This weekend, the wife and I attended the 1st annual Telluride Horror Film Festival. This film was the festival’s big hit. An indie slasher film spoof about two scary looking hillbillies who are mistaken for “Deliverance” type rednecks, this one had the audience falling out of their seats laughing. The premise is familiar and way overused, college kids go camping in the woods, meet Tucker and Dale who have just spent their life savings on their new West Virginia “vacation home”. After an incident on the lake where the kids believe Tucker and Dale have kidnapped one of the students, they proceed to kill themselves in unique and hilarious ways trying to save her. This could have been a one trick pony that fell flat, but clever writing, comic timing, and a decent cast turned this into a fun ride. If you’re a fan of the Horror genre but don’t care for slice em’ dice em’ (unless it’s tongue in cheek), you’ll love it. This one has cult classic written all over it.

More here: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

  1. ECA says:

    I LIKE IT..

  2. Breetai says:

    Kicking myself for missing screamfest this year. That looked pretty good

  3. Improbus says:

    It looks pretty funny.

  4. Ho-Lip Tex says:

    I’m still waiting for this to hit theaters/DVD (Bluray). been looking forward to it for a while. Also looking forward to Hobo with a Shotgun 🙂

  5. deowll says:

    Looks good to me. City types in the country as as out of place as lost as hicks are in the city.

  6. Zybch says:

    So, can someone tell me how any event can be the ‘1st Annual’ whatever…

  7. Mr. Fu says:

    I find horror movies boring. This movie looks funny as hell. I hope they didn’t put all the good twist in the trailer.

  8. Animby - just phoning it in says:

    Zybch, when you were 365 days old, your parents probably gave you a first birthday party. They anticipated there would be a second, a third, etc.

  9. Gasparrini says:

    Alan “I’m a leaf in the wind” Tudyk rules…

  10. dexton7 says:

    Looks entertaining.. gory.. and funny.. Where can I get a copy? I think they topped most of Hollywood offerings this year in the genre.

  11. Uncle Patso says:

    Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk, Chelan Simmons, three of the more under-appreciated comic talents working today. Well, I guess _someone_ appreciates them, as they are all working very steadily, even if not all their efforts are up to the standard of Firefly/Serenity… This looks like a hoot!


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