In Japan, crooked teeth are sometimes a sign that you might have ¥30,000 to spare.

Tourists come to Asia from all over the world to take advantage of affordable and top-quality cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. But in what could be a new fad in Japan has us wondering how many people will be flying in for supplemental dental work that promises to make teeth appear crooked.

Perhaps your folks spent thousands on fixing your wonky teeth all those years ago. But chances are, if you were born in Japan, it was more like zero — the lack of orthodontists is one reason why having a mouth full of straight teeth isn’t such a big deal here. In fact, in some circles that goofy look is downright desirable, which leads us to the news that a Ginza-based dental clinic has just started supplying fake crooked teeth to those blessed with more traditionally “beautiful” pearly whites.

  1. Derek says:

    That’s as bad of an idea as changing to this website layout!

    • msbpodcast says:

      Give it up Derek… Its not changing back.

      Too much under the hood is so much better that they don’t want to.

      If you have nothing to contribute STFU and stop wasting your time…

  2. Drive By Poster says:

    That top pick makes it look like the person was into vampires or werewolves to have such prominently flared out canines. A Twilight movie fan?

  3. Memesis says:

    Dentists have been trying to make me get braces all my life. I always have liked my teeth. Now it looks like im cool and saved thousands of dollars. Oh by the way my canines look like that naturally as well.

  4. Buzz Mega says:

    A & B = before. C & D = after. Did I win?

  5. GregAllen says:

    When I lived in Japan I noticed that most of the famous TV and music stars had crooked teach and asked around about it. Much to my surprise, I was told that this was considered a good thing — very “genki”

  6. Tom says:

    Did Dvorak go to the same dentist for this website design??

  7. B. Dog says:

    I kinda like crooked teeth. It makes a person look real, rather than plastic.

    About the change in website design comments — could you people click on the donation button and put your suggestions in the Paypal note?

  8. msbpodcast says:

    the lack of orthodontists is one reason why having a mouth full of straight teeth isn’t such a big deal here

    It isn’t such a big deal here because its not happening unless you can afford it..

    A certain level of health and dental care is free in Japan. (Its part of how they care about their children instead of using them as an excuse for repressive censorship. [Its not like South America {or Washington DC,} where you’re tripping over the corpses of starved, or shot by politically motivated death squads, children. {Every new mother is helped, registers her child with the authorities and is given an immunization report card which she and the admitting and releasing physician(s) updates with every visit to a health professional.}])

    That’s why Japanese children all have disgustingly healthy smiles.

    Look at the pearly whites of even the worst Japanese punk band.

    Now get an old video of the German band “T-Pau“. That chick’s first $10,000 of her signing bonus went on her teeth.

  9. ubiquitous talking head says:

    Now somebody explain the Brits.

  10. Brian says:

    Always maintained that Japanese are an alien race.


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