This was a leading entry in PepsiCo’s Super Bowl commercial contest. When word leaked out about it, the Catholic Church went bananas.

Pepsi has been trying to squash every occurrence of it on the Web; so, I don’t know how long this will be up.

  1. Named says:


    Please just cut Alfred off. He’s not worth the bandwidth he’s consuming, or the air that he breathes.

    If you don’t want to be judged anti-American because you silence his “speech” (that was painful to write) and have him call Homeland Security every 15 minutes, just redirect every comment he makes to a single comment thread that only he can view. He’ll argue himself to death!

    Hmmm… I wonder how many watchlists Alfie is already on.

  2. justicegustine says:

    When I was an attendee of Sunday Mass, I looked forward to the free doughnuts that were there after dismissal.

  3. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    Another Catholic friend who’s close to the church says it’s funny…but the church probably doesn’t like it because it hits too close to home.

  4. Allah, also known as God says:

    Alfred, Mohammad is a jackass. Every day it’s, “Where are my voluptuous, beautiful, alluring, black-eyed virgins?”, and I keep telling him that he just made that sh*t up. Satan won’t take the horny fuktard, and I can’t find anyone willing to room with him. Unreal estate is getting scarce up here, so if you don’t stop being such an annoying twit, you are going to be his roomie. Just don’t drop the soap, eh? There, are you happy now? Dvorak is an equal-opportunity religious bashing/commentary forum.

  5. Named says:

    59, Alfred E Newman,

    You wouldn’t know a parody if it was nailed to a cross.

    The only thing you’ve done is show your lack of intelligence, imagination and creativity, while highlighting your lunacy…

  6. foobar says:

    Dear Ed, he promised to get off in a previous post. Typical liberal empty promises.

    I would suggest stuffing a live squirrel into him – but then some men apparently enjoy that kind of thing.

  7. Named says:

    62, foobar,

    You’d have to name the squirrel Jebus first…

  8. Rabble Rouser says:

    This commercial proves that the two most abundant elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity!

  9. God, also known as Allah says:

    Don’t worry Alfred, they’ll never find me. I’m imaginary.

  10. Milo says:

    I’m Anglican, we’re like RCs with humour. I find this funny and I’m sure the priests at my parish would too.

    BTW you righteous Christians, it’s called the LAST SUPPER; I’m sure they would have had chips and pop, if not beer, had they had them.

  11. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    The guys that go off and shoot up people, it’s said they always give off the most obvious warning signs. (article on about Jared) Rantings and ramblings and all that.

    Just sayin….

  12. Milo says:

    Alfred the pharisee!

  13. Benjamin says:

    It is sacrilegious. However, Christians are not going to riot in the street like Muslims would if the ad were directed at them. It is safe to make fun of Christians because we turn the other cheek.

    #6 said, “NKJ Zechariah 14:12 And this shall be the plague with which the LORD will strike all the people who fought against Jerusalem: Their flesh shall dissolve while they stand on their feet, Their eyes shall dissolve in their sockets, And their tongues shall dissolve in their mouths. (Zec 14:12 NKJ)”

    Could never happen on earth unless we went and invented nuclear weapons first. That’s something they only know about in Japan though.

  14. Uncle Patso says:

    Hey, A. (1) P., we GET it, already! “Progressives are doody-heads and all evil that ever happened in the Universe through all time and space was/is/will be caused by them! Ha Ha!” You’re beating the gag into the ground. Remember, brevity is the soul of wit. You’re only showing how witless you really are.

    Perfect example of a monomaniac.

  15. Named says:

    “I know parody…how about Obama, thirsty after giving his State of the Union Address to all 57 of them, reaches for Pepsi and Doritos to regain his strength…”

    Only a religious nut would consider that a “parody”…

    You give God a bad name Alfie. You should stop.

  16. GF says:

    Wow, what a self deprecating backhanded slap in the face this is. Those that thought this was a worthy commercial must have the lowest form of civility and self-esteem. Do they have a sub conscious contempt of themselves?

  17. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    Dear Eds:

    I don’t think Alfie should be cut off for his mindless singular rants. His singular position is well known after 2-3 threads and I rarely read his posts skipping to responses and if they are interesting, then I go back and see what Alfie might have said. It has been informative to me to follow his links as well–not my normal routine to come into contact with such hotbeds of conformity.

