• Google does a demo and shows Chrome OS plus the new Android OS and other items. The company is also in a battle with Amazon over book sales.
  • 4Chan goes after the Swiss bank and others who attack the Wikileaks folks.
  • AT&T still the worst carrier after one day.
  • Cityville now on Facebook.
  • IE9 supposed to stop tracking. Oh really?
  • Japan floating around Venus.
  • Twitter worm using Goo.gl.
  • And Verizon thinks it can use LTE for home Internet service? Har!

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  1. nicktherat says:

    cant wait for DH unplugged

  2. What? says:

    We need a tech rant show featuring JCD. I could listen to 10 minutes straight of complaints about cellphone $/bit costs, and how the telecoms can’t figure out how to deliver cheap bits wirelessly, or maybe they don’t want to.

    As a fellow ham, I cast a glance at the hams for not leading the way to broadly distributed, high bit rate, simple datacoms. I mean really, talking in analog VHF/UHF is spectrum and time inefficient.

  3. Santa says:

    This morning I replaced Windows XP with Linux. It’s faster, more responsive, more secure, and there’s no backdoor for the NSA and Halliburton.

  4. deowll says:

    People running around screaming about wikileaks. The world is ending because of all the important secrets they let out of the bag!

    Okay so name me one important secret that got let out of the bag.

    Can’t do it? Me neither so what are these nincompoops braying about?

  5. nicktherat says:

    all technology is created broken. 30 minutes to midnight, wheres my dh unpllllluggggged!!!!!!

  6. foobar says:

    #3 You’re just mad because they haven’t upgraded Microsoft Paint since Windows 95. Okay, they added a ribbon or some other bullshit.

  7. Awake says:


    I have replaced Windows with Linux at least 5 times in the last 10 years. Guess what OS I use now? Windows.

    Linux on the desktop, Chrome, Apple iOS are fine for lightweight portable devices running toy “Apps”, but it all boils down to applications, and Windows rules. Phones and tablets benefit from limited OS’s… desktops and ‘real’ laptops don’t.

    From most non-windows devices you can’t even print properly… ever tried to get the CD printing function to work under Linux? HA! Good luck. And since I have to print a CD once in a while, that throws that whole OS into “doesn’t work” bin. Then there are programs like Lightroom and Photoshop that have no equivalents.

  8. JimD says:

    IE9 might stop tracking for everyone EXCEPT M$ !!! Corporations, like Politicians, NEVER TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH !!!


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