I guess I’m just too damn old and too damn white to understand a ‘style’ that makes others think you’re an idiot. Of course I felt that way about backward baseball caps and that 80’s douchbag thing (which I still see occasionally) of the ‘popped’ collar on polo shirts.

  1. rabidmonkey says:

    Since when did fashion cater to common sense? I mean who are we kidding here? I just wanna see “moon boots” come into vogue.

  2. eighthnote says:

    I gotta say that of all the “fashion” trends, sagging has to be THE most evident of someone’s intent to inform people, “look at me I’m an idiot.” Why not just wear them around your ankles and be done with it? Or forget the pants altogether? Either way would look no more ridiculous than this current nonsense.

    I’m wondering how many people even know where this came from…

  3. Yankinwaoz says:

    I never understood why people want to feel like they are in prison. That is where this look, and the lacefree shoes, come from. In jail/prison, you aren’t allowed to have belts or laces since they can be used as weapons. So the “homies” fresh out of the joint can walk down their street pretending they are still IN the joint. Go figure.

  4. Grandpa says:

    Hey look at me. I want butt sex. I WANT BUTT SEX !!! Please I want it now.

  5. TThor says:

    It is so F….g dumb….
    Use belt and suspenders and your there!

  6. angry_rhino says:

    One of my seven-year-old daughter’s classmates told me (and I am not making this up) that the droopy-drawers fashion originated among gangs in prison. The sagging butt and display of underwear is used to advertise a “bitch” owned by one gang who is available for anal intercourse with other prisoners, usually for a fee paid to the gang who owns the “bitch.” Urban legend? You tell me. Makes as much sense as anything else I have heard. Why this fashion would be adopted on the outside as a desirable look is beyond me.

  7. Mr Fog says:

    I didn’t get to go to prison but I can dress like I did. Now, if’n you excuuuuze me, I gots to get some tats dond.

  8. Sparky_One says:

    I can’t watch. Someone tell me why a white man is a black man dress in public and CNN needs to “air” it?

  9. hhopper says:

    Considering all “fashion statements,” this is absolutely, unequivocally the stupidest ever.

  10. Steve says:

    Regardless of how it originated, this style appeals to a certain fashion sense. People get bent out of shape over the most insignificant aspects of pop culture and choose to overlook the big ones like the fact that most Americans are unaware that their personal freedom has been reduced dramatically in the past ten years.

  11. Micromike says:

    Even Cyndi Lauper couldn’t figure out how anti-fashion could become fashion so quickly. Everything about anti-fashion is saying f-you to anybody who cares how others dress. Things are already so bad in our society that the dominant line of thought is f-you, so fashion that says f-you is popular.

    To me it is not surprising or unusual and it means nothing at all.

    I do count on the idea that those guys are not really tough guys. They are just slaves to fashion and shouldn’t be feared for being stupid.

  12. Benjamin says:

    The invention is not stupid. The reason for the invention is what is stupid. People need to pull up their pants. If your underwear is showing, then your pants are way too low.

    I don’t mean you should have them pulled up high like Steve Urkel either. Just wear your pants in suck a way to not look like an idiot.

    Maybe that is why there is not racial equality. Too many black men have prisoners and rap stars as role models instead of fathers and successful doctors and lawyers like the Cosby family. I know that Bill Cosby never wore his pants in such a way as to show off underwear. Neither did Theo.

    I never pop my collar on polo shirts, but I pop it on dress shirts while I am tying my tie. I didn’t know that was a douche bag thing to do. I unpop the collar after I have my tie in place.

  13. soundwash says:

    –has nothing to do with fashion.

    its just another business model to get you to buy more useless “stuff”

    at some point, you wake up and realize the stupidity of such endeavors.

    until then.. enjoy the madness!


  14. Faxon says:

    I have personally covered three police shootings in which the “Perp” was thought to be reaching for a gun in his waistband, and became a container for 9mm or 40S&W bullets.

    I have personally covered (as a news photographer) two other incidents wherein the “perp” was captured because he was unable to run with his pants around his ankles.

    I say, let the bastards wear them just the way they do now. I like the idea of them becoming cadavers.

  15. Faxon says:

    This is a perfectly useful fashion. I can spot the criminals from a block away.

  16. Cursor_ says:

    Just like it is fashionable to dress like being a gang member or a pimp, so too looking like you spent time in prison makes you look hardcore.

    Unfortunate for these guys it means you are hardcore for anal.

    But then punk was prison slang for homosexual or a weakling. So there is a lack of intelligence there somewhere.


  17. msbpodcast says:

    “Unlaced” runners (remember Run DMCs’ video with Aerosmith?) and “Sagging” were “de rigeur” in jail where you aren’t allowed to wear shoelaces or a belt.

    Still wearing your clothes like you were in prison meant that you were a “bad ass dude” who expected to be sent back any day now.

    Its actually below “getto” and into “dumpster” as a fashion statement.

    You were such a waste-of-space, no-expectation, lazy-ass, ignrunt mo-fo that you fought with cockroaches face-to-face.

  18. Mr, Ed says:

    But I go commando !

  19. Uncle Patso says:

    Jeanne Moos is a national treasure!


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