I’m going back to DOS.

  1. Dallas says:


    The suckiest part of Linux has been the non-standard way and horrible difficulty of installing applications. Why the geek community couldn’t agree on that one item is astonishing.

    • BubbaMustafa says:

      Didn’t watch it yet, but after 10+ years it still doesn’t the MAIN point of a personal computer, to make my life *easier*

      Linux (and I do like it, at times) will NEVER be a mainstream desktop until they get rid of the per-requisite circle jerk. Compiling source code? Really? I thought it was 2013? (well almost) I DEFY *anyone* to PROVE they look through *all* the source code to find bugs & backdoors (and all the required libraries)

      Linux is the trainwreck its been since its inception. Its KILLER for embedded devices, servers, etc. But, as-is the WORST as a desktop computer/client.

      (I do *hate* to say it, but Apple’s OSX made *nix right, but Fisher-Price-like)

      • vdeane says:

        Who compiles stuff from source? Just install from the package manager… it’s just as easy as installing an app on a smart phone.

      • Dallas says:

        The opportunity for the desktop is gone. They train left a long time ago. Linux is an embedded and server OS and the occasional moon landings. That’s it. It’s over .

        • hmeyers says:

          I think you misjudge what Linux is, why it is there and what it means.

          Linux is not supposed to succeed as an a desktop operating system.

          It is supposed to linger around as a raw material to be banged out into Android or Kindle or whatever else the market needs at the time.

          There isn’t any profit motive for “fixing Linux” but plenty of profit motive for it being close.

          If you had a great idea would you invest time in Linux through altruism and fight a million conflicting interests? Probably not.

          More likely, you’d bang Linux into whatever shape you needed it to be in for your goals.

          And many companies do this. A “not desktop competitive” Linux is probably best for everyone. It has solid foundations, but the execution and design choices suck.

          But not as a raw material …

          • Dallas says:

            I actually know quite a bit about Linux and what its for but thank you.

            My point is that Linux distribution houses (distros) did want to make their flavor of Linux successful for the desktop for years and they failed primarily , IMHO, for the reason cited.
            They also pursued the Windows UI knockoff path which was stupid.

          • hmeyers says:


            I wasn’t implying you didn’t, actually I only replied to your post because I know you did.

            I was just suggesting an slightly different point of view.

      • Jim says:

        If you build packages with all the libraries compiled in, a security update in a library results in many programs needing to be updated as well. Updates become rare and massive. That’s why the Mac fails in the pown-to-own contests.

    • BubbaMustafa says:

      Linux is a free OS as long as you don’t value your time 🙂

      I do use it, like it and hate it. But its not my main system of choice. But I do use it more then windows 🙂

  2. Philip K. Dick C. Flatline says:

    On the bright side, the Linux geeks HAVE apparently agreed that, once something works, they should immediately change it. (“It’s NEW!!! Sure, we KNEW you really LIKED it JUST THE WAY IT WAS, but in the NEW version, we’ve changed EVERYTHING!!!”)

    The next step, of course, is to TOTALLY IGNORE the cries of the USERS. (I’m talking to you, Canonical, with that horrifying Redmondworthy abortion you refer to as “Unity”.)

    But, Dallas, you are obviously just one of those curmudgeonous people who simply REFUSES to PROPERLY install apps by (a) trying one help-forum kludge after another, then (b) reading a 500-page manual written in Martian by some 15-year old Star Trek fanboi, then (c) searching through more help forums.
    What’s WRONG with you (heh-heh)?

    Yes, Linux sucks. Still, since Mac is nothing but Debian Linux with a thick layer of trailer-trash makeup, and Windoze is a 6000-pound, chancre-festooned crackwhore….. well, I know where I’M bunking tonight.

  3. Mayor Bloomburger says:

    I installed Linux on a PS3 just to check it out. Mostly painful.

  4. Just one more feature says:

    What do you NEED an operating system to do? What do you think people WANT an operating system to do? The difference between the two is where the “suckiness” comes from.

