For those who don’t have cable or live outside the country and are wondering what inspired artistry American television has been up to the last few years, you need look no farther than Toddlers and Tiaras. Child beauty pageants are the kind of BS that that murdered JonBenét Ramsey was involved in.

  1. Archie Bunker says:

    Aw, just quit screwing around and give us “Pornographically-Slutted-Up Toddler Midgets vs. the House-Flipping Swamp-People Pawnbrokers of Walmart: Ultimate Cagefight Death Match Groin-Injury Bloopers XXVIII”.

    In the end, there can be only one TV show…..

  2. Buzz Mega says:

    I am an addict.

    Because I started at such an early age, I just don’t seem to be able to shake this habit.

    Can’t anyone help?

    How do I shake this thing?

    And the worst thing is, that the subject of my addiction is literally piped into most homes.

  3. jpfitz says:

    1/12/2012 at 8:38 pm
    @ stirring it back,
    Total commitment and intelligence comes from seeing all sides of the news, being able to decipher bull from fact.

    For all your labels tossed at me, did I label you? No. Are you so upset that your only bastion of information (intelligence), FOX news, was spoken ill of? “Get a grip” yourself man.

    “Researchers began to study the cognitive effects of labeling in the 1930s, when linguist Benjamin Whorf proposed the linguistic relativity hypothesis. According to his hypothesis, the words we use to describe what we see aren’t just idle placeholders–they actually determine what we see.”

    “Free speech is as free speech does,” Clyburn told the Charleston Post and Courier last week. “You cannot yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater and call it free speech. And some of what I hear, and [what] is being called free speech, is worse than that.”

    I’m a Republican, for the republic. You assumed I am a “BLIND”, “drink the Kool-Aid of the bleeding heart, fiscally irresponsible, money-grows-on-trees, worry-about-it-tomorrow, all-about-me, we’re entitled, haul-my-wagon, anything goes, what-me-worry, ready-shoot-aim… segment of American society. “.
    Sticks and stones. What was that all about. I have been reading and commenting on DU for a while now and the banter can get heated, but I’ve not had so many labels thrown at me. Maybe your new here. Nice to meet you and it’s been a pleasure to talk you.

    Stirring it back says:
    1/12/2012 at 8:38 pm

    “I’m done stirring. Case closed.”

    Now the cake is done. On to the next cake.


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