1. Chris McMAhon says:

    “We’re sorry, but the clip you selected isn’t available from your location. Please select another clip.”

    • sargasso_c says:

      Welcome to the DRM’d future of the Information Age. I’m blocked from Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC and probably XYZ, too.

  2. the dude says:

    NBC’s video player is almost as broken as this site’s new layout.

  3. Joe says:

    Why do sites feel compelled to upgrade the aesthetics of their pages as if they were technology companies upgrading software? The new layout is awful, and that’s not just a miss-the-old-and-havent-given-the-new-a-fair-shot attitude. I still hate the redesign of engadget too.

  4. scandihoovian says:

    Well the traffic on this site has been successfully destroyed. Nobody even comments on the actual article anymore.

  5. The Bobbo Memorial Fund says:

    Funny clip. I didn’t think Netflix had enough of a following to warrant a network skit.

    Netflix deserves to die, considering the stupidity of the executives.
    Qikster? Whatever.

    • bobbo, I'm giving this a WEEK and then probably quitting. Not a threat, maybe a treat?===but I can't stand this format. Harder to follow personal exchanges. I have left other sites that made these same changes. RIP. says:

      and I do want to compliment the various, if not the same poster, who have taken the time to wish me a fond farewell. Why can’t that humor be presented in an argument?


      • The Bobbo Memorial Fund says:

        Because there is not argument. Most of here want what you promise.

  6. nobody says:

    Not available in your area !
    Is that part of the satire?

  7. LibertyLover says:


  8. Milo says:

    Well at least NBC has bothered to make an excuse for why none of their videos play, for years they couldn’t even manage that!

  9. EnemyOfTheState says:

    I was waiting to for the SpinOff Company named NetPrix

  10. NewFormatSux says:

    Really they should just be giving their videos away for free. It is unethical to charge money for downloads.

  11. Agreed says:

    The new design is horrible. At the very least give people the option of using the old design, its not difficult at all to implement such an option. I think one week is fair to wait, otherwise I’ll just continue along as well.

    • Muddauber says:

      How about using one of your wonderful polls and see what you get?
      Most of your viewers are very experienced web users and know what it takes to make a blog/website work and be user-friendly and provide good navigation.

    • bobbo, I'm giving this a WEEK and then probably quitting. Not a threat, maybe a treat?===but I can't stand this format. Harder to follow personal exchanges. I have left other sites that made these same changes. RIP. says:

      Agreed—you can give people this option???? Amazing/amusing/sad. I have made exactly that comment on lots of software: why force one way of doing things? When you come upon a “choice” when programming, why not program both choices/all choices and let the user decide?

      Offer the standard that you think will be useful to most, but the whole point about this digital goodness is that supposedly people can choose?

      I didn’t know you could do that with blog layouts. I haven’t seen, or maybe just notice?, that choice on any other website. It does make sense to me though.

      Good idea even if not true. Thats what wishing and hoping and having better ideas is all about. Can’t think of any reason it shouldn’t be true.

      When the choice is ever provided, put me down for DU of two versions back.

      EDS==even though I’m probably going for that recommended walk, I still request a different nom de flame logo. I like Sister Mary Handgrenade and don’t think she should be pictured taking a dump. Please rotate my sign in to the next logo?

  12. Muddauber says:

    Great video but you just ruined your Dvorak Blog with this incredibly crappy layout. Are you experimenting on us to see how much crap we can take?

    Hey, I can handle the crap for irate bloggers and the troll comments, but puleaze don’t dumb down, crap up and wig out on changing to the latest and crappiest blog format you can find!!!

  13. deowll says:

    Played for me.

    I will get used to the layout.

    I didn’t do the DVDs. Most of the stuff I watch isn’t new.

  14. two to the head says:

    I don’t mind the new layout. It communicates the same basic information with a different design. Big Deal. I think some of yous need to get out and take a walk once in a while. Sheesh.

    • bobbo, I'm giving this a WEEK and then probably quitting. Not a threat, maybe a treat?===but I can't stand this format. Harder to follow personal exchanges. I have left other sites that made these same changes. RIP. says:

      TwoHeads==if all you want to do is come here, read a headline, article, maybe a link, and then maybe post===you are absolutely right.

      If however you want to maintain a dilectic discussion on a particular issue over 1-2-3 days, then this site has been making THAT harder to do with this change AND the change before that. The last change was made with a few comments but nothing like the current response.

      Opinions cannot stand without context. maybe if you came here and did more than comment and leave, you would have learned that by now. or not.


      Ha, ha.===and yet just about 50% of you retards vote for the 1%. The same idiots that think this new web design is just fine?

      Very well could be, and for all the same reasons.

      Stoopid Hoomans.

      • Sea Lawyer says:

        Is your complaint that the layout doesn’t scale to a dozen or more levels of replies? I actually prefer being able to visually see the structure of discussions over the flat presentation, but I do see the downside as well.