    Programmers are like painters that don’t know when to put their brush down. After a while, everything looks brown and stinks.

  5. deegee says:

    I was into using Kubuntu for years.

    I stopped and totally walked away after a heated argument started by me a few years ago on the development forums regarding their wanting to replace the current packager with another packager, simply because they wanted something new, and they “didn’t want to use any of the existing packager’s old code.”. “Waahh! We don’t want to use old code.”. I questioned their stupidity and it turned into a rousing argument with me eventually leaving.

    This to me showed the complete lack of any cognitive skills or intellect among just about everyone working on linux desktop distributions. And why there is dozens of packagers, thousands of greps, etc., and no consistency or unified design or thought throughout. Linux = Poser. Talk to almost everyone who uses linux and that is the type of holier attitude you get from them. They will never become a substantial desktop environment, no matter how bad Windows gets, and they are too blind to see this.

    For those who don’t use linux, look at Firefox and their idiotic version release method and schedule. Same idiot camp of thinking. Need I say more.

    I now stick to Windows and Mac on all systems in my company. And I refuse to make any of my company’s developed software available on linux. So suk on that linux.

    • Dallas says:

      That’s why engineers are kept away from product definition and not allowed to speak.

    • flatwombat says:

      And, based on one incident in a minor distro among over 400 others, you categorize the entire OS.

      Yes, there are silly fights and bad decisions made daily in linux, as there are in Windows or Mac. It’s human beings involved, personalities, egos and all the rest. So what?

      What is childish is to end your rant with this:

      “I now stick to Windows and Mac on all systems in my company. And I refuse to make any of my company’s developed software available on linux. So suk on that linux.”

      Pretty sad, in retrospect, huh? Sorry there’s no way for you to edit your comments, it doesn’t speak well of you.

      • deegee says:

        “Pretty sad, in retrospect, huh? Sorry there’s no way for you to edit your comments, it doesn’t speak well of you.”

        Not sad at all.
        I feel no regrets for my decision or for my post.
        I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but ALL of linux is like that, and so is just about everyone in the community involved with developing it.
        If this were not so, then they wouldn’t be the total mess they are now.

      • deegee says:

        “And, based on one incident in a minor distro among over 400 others, you categorize the entire OS.”

        FYI, I used multiple distros over the years.
        Often changing to try to get into one with a better GUI. But you were always guaranteed that in the next release they would f* up the GUI and things wouldn’t work right any more. Forcing you to wipe all of your computers and change to a different distro.
        I didn’t keep track of how many times I changed just to try to get onto a distro that actually worked, but it was a lot.
        Repeat and rinse that over a couple of decades and pretty soon you get sick and tired of it. You spend more time on system maintenance and installation than on actual use.
        My comment above was the event in two decades of events that put the final nail in the Linux coffin for me.

        “Yes, there are … bad decisions made daily in linux … So what?”

        So they are ruining the OS for their end-users and spinning their wheels going nowhere. But you can’t tell them that (which is apparent by those who are here sticking up for the OS).

        A few times a year I go to some of the distro websites to see what they have for current releases, just to see that they have messed everything up even more than before. Sometimes I will download and try it in a virtual machine, only to delete it, nothing has come out to make me change back.

    • Donal says:

      So, basically you stopped using Linux because other people didn’t agree with you? Wanker.

      If you don’t like the distro, switch. There’s sure to be someone who has created one more acceptable. Look at all the people jumping ship from Ubuntu to Mint.

      If you don’t like MS Windows, a) you can downgrade b) bitch and take it c) switch to Mac (hahahaha) which is just Linux in disguise anyway (yes, I know it is based on BSD)

      • deegee says:

        “So, basically you stopped using Linux because other people didn’t agree with you? Wanker.”

        Who’s the wanker here…

        I guess you didn’t read and understand the reasoning in my post. That event was just one example of the massive problems with the entire linux community and the platform as a whole.

