This just MIGHT be whats wrong with America

On Saturday, a man suffered a heart attack while eating at the Las Vegas restaurant, Fox News reports.

The man was partway through a “triple bypass burger” when he began to complain of chest pains, a waitress said. “He was having the sweats and shaking.” Restaurant owner Jon Basso called 911. In the meantime, tourists took photos of the man “as if it were some type of stunt,” Mr. Basso said. “Even with our own morbid sense of humor, we would never pull a stunt like that.”

Heart problems and obesity are a running joke at the diner, where customers who weigh more than 350 pounds eat free.

According to Fox News, a single meal at the Heart Attack Grill can easily exceed 8,000 calories, which makes KFC’s Double Down, at 540 calories, seem like a light snack.

I will defend this moran’s right to eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants…just don’t ask me to subsidize his health care. Next: Man sues Heart Attack Grill for serving unhealthy food..

  1. duh365 says:

    Wall-e here we come!

  2. MrWindows says:

    I ate at the original location of the Heart Attack Grill in Tempe, before they moved to Chandler, and before that location shut down over a paint color dispute with the city. Good burgers, fries and shakes. Even better “nurses” serving you your meal dressed in skimpy Spencer’s style nurses outfits in hooker heels and fishnet. They’ve been trying to get the concept franchised for several years, even suing the operator of a similar concept. They have a youngish (29?) ‘spokesman’ who was a sumo wrestler or something. He died, not of a heart attack, but of pneumonia or something. It was shortly after that that the Chandler location shut down, ostensibly because their white and red hospital-themed color scheme didn’t fit in with the desert tan of the rest of the shopping center and the city cited them for it.

  3. Dang says:

    I just hope the place doesn’t go out of business. I’m visiting Vegas memorial week and I sure as hell intend to finish one of those triple burgers. The quadruple though, forget it.

  4. NewfornatSux says:

    >I will defend this moran’s right to eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants…just don’t ask me to subsidize his health care.

    Well since Obamacare has you subsidizing his health care and yours, that means the government can tell you what to eat.

  5. Glenn E. says:

    Last I heard, they changed the cause of death to Pneumonia, not a heart attack. But that could have been fixed. It’s Las Vegas after all. And since prostitution is also legal, at least in one county of Nevada (maybe not where Vegas is). It’s hard to make laws preventing other vices like gluttony, from effecting the public heath. But in states where prostitution is strictly forbidden by law. As well as the sales of illegal drug use. Perhaps it could be argued that serving dangerously unhealthy meals, is operating in the same spirit as fulfilling a vice, and not satisfying a basic need. Is cannibalism legal? Even if the food source is already dead, and next of kin doesn’t object. I suspect not. It’s the same with over supplying alcoholic beverages, to patrons. There has to be some responsibility of the proprietor, not to poison patrons with excessive amounts of ANYTHING. Whether it be alcohol, food calories, sexual activity, bodily abuse, or psychological exploitation (whatever can lead to death, from its excess). As long as Pot remains illegal, as a public health concern, even though it rarely ever leads to any deaths, and tobacco use is far deadlier. Then excessively caloried and fatted food menus ought to be considered a public health issue too. Never mind that some damn jerk makes a business out of exploiting people gambling their lives by eating there. Legalized gambling games very likely won’t kill anyone, just by playing them. But gambling that one’s body can handle an excessive amount of substance, food or otherwise. Is a deadly gamble, that needs to be regulated in the public interest. Or else public health laws are virtually meaningless. Maybe someone prefers to eat in a rat infested environment. Why prevent that? What’s being a “nanny state” about establishing and protecting certain minimum standards of non-life-threatening menu choices.

    I’d say that this Heart Attack Grill at least violates air quality control standards. How can one breathe, while shoving in that much food at once? If not the calorie overload. Then death can result from asphyxiation, between mouthfuls (or throat-fulls) . And if we really don’t care if people eat themselves to death. Then there ought to be a choice of capital punishment involving lethal food engorgement, for death row inmates. But I’m pretty certain it would be concerned cruel and unusual punishment, even if it were voluntary. So why is it not so for the rest of us?!

    • Yaknow says:

      Don’t know why so many people hatin’ on food, and other people who get it heartily. You don’t hear hate conformist talk, this with people who socially drink who have heart attacks while drinking a beer or smoking a cigarette. So what if people want to get fat, there is no such thing as second had fat. There is no such thing is fat driving, fat drivers are not drunk drivers. It is a DWI or DUI, it isn’t FWI or FUI. The government should make our food safe (doesn’t do that well) and not mandate a diet fat people eating don’t harm those around them because they are eating a lots of food. Eating allot isn’t a public health risk like smoking.

      Anorexics get pity, fat people get hated on. Why? Both are eating distorters. Why not control an Anorexic food intake. They die of all sorts of things while eating….like starvation, heart attacks, other diseases.

      Isn’t wanting the government controlling what we eat and where we can eat communism, or a dictatorship, or something besides democracy, pursuit of happiness.

      • Glenn E. says:

        You mean second hand fatness? Well what if some obese persons, sitting in the theater seats above you, causes it to collapse on YOU?

        Fat driving? Conceivably a person can be too obese to safely operate a motor vehicle. And I sure it has happened that their driving license was revoked. And they tried driving anyway. Maybe crashing into innocent people. But they just don’t want to tell us about that, in the daily news. Out of 300 million US citizens, it’s got to have happened at least once.

        Is eating a lot a public health risk? Yes it can be if such obese persons block public exits in emergencies. And try using public transportation, such as buses and trains. Pretty much everything, was never designed to accommodate the morbidly obese. Try telling a firefighter, whose job it is to save an obese person from a burning building, that being fat isn’t a heath risk to the rescue worker.

  6. Glenn E. says:

    Again, it’s Las Vegas. So isn’t this grill just prostituting food, in a state that tolerates that? They use to operate in Arizona. What, did they get kicked out of that state? Last I heard, suicide was illegal in all 50 US states. So isn’t knowing eating oneself to death, attempting suicide? Death by food, or death by poison. What’s the difference? Portion control standards have got to be established at some point. Or some clown with end up selling it by the wheelbarrow full. And some fools will try to eat it all.

    And in case you think it DOESN’T effect you, what others do. Consider that cementaries are running out of space, because of the obese people getting buried in extra wide graves. They lived their lives to the fullest (literally). And some day you’ll have to try squeezing your dead ass in next to them. Good Luck.

  7. Yaknow says:

    And the 8,000 calorie burger is mostly protein and that doesn’t make you fat or will cause a heart attack. Sugars and carbs are the worse and that bun wasn’t that big. There is debate whether fats really do make you fat or not. Age slows down your metabolism, you become more sedentary. Let’s stop hating.

  8. Rick says:

    Good luck trying to sue that place! Its not like you were warned.

  9. David Johnson says:

    North America, the land of the extremes, either extremely thin (and think they are fat) and the morbidly obese (that don’t care) and each extreme hates the other. If you give people free choice then that is one of the items that one must consider, they have a choice (they may not like the choice that they should use), but you cannot enforce your lifestyle and choices upon others unless you would be happy to have others decide your choices. I don’t like the 600 pound man nor do I like seeing the 80 lb skeleton that thinks Twiggy was FAT. Yes there is living a healthy lifestyle, but again we come back to the position of free choice and free will.


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