There are plenty of good cops out there. We’d be screwed without them.

Found by Cinàedh.

  1. Mr. Fu says:

    Was that OBL sporting some tranny version of the beekeeper hat?

  2. car speed traps says:

    Still the role of the police was to serve and protect
    Here in Canda its to man traffic speed traps to collect revenue

  3. jman says:

    great cop

  4. spsffan says:

    Decidedly NOT L.A.P.D!

    We need more like him.

  5. Dallas says:

    Great video.

    A role model police officer and hope this video gets sent around to police departments.

  6. wirelesspacket says:

    all I have to say is fantastic!

  7. LDA says:

    Thanks Cinàedh & hhopper (& nice cop). Balance is good.

  8. Animby says:

    Honestly? In my many police contacts around the world, the majority have been brief and pleasant and efficient. All the rest have been handled well though maybe with an excess of bureaucracy or a gruff demeanor.

    Except that time in Angola when they robbed me. They walked me at gunpoint to my apartment where I retrieved what I claimed was all my money and they smiled and shook my hand before they left.

    Heck, once, in Mexico, a cop puled me over for speeding – and I was. We agreed on a “fine” and when I opened my wallet I found the smallest note I had was far larger than the “fine.” The nice man made change! I felt asking for a receipt was too much…

  9. madtruckman says:

    dont people in Denver have better things to do than to go to some small, middle american town in illinois and harass people?? 34,000 people live there, and thats where these douchebags go to get atttention for their cause?? come on….

  10. Improbus says:

    One good apple does not make the rest of them less rotten.

  11. JMJahn says:

    Professionalism is appreciated in all trades.
    Bless him for being the example of what cops
    can be, and should be.

  12. bobbo, how easily the sheep accept the scraps says:

    What a bunch of stooges.

    “Nice cop”===when told to be so. What do you think his behavior would be if his overlords told him to go rouse those dirty hippies?

    And what “right” did the cop have to talk to them at all?

    Now, I too would be happy not to have been onerously hassled and perhaps arrested for the mere exercise of it all, but why be happy I was questioned at all?

    What was the reasonable suspicion of criminal behavior that justified this agent of the government to verbally engage me?

    Yes Happy Sheep, but sheep nonetheless.

    I got stopped once south of Tijuana once for what I don’t know and the cop didn’t speak english and my spanish somehow escaped me. I spoke in spanish, I spoke in english and we both looked at each other, shrugged, and drove off in opposite directions. I thought about speaking french but thought that might not be cool if I was taken downtown to someone more international than myself.

    Travel–make you appreciate the good from the bad and the mixes inbetween.

  13. Dallas says:

    Also kudos to those American demonstrators exercising their Constitutional rights. More importantly, having their voices publicly heard in a peaceful fashion.

    Contrast that to certain douche bags that hide behind their keyboard eating donuts while ridiculing others actually doing something about their cause.

  14. I think I’m going to sit down and write a letter to this officer to thank him for a job well done!

  15. interglacial says:

    I know you are not supposed to say this but, this video is 2-3 years old at least. I was surprised when I saw it originally – now I just wonder if the guy is still with the police or has got with the program.

  16. Greg Allen says:

    I gotta also give these protesters credit for not just showing police misbehavior. They didn’t have to put that video on the web but they did to show a good cop.

    Good for the cop. Good for the protesters.

  17. Common_Sense says:

    bobbo –

    What special “right” do you think a cop needs to have to walk over and ask pleasant questions without demanding a response or compliance in any fashion? You’re stretching – the cop didn’t do or ask anything I couldn’t have done myself as a private citizen if they were on my corner.

    It’s nice to be reminded that the reason we take notice when there is evidence of out-of-control power-mad cops is because they are far and away the exception. This guy might have been particularly affable, but bad behavior is not the norm. Kudos to them for posting the video of a non-event.

  18. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas. says:

    #17–Common Sense==a fair question all going to a recognition of what “police power” is in a “free” society. Policemen are NOT you or I walking up and having a pleasant conversation. Maybe you missed his uniform and his power to arrest.

