We’ve seen a lot of of the tragic Japan , but this clip is the most horrifying yet. Entitled “South Sanriku — Tsunami seen from Shizugawa High School,” it’s shot from high ground, but toward the end of the video you can see panicked residents running for their lives.
Shortly after the tsunami, one survivor called the oncoming deluge “a gigantic pile of garbage coming down the street.” That’s an apt description, as you can see an entire town reduced to a huge pile of watery debris in a matter of minutes. Shocking.

  1. bobbo, Pukes are the Party Alfie supports......... says:

    You might add the video starts off very slowly and doesn’t get to what we most often see until about 3 minutes in. Tension builds cinematically. One can imagine being there and not taking heed of the early signs……until its too late.

    Most excellent video indeed.

  2. CrankyGeeksFan says:

    Forget the movies Cloverfield and the upcoming 8mm.

  3. Tippis says:

    I wish everyone would stop saying that people “panic” when these things happen. They almost never do. In fact, research has shown that in many cases, the victims would have been better served if they really did panic.

    Disaster panic is a myth.

  4. Breetai says:

    Go Go Godzilla!!

  5. The0ne says:

    More whale and dolphin meat for them, horray. I don’t see anything bad about this.

  6. Lou says:

    At the 1 min mark. You see a car going into town under the bridge. That was his last bad call.

  7. Glenn E. says:

    Nature basically shows us how foolish we all are for amassing so much of our “garbage”, near the shores, and in low graded areas near the ocean. So any major wave that comes along, just sweeps it all way. There was a time when fishing villages were much simpler. And there were no cars, trucks, ships. So it was much easier to escape the deluge, and recover from the losses. But overpopulation and urban sprawl has blighted the area with way too much “stuff”, that was just waiting to be a deathtrap of moving garbage. It will take years to clean up and rebuild, rather than months. And building a nuclear plant site as close to the fault line as possible. because the property value was the cheapest, wasn’t the brightest idea either.

  8. petros says:

    I am not often so moved to language, but Theone #5 you are an ignorant cunt.

    No regards.

  9. msbpodcast says:

    In #7 Glenn E. said: It will take years to clean up and rebuild, rather than months. And building a nuclear plant site as close to the fault line as possible. because the property value was the cheapest, wasn’t the brightest idea either.

    They should want to rebuild higher up a slope, no?

    Its like the idiots who build on a flood plain and are all astounded when water comes washing over their property. Federal help should be limited to relocation expenses.

    Nuclear reactors should all be subterranean. Building a quarter-mile (.5 kilometer) underground would take care all objections and construction issues.

    Property values and real cheap down there too.

    If it blows up, it’ll never show up except on a seismometer.

  10. Dallas says:

    This is heartbreaking. These innocent people had little to no warning.

  11. wtf says:

    #5 No words are strong enough to emphasize the sheer ignorance of theones post. I truly hope karma catches up with you one day when you drown in your tub in your mothers basement. Hopefully real soon.

    I second #8’s post…you are an ignorant cunt.

  12. sargasso_c says:

    Narcissism and disaster voyeurism.

  13. chuck says:

    Maybe use a tripod next time?

  14. Wildsolution says:

    Wow, Terrible is right, anyone catch the the guy in the black jacket trying to help the fireman rescue the older women? He was swept away in the last few seconds of the video….poor guy.

  15. deowll says:

    #15 Yes. Unless you have a heart of stone this will truly appall you. Of course some just don’t get that is is real.

    Japan was much better prepared than most countries. They even stood up the quack. They were utterly unprepared for the flooding but then so were we for Katrina and we both knew that this was coming. The only question was when.

    They will no doubt rebuild in the same locations that have flooded this time as in centuries past just as we are encouraging people to move into a city below sea level.

    Those who do not learn from the mistakes of others are bound to repeat them and pay the price. In this case the price is horrific beyond the power of words.

    Of course some will look at the old markers and heed their warning but the young people will mostly say. That happened long ago. It will not happen again for a long time and in a way they are right but then it will happen again.

  16. Uncle Patso says:

    In both the cases of the seawall protection of the Japanese coastal nuclear plants and the levees protecting New Orleans, it was a case of “one size fits _most_.” The levees were designed to withstand up to a Category Three storm. It was estimated that building levees able to withstand the storm surge of a Category Five would have cost several Billion dollars, and Congress wouldn’t pony up for it. The seawalls protecting the Japanese nuclear plants were designed to withstand tsunamis approximately half the size of the ones that hit after the Magnitude Nine quake.

