1. ± says:

    Mr. McCullough, what is the point? Do you think this guy has some sort of magic powers? If so, I read you wrong.

    And I’ll add that anyone who is awed by a video edited in areas that could possibly obviate the awesomeness of the video, can be convinced of anything.

    • Admfubar says:

      you should have actually viewed the video before you commented…

      i’m sending this link to a lot of careless friends..

    • McCullough says:

      +/- See Admfubar’s comment…sheesh.

      • ± says:

        I watched just short of the exposé and assumed the rest. Sorry. I’m glad I was wrong and your intention was the opposite of my assumption.

  2. UncDon says:

    The secret of 666: Facebook.

  3. Not ME! says:

    I’m so glad I’m not a Facebook fool or a Twitter douche. I barely even use email. And I’m definitely not a “phone head” so stuck in a trance with my mobile device that I walk into a man hole or traffic or something. In fact, I, and a growing number of people I know, will go out of our way to cut off douche bags when we see them on their phones while driving. And I bet half of you can’t even guess why we do it either. (Although I bet someone tries to say that we’re just assholes or something since posts like that are very likely from the actual brainless hazards out there driving.) But I digress…

    Any time someone wants my info I always ask why. And it’s amazing the curious looks I initially get, particularly from the digital sheep who have been so brain washed into trusting some glowing box. More often than not, these “twits”, who are usually in their twenties or thirties, tend to get pretty arrogant when I say “no” to them harvesting my information. It’s like looking into a dark pit of ignorance when I look into their eyes and hand them cash for a pack of batteries. Because they ALWAYS can’t make change which is as basic a skill as handling your genitals is while taking a leak! And you think I’m going to tell you who I am, where I live, or my phone number?! “I’m a CUSTOMER”, is usually what I tell them.

    Point is, you have to be absolutely vigilant about who you give your information to and why. Something as seemingly harmless as an address or phone number coupled with your name may seem like no big deal. But is it?!

    This video may be an over exaggeration of the info anyone can find out about anyone else. But I personally know too many people who have had their financial lives corrupted simply because they trusted some idiot who didn’t realize the WiFi connection was unencrypted or something really basic.

    It’s amazing how many more idiots and potential “marks” there are for a knowledgeable thief when you see them at McDonald’s swiping their RFID embedded credit cards for a Big Mac too. And do I even have to point out the other masses of potential victims you can find connected to nearly any public hot spot while drinking coffee or some other sugar rich laxative? And YOU think you’re going to keep MY info safe?! GET REAL!

  4. Uncle Patso says:

    It’s a lot less scary once I realize it’s an advert. I thought all those online pictures looked too perfect and the “subjects” looked to Hollywood pretty. Now I see why.

  5. Glenn E. says:

    At my barber, the other day, some guy came in and said to me, “hey you look familiar, what’s your name”. And not wanting to be a douchebag on the holidays, I told him my correct name. Fortunately it didn’t go any further than that. He didn’t recognize my name. So I said I was cautious because some guy once told me he recognized my from Middle School. And eventually he tried to sell me a vacuum cleaner. But I realized it was all a salesman come on. So then this guy I was talking to at the barber shop says, “Oh I use to sell vacuum cleaners.” 🙂

    So I’m thinking it may be better to give a made up name, that you’ve practiced to deliver without hesitation. Because the chances of someone being a lost friend or acquaintance, is extremely remote. And more likely someone fishing for your personal info.

    BTW, I didn’t get this guy’s name, in return. I’ll have to remember him as Mr. Vacuum Cleaner II. I love to see the script that they give these guys to follow. So we can practice a defense against their come on tactics.

  6. Glenn E. says:

    You know, they could fill volumes with the stuff they never teach you in schools. Which probably would prepare you not to be a victim of invasive salesmen and con artist tactics. But since much of the modern advertising industry depends on our naivete. Teaching future generations what to watch out for, would kill the advance all those Business Schools have over us. So forget ever getting the real info, that might endanger the three piece suits’ means of making a living. Same thing goes for how lawyers and politicians pull the wool over our eyes. We wouldn’t want to give the citizen slaves, an unfair advantage over all the college educated liars and manipulators. Noooo.

    Even teaching people not to fall for these phony psychics, borders on the culturally subversive. And it so disgusts me that in this new century, when they choose to question people’s faith systems more than ever. They still protect (and often exploit) these so-called psychics, from scientific scrutiny. The media and scientist community are all, “your religious beliefs are invalid, Darwin was right”. But then when psychics come along its, “Oh there might be some to this, as long as they don’t claim their abilities are a gift from God.” But it’s ok if they pretend it to be an evolutionary gift. What hypocrites!

    • Peanuts for All says:

      I take it you believe in a god? If so, then that’s cool so long as you keep it to yourself and don’t go around offending others by always saying crap like “god bless you” or something.

      I personally don’t believe in any god (probably because there isn’t one). And I especially dislike any bible thumper or other holly crusader who wants to get in my or anyone else’s face and tell us what bad people we are. That’s real hypocrisy at it’s fullest!

      If there really is a god and he/she/it really does loves us then god doesn’t need some angry pinhead’s “help” by constantly reminding us that we will all burn in hell simply because we don’t “believe” or believe the same way. The only thing ANY religion has helped humanity with is a little something called the golden rule. And we could all use a little more reminding of that natural rule from time to time – especially the religious zealots.

      So take your god however you like. But think of it like underwear. Don’t go around showing to everyone. Some of us may actually be offended!

      …And as far as this video goes, that too tends to infringe on the golden rule. Because invasion of privacy tends to make the invader into something of an asshole! But then, there are plenty of them in the advertising/marketing world. Shall I point out telemarketers or spammers?!

      So the only rule here would seem to suggest that we all be as guarded with our information as possible – in fact LIE! But then that’s what the world has come to since few, if any, of these huxters care to remember to “do un to others…”


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