        One thing I wish Dvorak would bring back is the old notice on the main page of the 10 most recent posts.

        • bobbo, I'm giving this a WEEK and then probably quitting. Not a threat, maybe a treat?===but I can't stand this format. Harder to follow personal exchanges. I have left other sites that made these same changes. RIP. says:

          SL–No, I don’t think so, I don’t mind scrolling down to see more posts. I do mind not knowing how far to scroll down though. The relative position of relevant posts keeps changing.

          I’ve stated its not the nesting that I don’t like–in fact I agree with you I actually prefer it. Its the way the nesting is done here. IMDB does nesting well but in essence it is a “single topic” so I see that difference.

          Probably having notifications of particular responses I wanted to follow would work and that is much in line with what you remember from the one time earlier format used here.

          Bottom line: this format ok for those who just want to post but not ok for those who want to follow an exchange.

          As much as I enjoy seeing the nesting of a continuing argument==I also enjoy reading a summary of what people respond to such as utilized by Guyver and even Pedo, and that will be gone so its a break even issue in my book.

    • Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

      Hey, the dates are fixed! (time would be cool, too)

      IMO it’s still ‘busted.’ Original comments are newest at the top. Replies are oldest at the top. Makes it hard to follow what’s going on, given the culture of this particular blog. Some major sites/blogs do it this way, but they tend to have thousands of posts rather than the typical 75-odd we see here. Scrolling to the bottom of 2,462 posts is a different animal.

      Fix this and the home page layout, and most of the trouble is gone IMHO. Sea Lawyer’s list of recent commenters is something I missed too. It’s nice to know which topics are active. Allowing an option to sort comments by most recent is useful too, and necessary in a layout like this one where the post sequencing is random.

  15. it is awesome about the netflix lampooned for recent business. I am searching the best translation services in London.

  16. tomdennis says:

    I dumped NetFlix because they did not have the courage to create their own movies (as in DirecTV, ETC.)
    They had something great.
    John remove that pink doo dad or make it smaller.
    I won’t leave John. When I first saw you on TV I knew that you were fun and informative.
    Tell your buddies on Mee Mee OH to expand and go for a format like, “Roses ‘s “Foundation”.

  17. gear says:

    Funny skit. It’s great watching Netflix shoot itself in the foot.

    I love this new web site layout!

  18. SG says:

    Text size that I can read again!

    Thank you.

  19. President Amabo says:

    Good god, I go on vacation for a few days, come back and the whole site has been rendered useless! Multi-threaded comments are uncool. Comments should be single thread, FIFO – period.

    John, Is Netflix running your site now?

  20. President Amabo says:

    Oh, and now I see that after you post, only your post is visible. I used to be able to leave a thread open, hit refresh and see the new comments below mine. Talk about reducing usability!!!

  21. Steve S says:

    The confusing, ill conceived and just plain stupid changes that Netflix made are nothing compared to what has happened to this site in the last few days. Supposedly there are currently 33 comments. I can only see two. These recent changes give new meaning to the term “Ultimate Fail”.

  22. brian says:

    Agree, the new site blows

  23. chuck says:

    You get what you pay for:
    How many, of those who are complaining about the new layout, have contributed by clicking the “Support the blog” button at the right?

    • Muddauber says:

      I have, but they basically just swapped out their WordPress layout and that
      isn’t major brain surgery. Are you suggesting the crapped up the site ’cause people aren’t making enough donations??

  24. Liz says:

    Netflix is great but is not available for a lot of countries.

    I download proxy servers IP addresses and ports from this USA proxy list and I can use it.

    May be that can help others too.

  25. Cursor_ says:

    Oh I see NBC whisch teams up with Hulu Plus that charges you to watch their TV content and still endure advertising is making fun of Netflix.

    Yeah that is hypocrisy.

    I applaud Netflix in trying to wean baby boomers off the DVDs that are going the way of 45s and 78s.

    It is the same problem with the paper book crowd that still insist they don’t want e-books or audio books. I suppose there were still people that complained when papyrus took over for clay tablets.


    • ggibeau says:

      Of course – your insightful comments are predicated on there actually being content worth watching from the NetFlix streaming service – instead of the outdated and C-list movies they currently offer. Until their selection improves – there is no way it is going to replace the selection on DVD’s.

  26. Rick Vaughn says:

    I was never upset about the price increase of just a few dollars or even the split of the company, I just had no satisfaction with the content. Streaming wise, I constantly found myself disappointed because of the options I had to choose from, that’s ultimately why I left. Working for DISH Network I was curious about the Blockbuster Movie Pass, I wasn’t let down at all, great library of streaming, and nobody I know has ever accused Blockbuster of not having great movies to rent, they can even do it in the mail with their neew deal, check it out.


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