    Lets refilm the scene exactly as presented but now put the cop in a Nazi Uniform, or how about the robes of the KKK?

    The cop was ON THE JOB and his job is to help those in distress or to catch evil do’ers===his job IS NOT to friendly interact with citizens behaving lawfully.

    Yes, this violation of law by the cop is very attractive, the nose of the camel under the tent, but it is the hump of authoritarian excess that brings the tent down.

    What LEGITIMATE function was the cop serving?

  19. goldbug says:

    Nice post! It’s easy to get worked up about an innocent guy who gets his face punched in for daring to film a cop (for reference see half the posts on this blog), nice to see that this isn’t always the way it goes down.

  20. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    Hmmm, some douche wearing an orange jump suite and a semi-transparent black bag over his head while knelt down in a public area. Now that’s different. If I were a policeman and did not go check it out, I would be negligent in my duties. This strange person could have been up to some dangerous activity that his dress and position gave hints of. Good job to the officer for checking it out and verifying that it was only some dumbass with an orange jumpsuit and mesh bag over his head kneeling down at the intersection of two roads.

  21. Bob says:

    The cop did the right thing, a guy was acting strangely in a public place, and had gotten several calls. He went to check it out, found nothing going on illegal. Treated the people involved with curtsey and respect. Even wished them luck and left.

    Don’t listen to bobbo he is just a cop hater. No matter what the cops do he will never admit they are doing the right thing, it goes against his nature. But its free country, so he is free to believe what he wants, much like two idiots in red jumpsuits on the side of the road.

  22. bobbo, always eager to be shown the better way says:

    #20–Monster & #21–Bob==you are right. I thought the same thing when I first viewed the video then lost that notion when I read the comments.

    I agree the cop had a duty to “check out” anyone with a hood over their face.

    – or – maybe not if they had clear picket signs in an area traditional for free public speaking?

    Oh well, like I said, minor/happy infraction of the law by the police if it was.

    Who guards the guards?

  23. diamond in the rough says:

    Then again, in a random news crawl, I ran across this:

    Clearly this guy is the exception to the rule.

  24. bobbo, always eager to be shown the better way says:

    Diamond==years ago I had the cops put lights on me while on the freeway. I put on my turn signal and it took about a mile before I thought it safe enough to pull off the freeway.

    Cop was totally pissed at me and declared I should have pulled over immediately. I responded I pulled over as soon as I could considering his safety, mine, and the publics. He told me I was lucky not to be arrested for failing to heed his signals, but he did cool down just a notch.

    Needless to say, I’m glad I’m a white boy in a white man’s land.

  25. Rich says:

    Lord, I’m stunned. We need more like him in Ohio.

  26. Mr Fog says:

    This cop should be fired!
    Two scruffy looking guys wearing prison jumpsuits and masks…
    and this cop didn’t check their ID? Didn’t even ask them their names???

  27. Floyd says:

    #25: True. In the 70s, I remember being pulled over once in Ohio for having a taillight bulb out. I’m convinced the only reason I didn’t get a ticket is because I was in the US Army at the time and had short hair.

  28. Yankinwaoz says:

    I just listened to a recent podcast from “This American Life” , episode 414 “Right to remain silent”. Part II featured a story of a NYPD cop who tried to do the right thing, and how he was declared insane by the NYPD for doing so.

    Link to the podcast episode:

    Which is based in the Village Voice articles:

    The part that I found interesting is when the cop describes his technique for finding out who the trouble makers were. He got out of his car and met the locals. He met the business men. He talked to them every day. They told him what was going on and who was causing problems.

    He decided to he a help, rather than a problem, to the average citizens on his beat. Rather than write them up for BS reasons like his bosses demanded, he talked to them.

    It is worth the time to listen to his story.

  29. Sean says:

    #28: I listened to that one too. Now I wear a recorder at work because of some crazy politicking going on. sheesh.


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