“Because I said so,” writes Snoop on his Facebook page. Paul’s drug legalization stances reaching ever more young voters. (H/T Reddit) posted Jan 30, 2012 12:56pm EST

Well there you have it….har!

  1. PT Barnum says:

    Don’t you just love the circus?

  2. scandihoovian says:

    So Romney has Chris Christie’s bad cholesterol, Santorum has a “frothy mix of lube and fecal matter”, Newt gets “free pizza” and Ron Paul has Snooop’s bad pee.

  3. orchidcup says:

    I value Snoop’s political opinions very highly.


  4. msbpodcast says:

    Hey, I worry when a candidate starts making sense…

    They (you know them) are likely going to pull a Cathy Gifford at his next outdoor Barbecue.

    • deowll says:

      Could be most people are either strongly in favor of what Ron Paul says or freak out.

      • Cursor_ says:

        Most people strongly for Paul has only his summarised points and not what he really wants to do and how to do it.

        If they really dissected his platform they would soon learn that he is everything that is wrong in politics.

        But you cannot expect Americans to seriously do their homework. If they had they would have backed Huntsman more than any of the others as republicans.


        • Mary says:

          Dude that is bullshit. Ron
          Paul is the only one up there saying how he going to do it, and that is stop Big Gov’t. That is the problem in this country, our government interferes with everything! He has the best policies for us, as he sticks to our constitution. When it comes to legalizing weed if you listen to him it’s not that he likes people to get high, but rather that he believes people should have the free right to choose whether they want to or not. It’s our freedom and personal libertys that allow us to choose whether we want to do something or not, and he is right….this is how America is supposed to be. But currently we are losing our freedoms and letting big government and its followers control us and not doing anything about it. Ron Paul is the only correct choice up there, Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum are all puppets of a larger group, and they are deceiving you with their lies and false promises.

          • Anthony says:

            Right on, man! And what’s sickening is the fact that the media has planted this seed in people’s heads that Romney is the most “electable”. I feel pretty sure a Romney candidacy would divide voters along party lines as usual. But a Ron Paul candidacy would appeal to Americans across the political spectrum. Ron Paul is the only candidate that Obama should fear because he is the one who could truly win.

          • Douglas says:

            Hell yeah dude,

            That’s exactly the same way I feel. And, until this election I was a hard core Democrat. I feel like the only chance the Repubilcans have of beating Obama is with Ron Paul. And, quite frankly, I think they’re kind of silly not backing him immediately.

  5. EstCstCrkPt says:

    Gr8 a total dirtbag supports Ron Paul.

    Thanks for scaring people away

    DIRTBAG!!! in jingle format.

    • 8675309 says:

      Rapper = dirt bag
      Smokes weed = dirt bag

      That’s a pretty f***ed up opinion to have. He’s not allowed to support Ron Paul because douche nozzles like you have a problem with it? Honestly, if something like this is enough to make someone change candidates, they probably shouldn’t be voting in the first place. F***ing pawns.

  6. nauc says:

    lets make this easy…

    pot users dont want pot legal because they know they wont be able to grow their own and they will get taxed out the azz if its sold and regulated like beer. theyld rather grown what they like to smoke, (the good stuff), for free, at home

    politicians dont want pot legal because they get too much money from companies that would get screwed if pot were legal, since pot has SO many good uses. so they fight it, and get their pockets lined with money

    sounds good to me

  7. nauc says:

    the public doesnt want it to be legal, because they still think its bad


  8. nauc says:

    the only people getting hurt, are the dumb smokers that get caught

    if theyre that dumb, shame on them, lol

    • Cursor_ says:

      No man is an island.

      Recreational drug use of any kind hurts us all.

      It screws up the user, it builds rifts in their families and friendships, it saps their finances and it make a long term health hazard to the use that results in higher medical costs for everyone.

      Drigs are not toys. Don’t kid yourself that it is victimless. It hits everyone.


      • WTF says:

        First, you contend that Ron Paul supporters only have his summarized points down, but that if they disected his platform they would learn that he is everything that is wrong in politics? Now, you are saying that recreational drug use of any kind hurts all…You are beginning to sound like a total bigot. You’re making assertions without any reasoning (backed by any sense whatsoever) and it has caused me to have to take the time to address your idiocy. First, what exactly about Ron Paul’s platform is “everything that is wrong in politics”. Second, how does recreational drug use hurt everyone? Recreational use implies moderation, and most drugs, alcohol included, used in moderation are harmless. If every person who participated in recreational drug use were subject to your proposed results, this entire nation would be much worse off then it is.

