You can watch the original here

  1. bobbo, observing that powers of 10 are awesome says:

    The original parody was a rip on StarWars Jedi Knights being able to move objects with their minds and a child being tricked into thinking he had done so. that was cute.

    This parody is about an evil little kiddie who attackes his mother so that he can eat candy instead of bread and who attacks his father in order to take control of the car providing daddy with the opportunity to kill him all to parody a defective acceleration system in a car.

    I think it is missing just a little something.

  2. lovira says:

    #1 Thank you for your explanation

  3. Personality says:

    For science’s sake, that was funny.

  4. BigBoyBC says:

    That was funny, but I saw it coming. Too bad the kid didn’t.

  5. Steve says:

    I saw this coming on Superbowl Sunday. Glad it finally got here.

  6. steelcobra says:

    Somewhat funny parody of the original, but is pretty dumb in calling what is nearly every time user error a “mystery.” The primary cause of sudden unintended acceleration is idiots slamming the gas and thinking they’re slamming the brakes.

  7. deowll says:

    Modestly funny.

    Even if such existed I’ve always had grave reservations about how effective an ability like the force would be in protecting you against several guys with Tommy guns on full auto with a hundred round clips.

    #6 True

  8. steelcobra says:

    Projectile weapons are a serious concern to force users. Because they instinctively swing to block/deflect a blaster bolt, they will have a chunk of MOLTEN metal flying at them at supersonic speeds.


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