        Your idea of switching to another distro doesn’t fix anything. With linux you’d be switching with every release because regardless of which you choose, they are guaranteed to totally f* something up on you. Not to mention the complete hassle of changing distros every couple of years. Windows XP was released in 2002, 10 years ago, I still have systems in my company that use XP, and with zero issues. I can’t say that about linux.

        “If you don’t like MS Windows, a) you can downgrade b) bitch and take it”

        No distro of linux is anywhere comparable to XP or 7. With linux you may get a GUI and hardware support, but where are the apps.
        If you don’t jump into a Windows OS right away, you know to skip OS versions such as Vista and 8.

        “c) switch to Mac (hahahaha) which is just Linux in disguise anyway”

        I have Macs in my office. And your comment is b.s., OSX (BSD) is in a completely difference class to linux because it doesn’t have a bunch of wankers developing it.

  6. billhates says:

    What do you expect for free?

    So go pay for or pirate your OS.

    • deegee says:

      That is not the point of this article. And some distros are not totally free. And there is also a lot of other free stuff out there in the world that doesn’t suck.

      For decades now most of the linux community has been running around in circles wasting millions of man hours in programming, writing the same crap over and over, and never achieving their goal. Lately they have been releasing more junk from more bad decisions by the idiots in charge and their user base is flat near the bottom, hence why they suck.

  7. Raster says:

    Haha, why does an operational O/S that’s free ‘suck’.

    Go no farther than the first few minutes: Some drone commands them to ‘clear’ 15 people from the audience – “or the Fire Marshall will shut it down.”

    Are they in high-school? grade school? You haven’t even got the pull for a venue?

    That’s the future (and present) of Linux: Leave the client out, and Google/Microsoft will agree to ignore you.

  8. Peanuts for All says:

    Apparently, you missed the SECOND video on Why Linux does NOT suck:


    Right at the beginning the same speaker says that anyone who tries to make the case that Linux sucks “is a MORON“!

    • deegee says:

      The entire computer marketplace disagrees with you.
      If we look at the market share for OS that includes Windows, Mac, Linux and Other, guess what, Linux is on the very bottom below Other. Hence, Linux sucks.

      If Linux was such a great OS, it would be adopted by substantially more people, regardless of price etc.

      I dropped it because I got sick and tired of all of the time spent face-palming over the items that got f*d up in the next distro, or spending days having to switch distros on multiple systems in my office.
      This hassle may fly with console-kiddies who can spend a few hours after school or on the weekend to change distros, but with the general public it totally fails.
      EVERY person that I got into Linux in the 90’s and 2000’s has changed to Windows, and the main reason is how badly Linux tends to f* up the OS with new releases, forcing end-users to live with utter crap or spend all of the time changing distros.

      The problem with Linux is not advertising or budget, it is that no one at the decision making level for any distro is actually thinking about the clients, the end-user.
      Windows may have its issues, but Microsoft has spent $millions of dollars and decades of man-hours in usability studies and unified end-user experience, something that Linux needs to do, even if they just steal Microsoft’s results.

      • Thomas says:

        …but Microsoft has spent $millions of dollars and decades of man-hours in usability studies…

        Who were in the studies that gave us the abortion that is Windows 8? Up until Win8, I would have agreed with you, but Office 2007 and Windows 8 have shown that Microsoft has stopped caring about their users. They want flashy to attract the short attention span crowd.

        • deegee says:

          I agree with you, Microsoft has been on a downward spiral since BillG left.

        • Megan says:

          The major problem with Win 8 is the UI. It looks a little too much like a linux UI. The sad thing…for this argument…is that win 8 actually works. And the new UI and under the hood enhancements work…There are a few hiccups…but nothing like the utter chaos that comes with a Linux “flavor”. I’ve tried many many of them (some for years)…including the one called OS X and they are all houses of cards. deegee is absolutely right, Linux doesn’ t give half a rat’s @ss about the user. And to my mind, Apple ONLY gives half the steam off their own p!ss about the user.