      • 8675309 says:

        Oh, apparently you’ve never heard of the term “moderation”, you know, as in, not everyone who has a beer every now and then while watching the game is a raging alcoholic who beats their wife & kids.

        I’d be more persuaded if you had said drug ADDICTION is a problem, but now I’m just left to assume that you’re a know-nothing fronting as some kind of expert on this issue.

        Prohibition doesn’t work. Never has, never will. It has created a lucrative black market for these currently illegal substances, fuelling crime syndicates that more often than not also have ties to prostitution and a list of other crimes, OF WHICH are harmful to society as a whole.

        – “It screws up the user”
        Given that the user is an addict.
        – “.. it builds rifts in their families and friendships”
        Again, addiction. Watch an episode of Intervention and you’ll see how ADDICTION destroys families and friendships. Putting someone who smokes a joint every now and then in the same category as a full-on heroin addict or alcoholic is asinine.
        – “..it saps their finances”
        So does addiction to gambling, shopping, and food. The problem lies in the reality that these finances directly fund criminal organizations. Guess why? BECAUSE OF PROHIBITION.
        – “..long term health hazard.. results in higher medical costs”
        It all boils down to the extent of addiction, and this doesn’t just pertain to drugs. Some people smoke copious amounts of marijuana and never have to go to the hospital, whereas some people eat a lot of fried food and have to get a triple by-pass.

        So what’s the real issue here?

  9. Animby says:

    I, for one, want to thank Snoop for his insightful guidance. At last I know how to vote.

  10. Pays2Think says:

    Hey Snoop can’t you support legalization of drugs without supporting a racist that would have voted against the 1964 Civil Right Act, who wants to reverse Roe v Wade, Bring back Assault Weapons and repeal the Brady Bill, promote more use of Coal and Nuclear power, Eliminate the EPA, Eliminate Unions, Increase off shore drilling and repeal health coverage for all. Who’s the Schmuck…… Snoop, Ron Paul or both?

  11. Glenn E. says:

    First news I’ve heard about Ron Paul in weeks, and this is it? I think the only reason Newt won’t give up, right now, is to keep Paul from being seen as 2nd in the polls. So Newt hangs in their as placeholder, so the news can continue to NOT mention where Paul stands in any of the primaries. This is the first election year, I can recall, when they focused so much on only reporting first and second place. Only mentioning third, when Santorum is there. So you know that none of Ron Paul’s campaign money is going into the news organizations’ pockets, to keep him in their favor. They hate his stingy ass. While Romney and Gingrich probably wines and dines them all. This will be the year that everyone who covers this election, gets FAT! I expect many of them will disappear, next winter, to go to Club Med to lose the pounds. “All our news anchors are on assignment, in the Caribbean, this month.” he, he.

    • Cursor_ says:

      Newt stays in because is betting that evangelicals will not vote for a Mormon and so he would be next in line of succession.

      But like Kennedy and his roman catholicism, voters will set aside his religion and vote for Romney because he actually would stand a chance against Obama.

      It is not who deserves to lead, it is who is the most popular. Hence the democratic reforms in our oligarchy only makes matters worse, not better.


  12. Glenn E. says:

    Well I’m not an advocate of smoking anything. Nor making the hard drugs legal, because they’re just to dangerous to allow people to decide for themselves to use them. But I think more money in anti-drug education, would be better spend, than it military style enforcement action. That only strengthens the Police State powers, in the US.

    The problem with Ron Paul’s stance, is that it will be used to scare the easily fooled, conservative voters, into thinking he’s too radical. They want less government “helping people”. But not less government “locking people up”. Seems there’s always room for more prisons, in the conservatives’ thinking. And when those start costing too much to run. They want the death penalties for more crimes, to lower the prison rolls. Not realizing that a death penalty trial costs more than a 20 year life sentence. So next they’d want far cheaper trials, and no repeals. Just about gutting the US Constitution in the process. But hey, the rich folk don’t need it, they can buy justice. Only kiss the middle class goodbye.

    Smokers of pot, aren’t that scary. You’re more likely to get killed by drivers distracted by their cellphones. Or drug trafficking gangs, drive-by shootin up the neighborhood. Or even someone drunk on alcohol, than stoned on weed. But the scaremongers want us all to think legalization will let lose the flood gates of the high times drivers. Just so they can keep the highly profitable anti-weed law in place, and enforced.

    Americans still believe that some form of Prohibition works, even if it only applies to weed sales and use. If weed were as available in the grocers as head of lettuce. Much of the crime, and the cost of fighting it, involved in weed’s black market sales, would vanish. And think of the tax revenue that could be made from its legal sales. Because obviously, like booze and tobacco, its a vice that can be taxed extra. And at least the FDA would have to make sure the legal weed was pure, and not a bunch of crap, stuffed into a cellophane baggy. There’s no such quality control with the junk people get on the street now. And legal sales competition, would soon “weed out” the fakers pretty quickly.

