Angry Birds is one of the most successful games of all time. It’s oddly addictive and the most interesting potential use for it I’ve heard is that we replace elections with Angry Birds competitions. Given some of the people elections have put into office, could that really be worse?

And no, they aren’t actually making an Angry Birds movie. Yet.

  1. smartalix says:

    Someone pointed out to me the irony inherent in a game where you fling flying things into buildings being so popular here in the USA.

  2. dewtheone says:

    Better alert Homeland Security so they can get a list of all the users of that game and get them on a watch list.

  3. bb says:

    Apparently you haven’t heard of “Angry Birds RIO”. 🙂

  4. pwuk says:

    Don’t get what people see in it really, personally I found it boring (after playing through the first set of levels)

  5. OldPolishProverb says:

    Hollywood is currently in production of movies based on Battleship, Candyland, Monopoly and Ouija. A remake of Clue is in the works. I understand that they have options on Asteroids and even on the toy View-Master. Personally, I am waiting for Joust-The Movie.

  6. rabidmonkey says:

    I hope to God they make “Elevator Action: The Movie.” It’d be sort of like “Die Hard,” but with less shooting and more elevators.

  7. bobbo, words have a meaning and a context says:

    SmartAlix–where’s the irony? I don’t support people flying airplanes into buildings AND I support playing whatever game you want to. While all things are connected, the dots here are so far removed as to not be ironic at all. Irony requires a closer context don’t you think?

  8. Nobody says:

    The problem is that there wasn’t a previous angry birds movie or 70s TV series so Holywood can’t make a new one because they don’t have a baseline for how profitable it would be.

  9. dusanmal says:

    Just don’t let Obama see it. He’ll want to involve UN and NATO in it at our cost ASAP.

  10. bobbo, words have a meaning and a context says:

    #9–dismal==connect the dots. Involving the UN and Nato, AND the Arab League, is the best of all possible outcomes, yet you mock it for some reason. Show us you are a half step above Alfie the Spam-Bot.

  11. smartalix says:

    Bobbo, read the “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”. Especially what it says about Cricket.

  12. bobbo, words have a meaning and a context says:


  13. n74jrw says:

    That’s 2:16 of my life I won’t get back.

  14. Uncle Dave says:

    #13: Were you really planning to use those minutes wisely if you hadn’t watched it?


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