Late last week Federal Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare introduced a bill to parliament that takes Australia one step closer to an R18+ classification for videogames. No sooner had the classification bill been introduced than the Coalition responded by calling for an inquiry into the bill. These are just the latest developments in a saga that’s been running for the best part of a decade.
So why do we even need an R18+ classification for video games? Well as it stands, the highest rating that can be applied to a videogame in Australia is MA15+. Games with content exceeding the MA15+ definition must be “refused classification”. And any game that is refused classification cannot legally be sold or played in Australia (of course this doesn’t stop players ordering such games from overseas).

In an increasingly sophisticated game market, Australia’s lack of an R18+ rating has led to a number of games being refused classification.

Same people stalling this were in favor of military action in Libya and want to bomb Iran. Seems violence is OK as long its REAL and the state doing it to you or to some desert wedding party. Idiots.

  1. Carl Ranson says:

    The annoying thing is we do have an r18 here in new Zealand but we get lumped with oz when games come out! I want prostitutes in my GTA games!!!

  2. Zybch says:

    Thank god for eBay and overseas sites that specialize in importing titles into Australia like who not only have access to the latest and unavailable games, but offer them at way lower prices than anywhere else including Steam.

  3. Animby says:

    Honeyman: I sincerely doubt it has much to do with the violence content. As Arlo Guthrie opined: “Blood and gore and guts and veins hangin’ from my teeth…” that’s all well and good. Helps train the next generation of soldiers. The problem is, these damned games have them some sex in ’em! Worse, violence AND sex simultaneously, and any politician will tell you, that should be kept behind closed doors…

  4. Hmeyers2 says:

    Probably the more open-minded and liberal angle objection to these games:

    What is the likelihood that a lot of these games demean women and/or feature violence against women?

    They need that in games like they need more racism or homophobia in games.

    Short story: I bet many of these games are made for the “bottom of the barrel” types.

  5. Uncle Patso says:

    Can anyone list some of the games that have been effectively banned in Australia by this rating system?


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