Saturday night, a certified TSA official will be at the Santa Fe High School prom to oversee student searches.

This all comes after two Capital High School students, sisters, filed a lawsuit saying they were groped by a security agent at Capital High School’s prom last month. On Friday, the court ordered Santa Fe Public Schools and the security company ASI to provide at least one TSA certified person at the Santa Fe High School prom and the Capital High School graduation.

The restraining order also spells out the specific ways security can perform searches. It says a pat-down is only to be used if there are reasonable grounds and that pat-downs should not be used as a first approach for every student.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 talked to one of the sisters suing the district earlier this week. Candice Herrera said, “She grabbed my breast and shook the inner part of my bra and shook it and then picked up the front of my dress to mid thigh and she was patting down my bare legs.” Capital’s Principal told us she was standing right there when students were searched and doesn’t remember any students complaining about the pat downs.

Meanwhile, Santa Fe Public Schools says it’s happy to comply with the Federal Court’s decision, saying, student safety is a priority.

Gotta keep the slaves in line you know.

  1. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    Video removed already. Fast!

    Well–if you are going to have pat downs at all, why not have a “third party” professional rather than a volunteer?

    Makes sense to me—in context.

  2. lynn says:

    Granted, I am an old woman and my senior prom was in 1974, but isn’t this a normal expectation on prom night: he grabbed my breast and shook the inner part of my bra and shook it and then picked up the front of my dress to mid thigh and he was patting down my bare legs

    Sorry to be vulgar

  3. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    Yea, what she failed to mention was the brass knuckles that fell out and clattered on the ground.

    So, why are you sorry to be vulgar rather than go back and correct your post.

    Doesn’t make any sense.

  4. LibertyLover says:

    #2, You sound like a fun date 🙂

  5. lynn says:

    Bobbo, my father used to say something when I was a kid that used to make my brain hurt: “If you were really sorry, you wouldn’t have done it in the first place.”

    I could more correctly say that I am sorry that I am vulgar enough to post that. However, I am what I am, alas.

  6. BigBoyBC says:

    TSA official to oversee student searches to prevent groping… Kind of like having the fox guard the chicken coup.

  7. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    lynn–I can say that in fewer words: “Never apologize.”

    The truly self actualized will recognize the normal hypocrisy such as you display, the self righteousness inherent in such immediate hypocrisy and avoid it/internalize it/not do it again.

    Say what you mean, mean what you say.

    So much more honest than sin and redemption.

    But I don’t mean to rag on you particularly. Blame the alignment of the stars.

  8. jim says:

    I’m missing something here. Why do they need TSA type searching in the first place?

  9. JimD says:

    The TSA (Tittie Squeezing Agency) to get FRESH MEAT to process !!! Let’s hope they bring along their STUN GUNS AND CATTLE PRODS to keep the Kiddies in line !!!

  10. laxdude says:

    Yes, because we live in a world where something only becomes wrong or inappropriate if someone complains!

    That is why it is legal to murder hookers and drug dealers. As long as you do it in a private place NO ONE COMPLAINS.

    Notice the principal didn’t deny the event happened.

  11. Noel says:

    I’m shocked to hear that there are pat downs happening in US schools now. Is this an isolated incident or is this level of security installed in high schools all over the USA?

  12. Animby says:

    I’m sure a few off-duty local cops would have been happy to supervise. Why legitimize the TSA? Most of them never attended a prom since they dropped out of high school. I really hate to see this mission creep. They are TRANSPORTATION security not dance security.

    It is sad, though. I know I’m getting on in years but it just doesn’t seem that long ago that we had no security at all at our school dances. Maybe a couple of bored shop teachers sitting in the balcony hiding smokes and sipping spiked punch.

    I do miss America.

  13. EnemyOfTheState says:

    I for one just feel so much safer now that that Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden is dead. Thanks for the kill, TSA.

  14. Animby says:

    # 14 ItsMe said, “There were no TSA agents”

    Good news. Thanks. I’m glad some local cops got the overtime.

    Now, someone needs to speak to the judge about misuse of federal resources.

  15. ECA says:

    why are there pat downs in a school??

    Are the schools THAT BAD in that state??

  16. TThor says:

    The students should boycott the prom and arrange their own party…..

  17. George says:

    Confusing the facts of a story seems to be standard operating procedure in the media. I suspected this when the writer used “TSA certified person” and “certified TSA official” almost interchangeably.

    A TSA official works for the government. A TSA certified person may or may not work for the government and in this case it seems they work for this private security company, ASI.

    I find fault in the judge’s misapprehension that someone who is certified by the TSA to perform searches is not the best and most qualified to be conducting security screenings. TSA seems to only know how to inflict shame and abuse on Americans while showing deliberate disregard to those most likely to harm us; all in the name of political correctness.

    I pray TSA will be a bad memory in the near future.

  18. chuck says:

    If you need security guards and searches at the prom then it’s time to cancel the prom.

  19. sashley616 says:

    What is the TSA official there for? To ensure that people are groped properly!

  20. dlrdon says:

    TSA isn’t going to the “PROM”, they wouldn’t unless parents there just like at the airport. State can’t tell government employees where to work. TSA helps the Government out at political events like when the prez or people running for the job come to town, to assist the Secret Service.

  21. B. Dog says:

    They could have deputized the kids for a day and let them do the groping.

  22. JH says:

    #19… best response yet!

    Nothing I hate more than to go to a school function and see it (the school) treated like an armed camp.

  23. moss says:

    #14 got it right. State police provided security.

  24. Mr. Fusion says:

    I agree. When it is time for armed guards at a prom, it is time to cancel the prom.

    At my prom, way back sometime last century, there was one cop. He sat in his car by the gym entrance the entire night. A good time was had by all.

  25. HenryTG says:

    B. Dog #22 said, “They could have deputized the kids for a day and let them do the groping.”
    Great funny idea!

    chuck #19 said, “If you need security guards and searches at the prom then it’s time to cancel the prom.”
    I couldn’t agree more.

  26. McCullough says:

    Back in my day, the dances were patrolled by bad ass nuns. NOBODY got out of line.


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