    It is easy in hindsight to argue the money should have been spent; not so easy before the fact to spend billions and billions in case of an extremely rare occurrence.

  17. chuck says:

    #18 and, in hindsight, the same people would argue that because we can’t predict the disasters, we should just never build nuclear power stations anywhere.

  18. bobbo, high culture art critic and souffle devoutee says:

    This is embarassing. Can anyone explain to me #5–TheOnes insult? I know the Japanese are “associated” with killing Whales for Food, and dolphins for food and bycatch of tuna but how will these species be more available to them? Given this ambiguity saying hooray didn’t make any sense either.

    What well known racial insult mechanism am I unaware of? Goofy failed attempts at insults are not to be reacted to, goofy failed attempts at humor are to be tolerated.

  19. Skeptic says:

    Bobbo, #5 wasn’t very clear, but I imagine TheOne meant that since so many Japanese died from the quake/tsunami, there would be more Whale and Dolphin meat for the surviving population, implying a win-win scenario. Pretty heartless, but I’ve seen worse on this thread.

  20. bobbo, Pukes LIE about everything, only idiots buy it says:

    Skeptic–thanks. That was my thought, but what 15,000 or so dead? I doubt whale consumption will noticeably alter. No, THAT comment is just too stupid to raise ire at all unless one enjoys having one’s ire risen?

    I’m told, its all good, but I doubt that.

  21. The0ne says:

    Didn’t I tell you people I’m cynical and crazy? I’m sure I did and I’m sure I also said that’s why I love coming here because I feel so much at home. It’s funny that Boobo and Pedro, the two very morons here, have the audacity to get upset at my comments? If there weren’t enough pencils shoved up those two’s asses already, I wouldn’t bother to respond. Maybe some of you are just new to DU 🙂

    No, I don’t like Japan. I don’t like China or Korea (both of them) either. I don’t like their government. I don’t like their law enforcements. Needless to say there’s plenty for me not to like about Japan, China, Korea, Laos, Thailand, etc.

    I’ve been there enough to detest those countries. Have any of you? Have you seen a 6 year old girl out at 1AM selling flowers out on the street or at the beach when she should have been in bed? Have you seen beggars on the streets knowing full well most of them are there because they are set there? Do you realize how bad the water is, the foundations?

    I’m Asian but yet I get stereotype and refused serviced abroad because I’m not Japanese, because I’m not Chinese and simply because I’m a US citizen. What about the underage pedo stuff that goes on there? Sure Japan includes tentacles, monsters and “fashion” outfits on kids and they’re legal to distribute and sell them. Now don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean to say all places and all people but in general base on my years abroad in these countries.

    So spare me your hate, save them for the right reasons and the right people. Spare me your ego, all knowing BS (Boobo) opinions that many of you can’t seem to be objective about in the first place. You’re all here to voice you’re close minded opinions and you know it. I haven’t seen anyone admit that they were wrong. Does that mean every one of you aholes are right? LMAO.

    You know what. If you’re so righteous, forgiving and caring tell me something you’ve done or try to do to resolve ANY of the problems you’ve experienced abroad. Because unless you have the actions to back up your careless, close minded, and stupid comments I say fck off. Simple really. I do my best with the authorities there to try to get something done. How many of you aholes even bother? That’s what I thought. I wish I was just talking out of my ass or from all the web research but no, my experiences are genuinely abroad and in real life.

    I may say hateful comments without reasons to support them but I’m passionate, honest and always try to do that right things. Sure my passion may be a bit much sometimes but as long as I don’t go around thinking I’m know it all like Boobo here, I can reason and take the right course.

    How many of you have donated to the tsunami horror? I have, $200. I may not like them but I have great, loving friends and colleagues there. I may be cynical and crazy but I know there are good people there and people that need help. How many of you even donate or help out with the problems here? The homeless? Childrens’s hospital? Community clean-up (beach cleaning for me)? If not, think deeply why you’re so upset at my comments and my reasons and ask yourself why you don’t bother to get about and do anything that your passion is driving you to take action upon.