    And I can’t help but think that, like wine, the US could be the leader in growing the finest in the world. So think of the export value, to the rest of the world, who seems to have no problem with its use. I still don’t encourage its use. But I’d rather they smoked that, than tobacco. That crap is just pure poison. And don’t you think that market doesn’t fear being replaced by weed sales. Especially as any farm could grow and sell it, like common produce, without going thru the tobacco monopoly/bureaucracy.

    • Alex says:

      You lost me with “… to(o) dangerous to allow people to decide for themselves to use them …”

  13. Evan Howard says:

    If someone wants to smoke weed its their business, just like if someone wants to go out and drink, I don’t drink because I don’t drink because I think drinking is worse. George Washington smoked weed and the Constitution is made out of hemp. If you disagree how could you even be a true american?

    • Cursor_ says:

      Washington never smoked pot. He was a farmer, he would use it for hemp in ropes and clothing. But accounts show that he and Jefferson both had mixed results with the crops and often lost money on it.

      Please don’t add anymore mythology to these guys than people already do.


  14. nauc says:

    good read…

    Drugs in Portugal: Did Decriminalization Work?


      • 8675309 says:

        LOL, pathetic. Which results were mixed? The only “mixing” of results I could find was how they were interpreted. There isn’t even any comparative analysis with other countries.

        Either a 500% increase in drug seizures (from dealers and importers) and 63% increase of people seeking rehab is a good thing or it isn’t.

        What was the impact of drug related crime after this 10 year experiment? This article says nothing and the misleading title really only serves to bolster mislead opinions such as yours.

        Drugs didn’t become ‘more appealing’, people just admitted to doing them because drug possession is not a criminal offense under decriminalization.

        I don’t know how you could possibly read/listen to that article and think that decriminalization did not work for Portugal.

  15. Dr Spearmint Fur says:

    Ironic. Ron Paul is the least white dude of the 4 remaining candidates.

    And then there is Barry…

  16. JohnnyBGoode says:

    Wow. The Faux News “conservatives” are all pro big government and like state slavery, telling people what they can or can’t do, bombing brown people all over the world. No surprise here.

    We’ll all get the government you deserve: a third GE Bush clone.

  17. farmits says:

    The man earned my respect when he destroyed a Mac laptop. He named the parts as he destroyed them, he’s smarter than many folks think.

    • orchidcup says:

      I don’t mean to diss the Snoop, but destroying a Mac laptop while naming the parts was a stunt that was done by Ice-T.

      Unless all rappers destroy laptops for grins.

  18. Tp says:

    It’s amazing to me how dummy’s like you all, dont do your research! All u do is listen to the opposing media & roll with it?!!!
    RON PAUL, unlike ALL these other clowns is FIGHTING for our FREEDOMS, PRIVACY, ENDING THE WAR FOR GOOD, BRINGING OUR TROOPS HOME, END FEDERAL TAXES, (thats the good chunk of change that comes out of your wkly check, so fat lazy bastards can go on lavish vacations on account of your hard work!!!) TAXES ARE ILLEGAL!!! Do you know how many poor & middle class people went to jail for taxes???GIVE US THE RIGHT TO HOMESCHOOL OUR CHILDREN, MAKE
    HEMP LEGAL FOR MEDICINAL PURPOSES (which is better than any poisoned & approved FDA drug!!)…
    And as far as that bs bout him being racist, that’s a plot from the media… Search utube n u will see how he provided service for an interracial couple having a child, when nobody else wanted to help… Never believe everything u hear! The media will do everything in power to have us lose all our rights & the easy way is to trick us by lying and photoshopping n cropping, etc,
    PLEASE!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! THIS MAN IS INTELLIGENT!!! HE HAS BEEN IN POLITICS FOR ALMOST 30 YRS. & HIS PREDICTIONS NEVER FAILED!!! HE IS A GOD-SEND!!! HE IS SOMEONE VERY SPECIAL TO US & AMERICA!!! Download the 1st RON PAUL APP on your phone or utube him & just listen… Thank you! & please fight for ur rights!!! Forget music & entertainment; get smart, wake up! God Bless!

  19. Hannah says:

    Ron Paul is the best candidate in the whole election. Over anybody. If he’s not elected then we are all screwed. You can say bye to your house, job, money, everything!!!!!!!!! Because these guys are going to take it all without looking back! And they will laugh in your faces while they are taking it all. Ron is the only one that actually cares about America!!!!


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