This dipshit says the TSA is the last line of protection. NO! The last line is the flying public itself.

The 2001 law creating the TSA gave airports the right to opt out of the TSA program in favor of private screeners after a two-year period. Now, with the TSA engulfed in controversy and hated by millions of weary and sometimes humiliated travelers, Rep. John Mica, the Republican who will soon be chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, is reminding airports that they have a choice.

Mica, one of the authors of the original TSA bill, has recently written to the heads of more than 150 airports nationwide suggesting they opt out of TSA screening. “When the TSA was established, it was never envisioned that it would become a huge, unwieldy bureaucracy which was soon to grow to 67,000 employees,” Mica writes. “As TSA has grown larger, more impersonal, and administratively top-heavy, I believe it is important that airports across the country consider utilizing the opt-out provision provided by law.”

I have always heard that security is actually controlled by the local authorities. Contact your airport administrator and local city councils and have them boot out the TSA. It’s costing too much money and ruining air travel. They are not a requirement and are corrupt for buying these Chertoff machines..

  1. bwjunior says:

    Again as a previous commenter mentioned. Bringing in private security only changes the name on the uniform. The TSA still supervises and the private company MUST FOLLOW THE EXACT SAME TSA POLICIES and uses the exact same screening equipment.

  2. MikeN says:

    Once you’ve booted out TSA at your local airport, what are yo going to do about your return flight?


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