1. Luc says:

    I just looked up Janklow (yes, what a creep!). Wikipedia says he was the guvnor from 1979 to 1987. The lettering on that sign looks really old fashioned, so I think it’s very reasonable to assume that picture was taken in 1979 or soon after. At that time, those clothes weren’t so out of the norm. Fashion in general was horrible then, especially in ‘merica.

  2. Uncle Patso says:

    Oh, those awkward ’70s…

  3. McCullough says:

    Got Ginger?

  4. ML says:

    Future Crop Circle Makers of America

  5. HUGSaLOT says:

    Well hello there, it’s “The Derps Family!”
    (play duling banjos as a theme song)
    A new sitcom from the makers of Napoleon Dynamite
    Airing on Fox News every week!

  6. Radar says:

    “Dad, what should we do with our arms ?”

  7. orchidcup says:

    Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum family photo.

  8. Monsieur meloche says:

    Hi. This is my wife and two kids… Boy and a girl… All interchangeable…

  9. Somebody says:


  10. Mark says:

    You guys look so much better when you tuck in your shirts.

  11. Kernal says:

    Children of the Corn?

  12. honeyman says:

    One of us…..one of us…..


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