If you saw the first one and liked it, you get more of the same. If you saw it on video, wait until it comes out of video as well.
If you don’t know anything about TAKEN, you can take a look at this hilarious retelling of the story (warning, coarse language):

Spoiler alert:
There is a point in the movie where Liam Neeson’s character tells his daughter where to go while driving through the streets of Istanbul, and he keeps looking at a GPS and shouts the directions to his daughter. All throughout this sequence I kept thinking about what it would be like to be driving around in your car with Liam Neeson’s voice shouting directions at you.
The chase sequence in the movie would go on like this: (Neeson) “Faster Kim, faster”, (Daughter) “I can’t, I can’t”, over and over.
I guess if you ever wanted to feel like you are being pursued by a gang of homicidal criminals, you could use his voice.
The end of the movie is so weirdly happy and upbeat, you end up thinking that one of the characters in the movie was going to wake up and realize they are in an insane asylum because of PTSD.
Spoiler ends.

If you are looking for a fix of justice pr0n, go see DREDD instead, it’s much more satisfying.

  1. bobbo, the junior culture critic says:

    So… where’s the review?

    Taken (One) was stupidly Hollywood with an overaged actor performing as only a script would allow. I did like some of the grittiness that very much follows in the “kiddie kidnapped, ex-you don’t want to mess with them losers, torturing and killing everyone in the way to make the rescue. He never misses with a gun or knife, everyone one else does. Five Uzi’s versus a handgun?==No problem.

    Is that Dredd as in Judge Dredd? I’ve had the opportunity to watch that and have always passed.

    Good right now I think: Jason Bourne and 007. Still Hollywood, but somehow more satisfying. Maybe Transporter and even Crank for much the same. Makes me want to watch anything by Torentino, Ritchie, or Rodriquez again.

    I need a violence fix. Maybe a response to Alfie would do it?

  2. bobbo, the junior culture critic says:

    Pedro: quit spamming this forum!

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  4. Bitter & Critical says:


    More “Hollywood” crap, if you ask me. Just like their politics this movie has absolutely no originality or substance – it’s just a different spin on the same old CRAP! Crap that no one really wanted or needed.

    And holding true to Hollywood liberal values, I’m sure this “project” cost more to make too. It seems no one in Hollywood knows how budget money or make better production choices either. And guess who ends up paying for that too?! (At least with Hollywood, we can choose whether or not to watch it.)

    About the only good thing I can say is, at least it’s not another cop show. CLOSE! But it’s not all about cops and robbers like the majority of all the other crap formula films/shows we see coming out of Hollywood.

    • bobbo, democracy and freedom mean people disagree says:

      I can’t recall the last cop show out of Hollywood. LA Confidential?==pretty good show.

      No, I think you need to get out more.

      Its all comic book superheros and Vampires. Matinee tickets are cheap, or you can just carefully review the Titles on the Marquees.


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