          Go ahead and bitch because someone tells it as it is, and “it’s free”, but in the end you just become a fat wallowing tub of lard sitting at that thing and trying to get things to work, or not fall apart, for days on end.

          In my world, with my system everything works…nothing crashes, and nothing ever has gotten infected with any malware. Am I careful? Not at all. Am I lucky? Sure, but so it seems is everyone in my family and all of my friends who use windows. Do I care if you use it? It won’t effect my life one way or another. But you use a system that actually works and if it’s not Linux or Mac you take a beating. Start looking at what’s really happening and start telling the truth. Your OS wastes your effing time and you know it. And you also know that thhere’s really no good reason for new users to come to Linux, because they’re just going to end up either being like you, or having their time severely wasted…each time they try a new version, or have to use wine for Photoshop, because Gimp is crap when you compare it for pro features. And where’s a good video editing app? Those are my world. You don’t have them, and Wine…please…don’t make me spit-take on my keyboard.

          By the way, win 8 was 14.99 for me…and for lots of others. And the only thing that bothers me is that UI that looks so Linuxey.

  9. Mrsurfboard says:

    Screw Linux, Windows 8 is the greatest OS, EVER!

    • Peanuts for All says:

      Maybe you want to BUY me a copy?!

      You’ll get no argument from me on Windows’ awesomeness. I just don’t like the expensive shell game Microsoft is always trying to pull. And this latest one with Media Center (NOT Media Player) should give you some hint as to what I’m referring to.

      I could also be wrong, but hasn’t UNIX also come significantly down in price? I seem to recall Oracle (the current “owner” of UNIX I believe) giving away copies. Of course, that makes sense when you consider that Oracle also gives away Virtual Box – which is about the only way to run Windows.

      Windows probably would be the ONLY OS if Microsoft weren’t weren’t such a confusing mess when it came to their “licenses.” But then that’s probably why virtualization exists – to save the day with the Windows “activation” nightmare.

  10. Marc Perkel says:

    I’m actually looking forward to spending some time with Windows 8 at some point. I think that after doing nothing significant since XP that they might be onto something.

    • Peanuts for All says:

      They ARE! Windows 8 is wonderful if you do little more than mess around in a web browser.

      That’s why I have reversed my opinion from Windows 8 being a flop. The DUMMIES WILL LOVE IT! And there are plenty of them. After all, Apple can’t have all the fun.

      • Megan says:

        You two should get a room and stop all the public foreplay. I’m editing in Avid, and Premiere on Win 8, running After Effects and Photoshop. There isn’t one thing that it hasn’t done well yet.

    • Dallas says:

      I bought Windows8 for my husband who was running Vista. For me, I’ll stick Win7 because its stable and everything runs just fine.

      I agree though that it’s probably a good release given the thrashing MS has gotten since Vista.

  11. Yeags says:

    Screw Linux, windows, and Mac. BeOS FTW!

  12. Uncle Patso says:

    Screw Linux, windows, Mac and BeOS! AmigaDOS FTW!

  13. Kintaar says:

    Marc, this was a great video. Thanks for posting it.

    I used Ubuntu for about 8 or 9 months. I had Windows Vista on the same machine, but I didn’t even use it because Ubuntu was better… until Firefox windows stopped responding. Nautilus windows had the same problem. It turns out that one of the many annoying updates broke Unity and caused a bug that stopped windows from repainting after I used Alt+Tab to switch to them. I had to resize/re-maximize each window just to get them to bloody repaint! After a few weeks and several updates not fixing the madness, I found that it was a known bug and was being tracked. To add insult to injury, the bug (a GUI not properly repainting its windows) was marked as a “low priority.”

    My god! If windows not repainting is a low priority, I’d hate to see a high priority! Even Microsoft is better than that! I have since switched back to Windows (7 this time) and I don’t plan to go back to Linux for another few years. Maybe then the Linux hobbyists will learn to test their software before they release it. I’d rather wait for something that works than be a guinea pig with Linux’s incessant updates.

