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If you don’t want anyone to know about something you’ve done, then you shouldn’t do it.

Such words, first offered by Google CEO Eric Schmidt, might just occasionally be revolving around the Google compound this morning. Word has leaked out that the engineer who leaked a memo announcing that every Google employee would get a 10 percent pay raise has been fired.

According to CNN Money, Google took the draconian action and announced it to its staff. Visual evidence of this announcement is, as yet, strangely lacking.

While Google has declined to comment to several news outlets about this report, it might, to some, seem like an odd thing to do. It’s hardly likely that giving more than 23,000 people a raise could be kept secret. Normally, it’s hard for one person to keep their good news quite this confidential.

Hmmmm… good publicity then bad publicity.

  1. Publius says:

    Just goes to show, you can’t keep a good American down.

    I’d leak it.

  2. clapper says:

    I guess he wont be getting the raise then?

  3. Special Ed says:

    Nice picture! I personally like women like my coffee, picked up on the street corner and for not more than $2.50.

  4. nono says:

    It started…


  5. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    They have a lot of employees. This was inevitable.

  6. chuck says:

    It seems a bit odd that an employer gives out bonuses and raises – and then tells everyone that they can’t tell anyone.

    Google is a publicly traded company. The 10% raises will have sufficient effect on Google’s bottom-line that they MUST publicly report it. And yet they fire a single employee for showing someone the memo (of which there must have been 25,000 copies)?

    It’s either BS, or the employee was just someone who happened to get fired the next day and is whining about it.

  7. moss says:

    And CNN is such a reliable source for tech info…

  8. WmDE says:

    Google doesn’t like having its privacy invaded.

  9. admfubar says:

    sure it was “leaked”…

  10. e? says:

    Will they fire the person who leaked this information?

  11. Glenn E. says:

    I would like to know the original source of the photo, before the “Google” logo was added. That a very interesting clock the model is “presenting”. You did notice the clock, right? I like to see more of both it and her (of course), to see how each displays their respective figures. I see her hands, but not the clock’s.

  12. Special Ed says:

    #11 – Uh, she is standing in the BACK of the clock. Notice the round clock face is to the right of her head, it is facing in the opposite direction of the attention whore.

  13. MikeN says:

    I thought going after leakers was a good thing?

    “I did not feel comfortable making the decision to pardon him,” Bush says of Libby. “This was a very personal issue. I admire Dick Cheney a lot, and consider him a friend. He was very upset — really upset. I understood, but . . . it was a chilly meeting when I informed him.”

  14. Breetai says:

    On a somewhat unrelated note I was going to post a smart ass comment relating to Eric Schmidt Banning cNet from the press room for pointing out to Eric just how much information he’s making public included him.

    I can’t find any articles from reputable sources about Eric Schmidt banning cNet from Googles press-room for a year. Is it a Conspiracy Theory now?

    And yes I tried engines other than google.


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