File this one under “S” for “shut the front door!” — no, really, shut the front door and lock it: Senator Jim Alesi of New York is very angry that he injured himself after breaking into a home, and is suing the owners, his constituents, as well as the builders of the home.

Sen. Alesi claims in his lawsuit that he was hurt after deciding to look into the house of a Perinton, NY, couple, which was under construction under the time. The fun part is they didn’t know he was “looking into” their home, and he definitely was not invited, reports Rochester area WHEC News.

The couple’s builder, isn’t happy about the lawsuit: “It was very upsetting. Something that happened three years ago. We thought we put it to bed three years ago, and all of a sudden it rears its ugly head.” He adds that the home was not open to the public.

Found by ECA.

Update found by mrmxy.

  1. mrmxy says:

    He’s dropped the lawsuit. Here’s an article with a great explanation of it all.

  2. hooper says:

    what a fucking douche bag, people who voted for him should be calling for his termination.

  3. David says:

    The sad part is these are the type of people who are writing and passing laws in this country. And we wonder why we are such a litigious society.

  4. Nobody says:

    I thought you just shot people that broke into your house in the US?

    Or is there a bag limit on politicians?

  5. tdkyo says:

    The statue of limitation has passed for the owners to sue for trespassing. They did not sue him for good will, but right after the day the statue of limitation has passed, the State official sued the owners. See the problem there?

    This is old news though.

  6. ECA says:


    “Later that day, Alesi sheepishly yanked the case, saying, “I filed the suit without regard to the anxiety that it would cause the homeowners, the builders or the community where we live, and I’m sorry for that.

    “With that in mind, I’ve decided to withdraw the lawsuit and hopefully move on and do the job I was elected to do.”

    1. this happened 3 years ago.
    2. the contractor had mentioned it was decided BEFORE NOW what was worng.
    3. trespassing..
    4. CLIMBING UP A LADDER? that you didnt know wasnt SETUP PROPERLY?? Does he do his OWN ROOFING?? I doubt it..

    Any other person would be LAUGHED out of court for even suggesting it to a lawyer.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Typical Rethuglican behavior.

  8. msbpodcast says:

    I’d remind the senator that he is also a mortal by hiring a sayer to follow behind him whispering :sic transit gloria mundi” like they did in Ancient Rome.

    Then I’d flog him until he’d learned the proper humility.

  9. SpeedBump says:

    #4 he did not have the Politician Tag. as they where out of season at the time.

  10. Lou Minatti says:

    “Typical Rethuglican behavior.”

    You mean like Democrat Dennis Kucinich suing over an olive pit for $150,000?

  11. Fluffy Rabbit says:

    I read somewhere that about 6% of the population are sociopaths.

    Why do they all go into politics?

  12. MikeN says:

    Politicians go into people’s homes all the time, and sue for injuries to their conscience. If your light switches are too high, you are in violation of the visitability agenda. Your shower heads have to be flow limited, toilets shouldn’t use too much water, light bulbs have to contain mercury, etc.

    At least the requirement that you have to buy health insurance has been thrown out.

  13. Dallas says:

    A typical Republican piece of shit looking for illegal cock sucking going on in his herd.

  14. Anonymous says:

    #15 – Yeah, he just wanted to get some action. Can you say “wide stance”?

  15. Glenn E. says:

    As a New York Republican Senator, Alesi sounds like he could prime Tea Party candidate material. So if his current job doesn’t work out. He can always sue someone for the campaign dollars.


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