    But thats just “me.” I applaud you for the PUBLIC WARNING as it establishes and educates us all as to your standards and you have every right to have the “kind of” blog you want.

    If you do cut Alfie off I think it should again be done PUBLICLY so that irritating posters like “me” will note the line. THEN I would only cut Alfie off for a stated time, relatively short going longer.

    Its only a little work and is the highest mark of a supportive community.

    Well Done, whether I would do the same or not.

    Compassionate BiPeds.

  18. So what says:

    If it helps, if you kick alfie I will start believing in god.

  19. foobar says:

    Actually I kind of do the Charlie Brown grownup thing of mentally “wah wah wah” out comments from certain people.

    1. I have no idea what Alfie is talking about. And neither does he. But I love poking the mama bear.
    2. bobbo, the human run on sentence.
    3. ECA, I’ll never forgive you for teaching bobbo the caps lock. 😉
    4. So what. Now there’s a guy who knows the correct use of a comma. And is terse like a haiku.

  20. Jeff Liitle of troy ohio says:

    >>AlanWinch #11

    There is a dumbass in every crowd.

  21. chris says:


    Could you explain to me what a progressive is? In a concise way lay out what the central policy ideas are, how this is similar/different from a Democrat, and where did the movement come from.

    You use the term all the time. I am assuming you know what it means.

    Of course, you do appear to have some other glaring gaps in your knowledge, like:

    “Or Sex Ed, that was supposed to lessen teen pregnancy…it did precisely the opposite”

    After decades of decrease, teen pregnancy rates increased under Bush IIs term due to the idiotic “abstinence only” initiatives. STDs were also up. Read about that here:

    or here:,0

  22. Glenn E. says:

    I quit drinking sodas, so I don’t care about any brand name. But the local Pepsi bottling plant decided to close, over a lousy 2 cent bottle tax my state approved. Pepsi still plans to distribute their product in my state. They just thought they’d recoup the loss of 2 cents a bottle, by laying off a hundred or so plant workers in my state. I say Pepsi is a bunch of ninnies and sore losers. I’m sure their cost per can or bottle, varies more than 2 cents, every time its ingredients’ commodity prices change.

  23. chris says:


    You appreciatively mention some form of violence in posts #14, #17, #43, #44, and #69. That is not normal or commendable.

    You appear to have your mind stuck on the word “Progressives” and there is a lot of anger. In #18 you suggest a label of “hate speech” is applied to conservative political speech.

    In homage to Al Bundy: It is not the conservative nature of your speech that makes it hate speech, it is the hateful nature of your speech that makes it hate speech.

  24. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    Dear Ed’s (No2)

    I forgot to add and was going to let it go but as this continuing thread shows, there are quite a few people who “want” to engage Alfies stupidity for one reason or another.

    I think you good folks are falling into an “Editor’s Bias” in that you at least peruse all your own threads and you note what a buffoon Alfie is and you, as I and many others, have become BORED with his one note approach.

    But, read the threads again, or into the future: not “everyone” is so bored, Alfie gets more responses than most here. Boring, repetitive, everything is labeled as progressive and bad. Where else you going to find fixation like that?

    And the easy alternative rememdy is for the majority of your readers to tune Alfie out, just as we do.

    So, until he starts calling everyone names, whats the harm?

    Ha, ha. Stupid posters laughing at everyone is very tiresome as well. Egotistical pigs.

  25. TimesUp says:

    Until now I wasn’t paying much attention to CREATIONISM, and being of the engineering bent, pretty much identified with the precepts of EVOLUTION.

    However, reading Alfred’s numerous dissertations, I’m starting to sway – as I doubt there is anything else in the universe that is DEvolved enough that might eventually Evolve into an Alfred.

    CREATIONISM has it – Alfred is the living proof – the MESSIAH of CREATIONISM.
    All bow before Him.

  26. TimesUp says:

    Sorry, sorry. I forgot to mention anything about inbreeding.

  27. pwuk says:

    Now, if they’d also offered Ferro Roche, how big would the queue have been?


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