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  1. Glenn E. says:

    I had a problem reaching the show’s stream player widgets today, because NoScript 2.3.9 was blocking links thru to the main source and player javascripts. Apparently either the updated NoScript’s “ClearClick” protection feature is faulty. Or something new in the NA web page script is triggering ClearClick to block links. Not knowing html4 I can’t say what. But if you have had this problem too. Uncheck ClearClick option for Trusted pages, under the NoScript Embeddings tab. Or as someone in chat suggested, use the RequestPolicy addon, instead.

    • Glenn E. says:

      Ah ha! The author of NoScript fixed the problem with it’s ClearClick false-positive rate or sensitivity or whatever. So version 2.4 , which came out the 4th of May, fixes the problem. And you can once again leave the checkbox for “Trusted” sites, checked. Unless you’re experiencing some other site it screws up on.

      The thing is, I checked the previous version 2.3.8, of NoScript, and it had no such problem. It only occurred for version 2.3.9. Which went into its 1st RC release of 2.3.9, immediately after the previous finalized version was released. Same day! Like there was a huge hurry to mess with it. And the finalize version of NoScript 2.3.9 was released on April 26, just hours before the No Agenda podcast. And that coincidence kind of make me wonder if NoScript’s author had a problem with something heard on NoAgenda, on the 19th? Also the finalized release version 2.4, didn’t come out until the day after, Thursday, May 4. And version 2.4 went thru eight Release Candidates, before that final version. From what I can see, that could be a record number! The average number of NoScript RCs is about four. So either it’s final version was being stalled. Or there was a heck of a lot of things to correct, after screwing with it so soon after version 2.3.8. Which begs the question what’s the purpose of all those RC releases, when the finalized versions can have some significant screw ups in them too?

      And BTW, the author or authors of NoScript don’t seems to know what a “Beta” version is. Since everything they do is a “RC” version or a finalized one. Not a single beta to be found. What are they (or he or she) playing at? Refusing to call anything a “beta” version, so everyone will think its all great, just not 100% bug free yet. Then it turns out that none of them are. So drop the constant “RC” labeling, already! It’s just lame.

      • Glenn E. says:

        Oops! Correction. NoScript had a “rc9” version, back in June of 2011. So eight RCs is not a record number, but pretty close. Funny though, the next version, 2.1.2, had a “rc0” and “rc2”, but no “rc1”. What the heck is a “rc0” version?! The whole naming convention they’re employing sounds very arbitrary. They might as well just use “A1” thru “Z9” and then start using “AA1” thru “ZZ9”. And drop all the decimal number hooey.

  2. dave m brewer says:

    God forbid if John C and Curry ever get ahold of a crystal set.

    Good show today!!!

    John C. was a wild one on day’s TWIT show. He spoke more today than he has over the last year or so.

  3. ivan says:

    Where can I find Daily Source Code. Music before The Show is becoming best part of live listening.

  4. Uncle Patso says:

    ivan says:

    “Where can I find Daily Source Code.”


  5. Glenn E. says:

    Adam, you might want to check out this item from RT Tv. The “Data Industrial Complex”? Interesting. But Max needs to calm down a little. Or sound more like Gilbert Gottfried, when he’s upset.

  6. Charlie says:

    Hey Citizen!

    Apparently that warm friendly TSA “SPREAD’EM” welcome isn’t getting much repeat visits. Can’t see why there’s so many negative comments; you’d think the Brits would appreciate a free testicular/punany and rectal combo exam as part of the holiday experience!

    I’m sure the advertising campaign will take care any misunderstandings and put their sphincters at ease.. har


  7. Glenn E. says:

    Had an interesting idea about the TSA bodily searches. If the Chiners can choose what kind of sexy girl will deliver their FedEx packages. Then why can’t Americans choice what sort of erotic search fantasy, is used on them? A large variety of ages, body sizes, and either gender, to choose from.

    Yeah, I want the petite sexy french maid search scenario. Or the Playboy Femlin, searching me. Think how much the air passenger numbers would increase. If people knew they could get a taxpayer subsidized groping, they’d actually enjoy. And then deny it was their choice to have it done. “Sorry honey, but the TSA insisted that two young school girls give me a going over.”

  8. Peppeddu says:

    Listening to 402 (I’ve fallen behind) and scratching my head

    No wonder Adam cannot find a job, he trashes almost everyone that comes in his reach.

    – Melinda Gates manager of “clippy”
    – She cleans up Bill’s ass
    What’s that for? and where’s the value in that?
    Apparently she’s guilty of staying almost 30 minutes on stage, how dare she.

    Surprisingly John has the patience to put up with that.


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