11. Dallas says:

    Yay for Arnold. My favorite Republipuke.

  12. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    On an unrelated note, the new field sobriety test for marijuana intoxication is to say “Arnold Schwarzenegger” without giggling.

  13. shooff says:

    Completely a political move.

    Republicans can ill afford a bunch of college stoners going to the poles in November. When is the last day register to vote in California?

    I bet it’s soon??? Hopefully this will deter late voter registrations which would really hurt the republicans.

  14. BigBoyBC says:

    October 18, 2010 is the last day to register in the state of California for the November 2, 2010 election.

    As for the legalization of pot. I still think people are only focusing on the alleged money savings and the unknown tax revenues.

    What will it cost to collect these taxes? Employers will still prohibit its usage (not that it has stopped people anyway) and then there is the Fed, still illegal, they could with-hold federal funds.

    There is allot to think about.

  15. Micromike says:

    This is good and all Californians should help liberate the world by voting YES on Prop. 19. It is only a step in the right direction but where California goes the world follows. Prop. 19 also forbids local law enforcement from cooperating with the DEA in cases involving marijuana grown legally under state law. This will end all DEA raids on Medical Cannabis establishments as local cops are always the strong arm stooges that make the bust.

    Do the right thing and Vote Yes on 19! Keep the ball moving and restore some sanity to government.

  16. sargasso_c says:

    Those wacky, Californiassholes.

  17. Cursor_ says:

    Well then an ounce of coke should be the same.
    And an ounce of crack.
    And ounce of heroin.
    And ounce of <insert any drug used for fun instead of medicine).

    Hell make it all legal again like in 1850.

    Then pass a law that users are not to be licensed to drive, operate heavy machinery, carry any weapons nor use trauma wards except in private hospitals.


  18. Somebody_Else says:

    @ # 13
    Do you think the cops will actually check how much you’re carrying if they want to bring you in?

    To clarify my point in post #2, they wont actually legalize the stuff because it’s a useful tool for law enforcement. It gives them a reason to bring someone in if they can’t come up with a real reason.

  19. Mextli says:

    #21 “Hell make it all legal again like in 1850.”

    That’s the ticket, Darwin will take care of the rest.

  20. BigBoyBC says:

    FYI, follow-up to my previous post #17

    Just got my voter information guide, it says:

    California could see 1.4 billion from taxing pot by the Pro side.

    It says it could cause our schools loose 9.4 billion from the Feds and million from federal grants by the Against side

    +1.4B vs -9.4B

    even more to think about…

  21. deowll says:

    I guess it computes. So when do they criminalize tobacco?

  22. Finally! A light at the end of the tunnel.. now if the rest of teh country would join in, we might turn the economy around!

  23. smartalix says:

    Where are all the state’s rights people who support Arizona’s right to make their own laws? Does a state’s rights only count for repressive laws they implement?

  24. Named says:

    18 Alfred E Newman,

    “perhaps the Libertarian argument is sound, legalize it all, tax and regulate it like tobacco.”

    Wait… Libertarians now tax and regulate? You really are insane…

  25. Named says:

    27, Alfred E Newman,

    29 was for you, not 18…

  26. ruggerducky says:

    Your headline is completely wrong. It does NOT decriminalize marijuana at all.

  27. jeff says:

    Isn’t the caption saying the same thing twice?


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