  14. Atluxity says:

    A video from april, and comments from late 90’s. Linux on desktop is pretty good and will continue to improve.

  15. i am a linux user. you can use a proprietary os if you like. nobody is making anyone use any os. that is all.

  16. TucsonMatt says:

    Well, I use both Windows and Linux and I like them both. Last week I had a client with an old Dell machine that was about four or five years old that was completely hosed and needed Windows reloaded.

    He was complaining about how slow the computer was and since he wasn’t locked into any proprietary software, I installed Linux Mint 14, 64-bit and the system flew. When I installed it at his home, I attached the USB cable for his HP Officejet AIO and as soon as he turned it on, a window popped up in the top right-hand corner of the screen saying it had found the HP printer and it was ready to use. I ran a test print and a test scan, and it worked perfectly.

    Compare that to today with a client with a machine about the same age and it took me nearly an hour to install the HP printer on it as I had to download the latest driver package that was nearly 300MB in size and then wait for it to grind away and install. Plus, it tried to sneak in a browser toolbar if I hadn’t been looking.

    The client with Linux Mint is ecstatic at how fast his machine is now, which means he won’t have to buy a new one for awhile. He’s having a ball with the package manager trying out all sorts of new programs that he wouldn’t ever have tried in Windows.

    So… each OS has its place depending upon what is needed. They are tools, and I like having the option of using what works best. With Windows 8, I’m getting a lot of interest from my business clients about Linux as they’re tired of the upgrade cycles that seem to be one good version of Windows followed by a piece of crap version followed by a good version followed by…

    • deegee says:

      Then there had to be other issues.
      I have a couple of Intel Atom systems here, something that one would think would be faster running Linux than Windows, but the opposite is true.
      I tried Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and a couple of other distros, and dropped them all because their video performance was so slow it wiped. Windows XP flies on it compared to Linux.

  17. Bob73 says:

    Same old arguments. Same old result. Pity.

  18. Megan says:

    Same old argument and results, because Linux users instead of getting in a bit of an uproar and insisting that something REALLY happen, all sit on their hands and defer to the mantras that were taught to them by the Linux developer camp…who are a bunch of bitches…to be quite blunt and honest.

  19. Every OS has its advantages. If you’re married to Microsoft, you use Windows. If you love nice (but expensive) shiny toys, you use a Mac. If you are a hard-core hacker who really knows how computers work, you (generally) use Linux.

    I use all three, depending on the project. I prefer Linux over Mac over Windows. But that’s because I *can* install from source and it doesn’t scare me. And, truth be told, Linux gives me the ability to do things that are simply Not Possible on Mac or Windows. (Believe me, I’ve tried. My life is easiest when I have a linux command-line.)

    Oh, and my wife uses Linux, because she has free 24-hour tech support. (Me!)

    It’s also because I like using old computers as long as they’ll go. That’s the frugal part of my personality + my desire to help the world’s poorer people get great software. Give me your old PC or Mac, and I’ll give it another couple years of service by installing Linux.

  20. SnapTech says:

    I like LockerGnome’s mature perspective that a system’s strengths are usually its greatest weaknesses. Both Apple and Microsoft present a good out of the box experience to users, so they will both continue. Microsoft is emulating Apple somewhat, being very hush-hush on most things; they know that it is acceptable to lose a certain percentage of users in the move to a sealed environment, since the remaining users will drive them to record profits with their new 30% slice of the pie for all apps and media. Some people here commented that everyone they knew that adopted Linux a couple decades ago has left it; I’m only now preparing to move to Linux from Windows because I consider it mature enough at this point. What’s really driving me away from Windows is that MS has embraced the “sealed environment” where apps need to be installed via their Market Place, and I dislike that level of control. Plus, I want a power-user desktop experience and MS is pushing a pretty odd desktop with the advent of Win8; if only they had allowed true desktop customizability, but no — they are going the Apple route, make no mistake about it. They envy Apple’s profits. They will emulate Apple to a frightening degree, as the years roll on. The guard at MS has changed, and whatever they roll out next is anyone’s guess. Businesses like to be able to depend on something consistent, and this has always worked in the favor of Microsoft — BUT NO MORE. I think their crazy moves are going to help Linux. A LOT.