    So please spare me your pathetic, hateful comments. Unless I genuinely know that you’re a decent person your comments mean squat. Likewise with every single one of you actually, when you sit down and think about it. That’s the beauty of internet. Unfortunately, it caters to more to the ignorant, selfish, arrogant and way too proud-know-it-all-but-really-doesn’t people like Boobo 🙂 At least I have the decency to explain myself of my actions truthfully instead of doing moronic stuff like changing my name every time I respond. Now that should be funny! The size of the balls needed to do this even though reasons tell you that it serves no purpose except to increase your balls further, in one’s own view. Like I said before Emily Dickerson would have joined me laughing at such antics til the end of time…

    This town was devastated too by the way. Maybe some of you should feel bad and support it.


  22. bobbo, student of the haiku says:

    Jeeze One–couldn’t you have posted as Alfie so I would have skipped your mismash of conflicting statements?

    I DEFENDED your post, yet get called out for being an A-hole?

    I state I don’t understand what you are talking about yet get called out for being a know it all?

    You decry the child slavers who put children out on the street selling flowers at 100AM and then call them good people?

    /////// Nah–I’m just kidding. You are so confused you STILL don’t know/are able to express just what you are responding to, why, for what purpose. The only thing that bothers “me” is putting me together with Pedro and then not ragging on him at all. What’s with you????? Like donkeys that much?

    One–so why are you posting?—to explicitly declare your love of the Japanese People or your approbation? You post to both sides of the question.

    I know…..let’s start over and build your position slowly, consistently, and with a purpose. Are you happy or sad at the loss of life in Japan because of the earthquake and tsunami? We’ll go on from there.

    Is that ok with you sailor?

  23. bobbo, student of the Dick in Poetry says:

    I Hope to Never See
    A Pair of Balls as Big As Trees
    But TheOne says its Beautiful and True
    Maybe so, but maybe just sleaze.

  24. Likes2LOL says:

    Mother Nature can be a real ass-kicker when she wants to be (e.g., tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes).

    As the old saying tells us, “In the battle between water and rock, water always wins.”

  25. GregAllen says:

    >> Tippis said, on May 29th, 2011 at 9:01 pm
    >> I wish everyone would stop saying that people “panic” when these things happen.

    This video proves your point. Did you see those people carrying stuff? Or that one guy running towards the flood? (it wasn’t clear to me why).

  26. GregAllen says:

    >> The0ne said, on May 31st, 2011 at 12:11 am
    >> No, I don’t like Japan. I don’t like China or Korea (both of them) either. I don’t like their government. I don’t like their law enforcements. Needless to say there’s plenty for me not to like about Japan, China, Korea, Laos, Thailand, etc.
    >> I’ve been there enough to detest those countries. Have any of you?

    I have visited China and Thailand and lived in Japan.

    I like all those countries.

    It’s beyond me how anyone can hate a whole country — especially if they have lived or had a meaningful visit there.

    I’ve been in quite a few countries and, in every case, I found most people to be good and normal. The bad people are the exception.

    If you find yourself hating a whole country, it’s about you, not them.

  27. BrimstoneAshe says:

    Been to Korea, Japan and Thailand. Can’t say I hate them. All the bad things TheOne cited can easily be found in the good ole USA too. Can be found anywhere really. The evil nature of humans has no definable borders.

  28. Skeptic says:

    TheOne, you might understand how some of us viewed your first comment, and now how you’ve left us completely confused.

    Your first comment:
    “I don’t see anything bad about this.”
    — From this you imply that you don’t care that [15,000?] innocent, mostly poor people were killed.

    Your second comment:
    “How many of you have donated to the tsunami horror?”

    So, WHY is it a horror to you and at the same time it’s perfectly all right?

  29. Greg Allen says:

    >> BrimstoneAshe said, on May 31st, 2011 at 8:19 am
    >> Been to Korea, Japan and Thailand. Can’t say I hate them. All the bad things TheOne cited can easily be found in the good ole USA too.

    I can sort-of understand why people hate countries they have never been too… it’s ignorance, typically fueled by mis-information.

    But TheOne says he’s been in those countries and hates them. For most compassionate and intelligent people, it works just the opposite.

    People start-out with prejudices but information and exposure makes them have a more benevolent attitude.

  30. Rick Cain says:

    Talk about being in denial. Some of the japanese were carrying purses and luggage while the water was rushing up to swallow them. Yes its a tsunami and yes its real, the only standing order is RUN!!! Forget your crap, just run.


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