This is hardly a surprise, but after locking up Bradley Manning in solitary confinement for seven months — a condition that much of the world has deemed to be torture — and looking for ways to use a computer hacking law to charge Julian Assange, rumors are that officials have offered Bradley Manning a plea deal, in which he would claim that Assange “conspired” with him to get and leak the documents. From all the info that’s come out already, there’s been little to suggest that there was any actual conspiring, but it appears that our Justice Department has decided (incorrectly) that Julian Assange is the more important target than Bradley Manning, and so it wants to bring Assange down.

Found by ECA.

  1. ± says:

    So IS this (the contributor) THE same ECA who randOMLY capitolizes TEXT in HIS posts?

  2. ECA says:

    from your post..

    “Manning can watch television for one hour per day and read newspapers, military officials say. Lapan added that he is not certain whether Manning is being provided blankets, sheets, or pillows – items that are sometimes denied to prisoners on suicide watch.”

    “It also addresses the charge that Manning is being held in cruel conditions – specifically, that he is not allowed to exercise in his room. “No detainees are allowed to exercise in their cell. As a matter of safety, all exercise must be supervised.””

    And the last 2 paragraphs on page 2..
    AS well as very little interaction with others.

  3. Skeptic says:

    Re:# 30: “I still wanna know why Wikileaks only has stuff from the U.S., and doesn’t also expose the dirt on the Chinese, Russians, Iranians, Saudis, French, Germans, Indians, et all.

    I’m sure Wikileaks is open to anyone who wants to share, regardless of their country. It could be that there is no one left in China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India et al, who has authority and also has a conscience. They’re all dead.

  4. Lou Minatti says:

    More Hope and Change from Barack Obama!

  5. Nugget Coombs says:

    # 30 Yankinwaoz said, on December 17th, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    I still wanna know why Wikileaks only has stuff from the U.S., and doesn’t also expose the dirt on the Chinese, Russians, Iranians, Saudis, French, Germans, Indians, et all.

    You obviously have not looked at Wikileaks, if you had instead of just firing off bullshit you would see that it has content from a lot of countries outside the USA. See;

    “Or… is it like watching the Olympics in the US where they only show American athletes and pretend no one else is there? In other words, I am only hearing about the American dirt from Wikileaks.”

    Maybe the Americans simply have more dirt than any other country.

  6. TThor says:

    Bradley Manning is off to the Gulag, to a bunker i Colorado for the rest of his life, mentally and physically crippled by the treatment of the sons and daughters of the “brave and the free”.

    Who was it that won the Cold War…?

    Janet “Lucy” Napolitano? Where are you Big Sis?

  7. ECA says:

    and still no charges.
    NO trial posted..

  8. dexton7 says:

    # 3, #12, #15 bobbo,

    Holy Guacamole, I actually agree with you.


    Thanks for the facts and the report. Truth makes people kind of crazy these days you know.

    #1, #2, # 9, and others loyal to the gulag keepers:

    Well in your opinion I guess that these should have been kept secret as well right?

    Orders of Torture from Pres Bush re-confirmed by Obama, Project Paper Clip, Northwoods, MK Ultra – CIA Mind-Control Experiments, the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, Operation Gladio, My Lai Massacre, U.S.S Liberty Scheme, and many more here:

    More nasty US secrets here..

    Because your government loves you. ;-x

    well, not really… if you read the link above.

    BTW.. I do find it a bit odd that the leaks generally paint a good picture of the United States minus Hillary and a few others. It’s a net positive for U.S. policy, and for the Obama administration. Anyone have theories on this?

  9. dexton7 says:

    # 38 ECA,

    I know… it’s interesting how these people can defend a government that tortures people, destroyed Habeas corpus, and decimated the bill of rights.

  10. ECA says:

    For those of you CRYING about security and Hacking, and SECRETS..

    Lets ask this..
    IF you did 1 little thing wrong, such as lighting a fire work, in the middle of winter, in 2 feet of snow..NO concerns about fire or scaring anyone..

    You end up in a CELL, 4×8 foot.
    Floor for a bed.
    7 months.(its happened before, if you didnt know, IN THE USA)
    NO claims against you.
    NO court date.

    What would you do?

  11. philgar says:

    If I’m going to be tortured sign me up for solitary confinement! OMG, it beats getting your nuts crushed! I remember seeing an interview with an Iraqi on TV saying Saddam’s men stuck a pipe up his butt and when they pulled it out his rectum came with it. OMG, he only wishes he had gotten solitary confinement! It’s not nice, but it’s not torture. If we can have only two categories, torture and not torture, I’m thinking solitary confinement is much, much closer to not torture. If solitarily confined I may feel differently, but I won’t be asking them to pull out my rectum so I can talk to some folks!

  12. ECA says:

    NOW you are talking semantics..

    THIS is the USA..
    THEY CAN/HAVE/WILL throw you in jail, and FORGET YOU ARE THERE.. it has been done, at least 3 times that I know about.

    If you wish to compare TORTURE, I believe I can do better then your comparison. HOW about we tourniquet each of your extremities, an Burn them off, 1 at a time..OR just let them DIE and fall off in about 1-2 months.
    Psych?? sensory deprecation.. Then we let you use 1…and DRIVE you crazy with nothing to feel with it, hear with it, see with it,…You will never be the same.

  13. Lou Minatti says:

    Torture of US citizens, rendition, more deaths of US soldiers in Afghanistan then ever before… Barack Obama delivers hope and change! People wondered if Obama was the new Carter… they are wrong! Obama is the new Nixon/Johnson!

  14. Skeptic says:

    re: dexton7, I went to your link. I was naturally a little skeptical (cough) so I picked an entry from the list “History Secret Experiments Conducted on U.S. Citizens” and checked it out.

