Combine this with the whole ‘predictive policing’ PreCrime work that’s going on in LA and we are soon going to have a crime free society so we no longer have to worry about those naughty people who rob us and protest about stuff and all that. Yea!

The FBI this week put out a call for new research “to advance the science and practice of intelligence interviewing and interrogation.”
The purpose of research requested by the controversial HIG is to advance the science and practice of intelligence interviewing and interrogation, the FBI stated. The group defined several areas for long-range study that include:

– Field observations of military and strategic interrogators, intelligence interviewers in order to document strategies, methods and outcomes;
– Surveys and structured interviews of interrogators, intelligence interviewers and debriefers specified by the Government in order to document what these operational personnel think works and does not work and the development of operationally-based best practices which may be later investigated via laboratory or field studies;
– Development, testing and evaluation of metrics for assessing the efficacies of interrogations, intelligence interviews and debriefs and of the use of particular interrogation, intelligence interview and debrief strategies and methods;

  1. Troublemaker says:

    Amazing how the sheeple allow the crime syndicate (both parties) that’s running this country, and their henchmen, to scare them with a boogeyman that barely exists…

  2. jim g says:

    “There are FOUR lights!”

  3. bobbo, the junior culture critic says:

    Amusing Link at Post #1:

    Predicates risk comparison as if growing old was a risk rather than an eventuality. Still, could America stand allowing one destroyed skyscraper and 3000 dead every 10 years -or- all the changes and expenditures made to date?

    Bottom Line: I also believe most of the security response is a waste of money.

    BOOGAH – BOOGAH!!! That should be worth a couple of millions.

  4. Glenn E. says:

    Why does the FBI need to do interrogation research? Just ask Dick Cheney. He’ll tell them. Water Boarding, always works. Didn’t they field test enough down in Gitmo? Of course, maybe the FBI needs subtler methods, than prisoner torture.

    So as good US citizens, just clam up and don’t say a damn thing. Make them work their butts off, getting info from other sources. Some of these FBI guys just want to take the easy way, and pin stuff on any fool who’ll cooperate. That why they invented the phrase “person of interest”. You’re “of interest” until they can pin something on you. And run you through the legal process, of “guilty until proven innocent”. And afterward, your reputation remains messed up. Just ask Richard Jewel.

  5. Publius says:

    Dear FBI: if no independent oversight is watching you, then you can do whatever you want. The local K9 can indicate whenever you need it, for example. Stop wasting your time with science — it’s all for shit without oversight.

  6. Publius says:

    What is the false positive rate on the polygraph that the FBI already uses?

    What is the false positive rate on the K9?

    What is the false positive rate by your personnel?

    None of this information is public. There is no oversight.

    Guys and Gals at our esteemed federal, state, and local interrogation agencies: You can skip the sciencey nonsense and let God and your Gut whisper to you whatever Truths you find expendient. Nobody can nor will know any different.


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