Kinda creepy.

  1. stopher2475 says:

    #31 You’ve mistakenly assumed their duty is to protect people. It’s actually to maximize revenue generation.

  2. ChuckM says:

    I did a doulbe take and laughed out loud… the last scene looks like the cop has his gun in the guys mouth about to blow his brains out… guy looks worried.

    Or is it just me…

  3. Stopher says:

    We had an ad here in NJ where the cop shoves a ticket into a guy’s mouth for not wearing a seat belt. Haha. Very funny. If the cops will make a joke about assaulting someone at a stop over a seat belt can you possibly imagine what they’ll do if a camera isn’t rolling?

  4. rick says:

    Two words, HOUSE PARTY!
    That is unless you’re too loud then the cops come to your door, then ask if they can search, then they drop a baggie of weed in the corner and arrest you for possession.

  5. the answer says:

    My question is why does every slogan from the PD have to rhyme? It drives me nuts


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