1. lynn says:

    I thought aviator-goggle kid was cute. He looked like he was up for a game of Quiddich.

  2. chuck says:

    #26 – I noticed the goggles too.

    If you wear goggles you are either a Japanese cartoon character, or less than 8 years old, or an idiot.

    I think Liam fits the “idiot” category.

  3. GregAllen says:

    andycatus and Bobbo,

    I have a lot of personal baggage on this issue, having been condescended to by I don’t know how many non-Americans.

    One thing they do is go to America’s WORST places to prove their point — and then they tell ME about it!

    I NEVER EVER do that to other people’s countries. It’s just rude.

    I’ve been to some pretty hell-holish places but I can always find something good to say about their culture.

    I’m not saying all foreigners are like that — but it’s quite a few and the British are some of the worst.

  4. Animby says:

    # 36 GregAllen “…the British are some of the worst.”

    Oh, Greg. So true. So True. And I was MARRIED to a Brit!

  5. Dexton7 says:

    Such a silly pair of Brits but so many amusing comments on here.. =)

    I will mention one thing.. Does anyone else hate the one-billion gigawatts of unnatural florescent lighting in these stores.. and the throngs of zombies in most Wal-Mart stores?

    Maybe I’m just allergic to florescent lighting AND zombies. Could be.

  6. Dexton7 says:

    #3 bobbo,

    I haven’t been on here in a while… and now you are starting to sound like me with my rantings..

    Did you join the Sons of Liberty while I was gone?


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