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A Facebook page called the Third Palestinian Intifada has been removed from the site following a request from the Israeli government.

Yuli Edelstein, Israel’s minister of public diplomacy and diaspora affairs, sent a letter directly to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on March 23. In the letter, which has been posted on the Web site The Jerusalem Gift Shop, Edelstein asked the company to take down the page calling for a third intifada, translated by some as violent uprising, to begin against Israel on May 15.

Pointing to remarks and movie clips on the page calling for the killing of Israelis and Jews and the liberation of Palestine through violence, Edelstein expressed concern over the “wild incitement” that could be caused by the page, which had collected more than 230,000 friends at the time he wrote the letter.

intafada – An uprising among Palestinian Arabs of the Gaza Strip and West Bank, beginning in late 1987 and continuing sporadically into the early 1990s, in protest against continued Israeli occupation of these territories.

  1. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    There are good uprisings, and bad uprisings. Good thing this is not censorship but rather good judgment.

  2. MikeN says:

    Is this why they hired Robert Gibbs?
    Much easier than having to explain Joe Biden locking up a reporter in a closet for a few hours.

  3. ashuber says:

    As an Israeli and someone who has been within a block of a Jerusalem bus bombing during the 2nd Intefada in 2003 I am glad Facebook did the right thing by taking this page down. Incitement to violence has no place on a mainstream social network like Facebook. If they want to start fine with me but keep it out of the mainstream please.

  4. jolo says:

    facebook is the new fire in a crowded theatre. cranky geeks rip.

  5. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    #3–ashuber==if Yuli Edelstein could write a letter to “Cisco” or whoever actually issues/controls website naming/allocations, and or write to Google to have the www. website shut down as well, why wouldn’t you be for that every bit as much and for the same reasons as a social media website? Seems to me the equities are all the same, the only open issue being one of power and influence?

  6. 1873 Colt says:

    It is not free speech.
    So, what the hell is it?
    A business.

  7. kristy says:

    Yuli Edelstein asks Mark Zuckerberg to……….

    Done deal!!

  8. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    Just recalled the analysis that it was Egypt restricting/removing twitter/facebook/whatever that “forced” everyone into the streets. I thought that could well be BS–but who knows? I’m sure “a few” did exactly that but where was the fulcrum of power?

    Likewise, if Facebook won’t support intifada, as it is a business opportunity, seems like some “infra-gaza strip” firm might provide the same service? Until it is more than photo-bombed?

    You know, if the USA had more Native Indians, we too would have our own intifada. Its just a numbers game.

  9. What? says:

    Ronald Reagan thought the African National Congress (South Africa) was a terrorist group, and he, RR, sought to “work with” the apartheid government of South Africa to help them see the error of their ways. P. W. Botha (sp?) used RR’s support to have his cake and eat it too.

    I do think that the Palistinians have terrorists in their midst. Just as the ANC and IRA did. However, the Israeli pressure to shutdown communications of the Palistinians speaks volumes about how the Israeli want their cake and too eat it two.

    It is a situation of the Israeli’s own making.

  10. whatsit says:

    Right on.

  11. Holler says:

    If the people who post on the site are making racist and violent comments shouldn’t their comments be flagged and not the page as a whole?

    Let say someone wanted to make a page dedicated to over throwing Mubarak and some individuals made violent comments on the page – would it make sense to take down the whole page?

  12. MikeN says:

    #11, Progressives hate Jews.

  13. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    Lyin’ Mike – I am very progressive and don’t care about the Jews/Israel. I leave them alone to chart their own fate. Part of their fate is that for a variety of reasons, they get lots of aid from the USA. That doesn’t bother me either. Unlike Alfie, I can’t relate foreign aid to public fellatio and so I let the world continue to rotate.

    Alflie the Tea Brained Shit Bot: you remind me of the protagonist in Naked Lunch. Blowing neighborhood boys behind the fence.

    Ha, ha. Wouldn’t be surprised at all.

  14. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    Alfie the delusional oral obsessed Spam-Bot==do you know what repeating your idiotic rant only doubles how twisted you are?

    why do you care what other people do in privacy? doesn’t happen in public, as are your equally as odious postings. You do know what you write is public?

    Ha, ha. Ecstatic in that extra itchy burlap underwear.

  15. chris says:


    You used ‘progressive’ 10 times in these posts. Got fixation?

    “Progressives are bent over sodomizing each other in every public place in the land, and if told not to do that, they become violent.”

    Your sexual references, while no doubt secretly and shamefully exciting for you, don’t really move the discussion forward.

  16. tcc3 says:

    #22 TeaDud

    There are more things in heaven and earth, TeaDud,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

  17. tcc3 says:

    #22 TeaDud

    “The God of the Jews is the God of Christians”

    For all your condemnation of Muslims, Allah fits in there too sparky.

    The effort you must expend to be so constantly wrong on so many levels. It is amazing.

  18. chris says:


    Don’t know, Dude, ever hear of the velvet mafia?

    Look at your volume of posts, and regression to religious reasoning. I hit a nerve!


    Leaving out the stuff I already quoted you on.

    “even when you parade in leather outfit in San Franciso floats”

    “Or people for sexual sins near and dear to progressive hearts”

    “Non sequitur, I never said there are no gay Republicans.”

    You talk about this stuff an awful lot. I happen to work with gays of both sexes, and one trans-gender. Going to (women dancers) strip clubs with lesbians is actually a lot of fun. Discussing the merits of specific tits with a girl is quite entertaining.

    Why does any of this concern you? You have a bible to quote from. Or are you hiding behind it?

    So to speak…

  19. tcc3 says:

    #34 TeaDud

    What an intricate web of fantasy.

  20. hhopper says:

    Now look what happens when you guys feed the troll!

  21. MikeN says:

    So Israel managed to take down a Facebook page. How are they going to takedown the rest of the Jew haters who promote hatred against Israel? Including some on this site, who thankfully don’t post as much as they used to, perhaps it it because of an Israeli action?

  22. tcc3 says:

    #36 – hhopper

    No one feeds him really, he comes in, takes another patrons food, and then complains about the quality and portions.

  23. chris says:


    “Progressives are KNOWN by such things, and as that reference exists naturally, without explanation…”


    I was just pointing out that you talk about more gay stuff than any gay people I know. It just isn’t an issue. It wouldn’t be any more acceptable than a straight acquaintance giving you a play by play of their sex encounters.

    Who really wants to hear that shit?


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