    • JMiles says:

      No offense, but you lose a lot of credibility if you mention LockerGnome as one of your “reliable” resources and mind you, I’m saying this as a systems engineer for almost 26 years for a large multinational.

  21. Fabrizio says:

    I respect MS Windows a lot, because it started the real ¨standarization¨ of many uncompatible O/S for the desktop PC existing in the 80´s and 90´s. (Remember Amiga, Commodore, PCM and so on?). I´m a user of Windows for his user friendliness and LOTS of DRIVERS for just anything. But… let´s aknowledge that Windows has many ¨backdoors¨ that Linux (as a good UNIX-like O/S) has not… Linux has security built-in in the kernel itself. But Linux was not user-friendly until the advent of Distros like Ubuntu or Mint, that are cheap (in fact: free), with almost any drivers in the kernel and are a lot user-friendly than older Linux(es). So I guess that in the future a lot of peeople (like me) will be using both O/S. And many will migrate to Linux because it is free and secure. Thanks.

    • JMiles says:

      “And many will migrate to Linux because it is free and secure. Thanks.”

      No they wont. Most people that leave Windows buy a $1,500 Mac, which only confirms that “free” is not enough to lure people to Linux. As for security; most people don’t care, because Windows 7 and especially 8 have become so secure, that only talented hackers could bypass its security and that raises the question why a talented hacker would target the average John and Jane with so many other and better opportunities.

      Secondly, how many people who use a tablet have expressed publicly that they care about security? Indeed, very few….it only shows that also “security” is not something that will lure enough people to Linux.

      Linux is too late as a desktop OS. Windows 98, ME….they were unstable, slow, insecure, difficult to use…that’s when Linux had its opportunity, but it failed to take it.

      • Kyle says:

        They won’t target John and Jane. Only government agents would with false flags or people from other countries who hate the foundations of the USA.

    • Kyle says:

      After Dad spending a lot of hell on Mom’s computer (Which used to be my own until I got a better one) using Umbutu mainly trying to get Virtual Box to work Dad finally re installed XP but it’s going to be offline.

      Please read my story below if you are intrested in further details. I experience anxiety attacks from time to time and am going thru one now so I gotta go!

  22. SnapTech says:

    Update: Linux desktop is not ready for the average impatient person at this point. I spent an entire week experimenting with three Linux distros: Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Linux Mint KDE. The desktop experience has made huge gains the last couple of years, but the KDE & Unity desktops need a bit of refinement still. I’m glad for every kick in the pants both Linux and Apple are doing to Microsoft, to get them improving. I can’t wait to see Canonical’s new desktop they come out with when it is ready a couple years down the road. I initially felt I was punched in the eyes by Win8’s latest “madness”, but overall Win8 is installing and functioning more solidly and efficient than ever. In Win8 MS moved the graphics driver to kernel level to make it operate faster (like Apple did), and the unified print driver works like a charm. It’s nice having several fine choices.

  23. VeritechFS says:

    I agree that Linux is not exactly great for the mainsteam Enterprise user, but it has come along way from the isolated Computer Engineer user only aspect. SnapTech, the users you mention are virtually of the same family of distros. Have your tried Fedora 18, DSL, SolusOS, Puppy Linux, Debian, Mandriva, Parsix, Arch Linux, Gentoo, etc? The list goes on. I”m a noob and I have had very little problem with Ubuntu & Mint, successfully manually setup Arch Linux, and had not issues at all with SolusOS. I went through all these becuase Win8 on an HP ENVY dv7 7243cl is not practical. Keep in mind that Microsoft donates money into the Linux community for a purpose of it’s own.