    “1994 – Senator John D. Rockefeller issues a report revealing that for at least 50 years the Department of Defense has used hundreds of thousands of military personnel in human experiments and for intentional exposure to dangerous substances. Materials included mustard and nerve gas, ionizing radiation, psychochemicals, hallucinogens, and drugs used during the Gulf War.”

    That claim is verified by this document:

    Who in the department of Defense was accused, tried and convicted for crimes against American military personnel? Or, by the logic of posters #1 and #2 (aptly numbered), why isn’t Senator John D. Rockefeller in jail? After all he exposed top secret documents of DoD and other national security agencies’ wrongdoing to the whole world. How is this different than Assange or Manning’s actions?

    I wholly agree with Bobbo’s defense of Assange as well.

  15. Benjamin says:

    Bradley is a traitor. He passed on classified info. It wasn’t just evidence of wrongdoing. It was everything he could get his hands on.

    Assange is just a reporter. He is not a US citizen, so he is not a traitor. It might not be espionage because he wasn’t in the US at the time.

  16. Manning is in solitary because if he wasn’t, the Marines in the brig would kick his little twink ass.

  17. Skeptic says:

    “Manning is in solitary because if he wasn’t, the Marines in the brig would kick his little twink ass”

    Is that before or after their morning dose of hazardous chemicals hidden in their breakfast, compliments of your government?

  18. Wretched Gnu says:

    Innocent until proven guilty?

    No longer, here in right-wing America.

    Manning is guilty because he has been detained. And for the crime of being detained — since no other crime is proven — he is psychologically tortured.

    How is this different from what China or the USSR would have done…?

  19. dexton7 says:

    # 45 Skeptic,

    Yes I know what you mean about the link.. It is definitely not polished establishment material. I was just trying to find a comprehensive ‘list’ of US ‘meant to be kept secret’ atrocities grouped together and it can be hard to find a good comprehensive list.

    These facts need to be archived by supporters of liberty because if there is ever a draconian internet ‘purge’ by government, they will go back to their usual stance of denial denial, denial.. even though there are many books published on these topics. Governments are inclined to ‘try’ and delete their atrocities from the history books.

    Thanks for clarifying and checking out one of the claims. If you investigated every item on that list you will find that these claims are true.. or worse… That has been the result of my research anyway..

    You state, “Who in the department of Defense was accused, tried and convicted for crimes against American military personnel? Or, by the logic of posters #1 and #2 (aptly numbered), why isn’t Senator John D. Rockefeller (John Davison “Jay” Rockefeller IV) in jail? ”

    All very good questions.

  20. Publius says:

    Torture is ventriloquism. In this case the DOJ is hell-bent on speaking its message through Manning. Manning is what the DOJ sees as its own ticket to freedom. For now the DOJ can’t move on it. The torturers are evidently planning to literally squeeze Manning until he cries for uncle, and say whatever they need him to say, in this case “Assange.” When torture is vigorous enough, the puppet is expected to yield and say what he is told. If not, the torturers will wait, and then try again, indefinitely.

  21. jbenson2 says:

    Tortured? Give me a freaking break. The guy is in prison. Read this article that puts his stay behind bars into perspective.

  22. ECA says:


    READ IT, yourself..
    This is one of his links..

    LOCAL CHANNELS=BROADCAST TV…NOT CABLE. Probably 5-20 channels.

    “Due to being a pretrial confinement facility, inmates rarely stay at the facility for any length of time. Currently, there are no other inmates near his cell.”

    Hmm, interesting..

    “From 7:00 p.m. to 9:20 p.m., he is given correspondence time. He is given access to a pen and paper. He is allowed to write letters to family, friends, and his attorneys. ”

    7 months..and EVERY NITE, he does this? YOU DONT WRITE YOUR MOM AS MUCH.

    “He is prevented from exercising in his cell. If he attempts to do push-ups, sit-ups, or any other form of exercise he will be forced to stop. ”

    NOW, do the numbers on HOW MANY HOURS, he is in his CELL..ALL articles say its 23 with 1 hour in a exercise area, ONLY TO WALK.

  23. jman says:

    why has he been held so long?

    why didn’t they shoot him when they found out about his espionage?

  24. jman says:


    you mean left wing america. Lefties have been in charge for years and you blame the right? smart….

  25. ECA says:

    MORE HAPPENING—-thought-to-be-wikileaks-next-target—-suddenly-tries-to-block-payments-to-wikileaks.shtml

    “from the barn-door-back-there dept

    This is pretty amusing. Back at the end of November, Wikileaks had indicated that its next leak involved a very large US bank that was apparently doing some bad things — and many people zeroed in on Bank of America as the target. And then, just a few weeks later, Bank of America announces (late on a Friday night, in an attempt to hide it) that it will join Paypal, Visa and Mastercard in trying to block all payments to Wikileaks. ”

    ADD this to the pile of fresh bread..

    “That said, Richard asks a key question: given how many people have complained that Julian Assange should face trial/imprisonment/death etc. for his work with Wikileaks — which it’s been claimed, with little proof, has actually put Americans in danger — why are we not seeing the same sort of claims about the Pakistani journalists who put this CIA boss in danger? After all, the situations are similar.”

  26. smartalix says:

    The ugly truth is that Wikileaks is a publication, and Assange is a reporter. Unless we admit we only enforce the Constitution when it suits us, we must leavbe him be. What part of complete freedom of the press do we not understand?

    As both a vet and ex-intel guy myself, I hate that the release of information reveals a lot about us I would rather not have exposed. However, as a partiot, I must remind myself that freedom includes actions by others that one may not completely agree to themselves.

  27. cibrán says:

    ¿Presentada denuncia penal relativa al pescado panga en el Juzgado de Instrucción Número 1 de Salamanca?


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