• Google Chrome under attack by critics.
  • Operation payback cripples MasterCard site.
  • Wikileaks cannot be stopped say the experts.
  • Will Nokia jump to Android? Let’s hope so.
  • No Windows 7 slates by year end. Meanwhile MSFT gets huge government contract.
  • Japan misses Venus with rocket. Bad math?
  • Holiday shopping through the roof according to Comscore.
  • NYC getting MSFT store.

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  1. nicktherat says:

    ecks tharhee?

  2. nicktherat says:

    geesh! its been around since october!? no way

  3. deowll says:

    Um, your friends do have reason to complain. I expected you to do something but I didn’t know that you had until today.

    I think I could have gone for two or three topics. Say a fifteen to twenty minute program? The show is shorter than the intro + commercials or at least it feels that way. I did book mark it.

  4. nicktherat says:

    oh, i see why you waited. did you fire the first set designer? LOL jk jk.

    first talk show with the backs of peoples heads 😀

    and now my honestly brutal review!

    -the title seemed weird at first, and is horrible for SEO 😀 but its growing on me. it is times three.

    -i like how the into music starts, but than it gets too loud and “OooOOoOO”.

    -the into graphic MIGHT grow on me, but its sorta like a 90s vhs tape of a space adventure. i was expecting to see something more crisp o_0
    (i could imagine copying something like the xbox boot up screen being cooler :P)

    -the tables too square, the separation between jcd and the guest is very sharp! a swoosh of some sort would be more comforting

    -black background and tv might be the way to go

    -oh mevio, a LOT can be said about mevio in general. good and BAD… its hard to navigate without being blasted with ads and the segments are so short, but hey, it was either this or nothing, so big ups to mevio in the end

    -keep it going! ill watch

    *puff puff pass out*

  5. foobar says:

    Nokia on Android: I wonder if QT would be ported to Android. I also wonder if anyone cares about QT anymore?

  6. drxb0x423z says:

    x3.mevio.com ? It doesnt work here.

    Please email your new show’s address.

    Ive been watching since Sillicone Spin, and been reading long before that.

  7. drxb0x423z says:

    YEAH QT sucks!!! Stupid QuickTime Player, STupid Itunes.

  8. foobar says:

    I meant Nokia’s QT.

  9. Glenn E. says:

    “Meanwhile MSFT gets huge government contract.”

    M$ must have kept the backdoors in, in Win-7, for the Feds to spy thru.


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