  24. ritwick says:

    Well these are some of the reasons why i dislike linux too, especially the fact that some people like it for no particular genuine reason and some citing reasons like customizablility, security, etc. To me windows is the best with a fantastic user experience and everything’s compatible.

  25. Kyle says:

    To make a very long story short MS did some things that wrecked my parents computers.

    Now forst of all:
    Please forgive me of my bad grammar but I have autism and suck at linking events together and almost failed in English because of that but I am trying my best so bear with me.

    Mom’s Windows XP computer had two updates in February that wouldn’t do anything and they got rid of the option to hide it as Dad taught her how to do it and was shocked you couldn’t hide it and then Microsoft pulled the plug on support further screwing her.

    Now my parents have two computers.
    One in the den that Mom uses and the living room one which the living room one has Win 7 and Mom’s has XP. Mom’s computer which is 10 years old used to be mine until I got a newer one that runs faster.

    So anyways: Microsoft rudely stopped supporting windows XP meaning no protection for Mom period. None, zippo!

    I’ll post more in my next post to make it not look like a huge wall of text.

  26. Kyle says:

    The first two weekends of Feb was spent waiting for the disc which was asinine slow to arrive.

    Then it finally arrived but Dad found out that Mom’s computer which used to be my old one is a 64 bit one and we always thought it was 32 bit so Dad first tried putting the 32 bit Linux and couldn’t figure out why it was running so damn slow.

    It took 6 hours to load and takes 10 minutes to do one thing so he tried several settings and help support before one night after *sleeping on the problem* realized Mom’s computer is a 64 bit one. Not a 32 bit machine.

    I’ll post more if anybody is interested as I just realized I don’t want to waste anybody’s time.

  27. Kyle says:

    Let’s just say the last month sucked so bad I’ve been tempted to kill myself because I have been so depressed I could hardly think or do anything.

    • Kylesux says:

      Keep up with the times they stop xp because it was old wake up and buy 7/8 i don’t blame them to stop supporting xp because it is almost dead we are into more advanced systems

    • Darnell m. johnson says:

      Hail Kyle,

      How are you? Thanks for sharing your story. I hope all is getting better in time. Over time I believe you can overcome, and control your anxieties, it will take time, but you will have plenty.

      As for Linux, im moving to it soon to try it out as a testbed, we’ll see how it goes, wish me luck.

      ~Be well.

  28. emp says:

    Let me know when Windows kicks linux in the pants. I’ve been using Linux and Microsoft products since windows 95 (cringe) and red hat 5.2 (nightmares). Windows 95 worked after some hiccups, after 7 months of struggle I gave up on redhat and came back years later at red hat 7. I still use linux as a test system and it has its good points but to install it and maintain it takes 3 years of study. Too complex for the average user. I’m an IT consultant with 15 years in the industry. Linux is great for specialized services, but as a mainstream system (no games, no simple user interface, way too much conflicting advice from 750 million different user for 750 billion problems…) it doesn’t cut it. Microsloth won that race coz they standardized the platform and made a complicated system usable for the average person. (as did IBM with the ibm compatible pc). This linux desktop distro phase hasn’t changed or in any way made the underlying technology any easier to use. (sudo apt get-pinhead-install-what-fail kernel-mod- nvidia-286.14 tarball tz failed coz you missed a (-) somewhere in there). Please go back and study 78 different opinions on how to install a tarball. Maybe point and click works.??? Unfortunately Linux hasn’t clued onto that yet. It’s a shame as I love Linux but its a love/hate relationship. Microsloth cut through the clutter and freed up the desktop user/ Linux wants to clutter up the user but free the desktop. Full respect to both parties and all user. Sign out.

  29. emp says:

    P.S. I’m thinking of you Kyle. I get some of that nasty depression stuff too. When it gets real bad for me I go and pull weeds and pick veges from the garden. I used to bash dead computers but I broke a few toes doing that. OUCHY!!!


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