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Found by Brother Uncle Don

  1. Dummy Up says:

    Seems like someone just saw the new movie “Olympus Has Fallen”.

    Is this really any surprise? The Government wastes money?! Gee, who wudda thunk it?!

    About the only news might be the rate at which our tax dollars are being wasted and possibly on what. You might even throw in a leaderless President who never earned a non government dollar his whole life yet is hell bent on asserting his spending power. But just try and explain mildly advanced math concepts such as rates to a bunch of uneducated liberals. People who for the most part can barely count to ten and yet claim they know everything – like economics! Now tell them their President is an arrogant jerk and you can expect to be called anything from a racist to a bigot or worse – from people who can’t even spell!!! (Just ask yourself if you know what a homonym is?!)

    Don’t get me wrong! Conservatives have their problems too. But they’re not really in control of very much and yet take more than half the blame for all that’s wrong. Very often, they take all the blame by not responding to the liberal diatribe very effectively. That may be because most of them have been conditioned by the churches that way and all too often “turn the other cheek”.

    So here’s a news story for ya: America is now over run with ignorance. Religious (conservative) members and liberals alike have joined ranks at new levels. This new majority would seem to confirm a very dark future since BOTH groups really only have one thing in common; they choose to “believe” in unsubstantiated claims! Claims such as a all knowing deity or what politicians tell them – NOT FACTS! And that, my friends, is ignorance run-a-muck!

    • ± says:

      Are you trying to deflect from the topic?

      • Dummy Up says:

        Try reading it YOURSELF!

        The topic is how the White House is only 70-percent “safe” and why that is. But guess what? The argument is the same old tired one the politicians (and press) always use — MONEY! Even Uncle Dave says: For more stats on the website we ‘mericans pay for… click here.

        Now go back and read my comments again. And this time, try to ask yourself how is it that we keep electing complete idiots and thieves into power who waste our money?! The answer is quite simple: THERE IS A VAST MAJORITY OF IDIOT VOTERS WHO NEVER CONSIDER THE REAL ISSUES! And it now includes those in power! Now take a wild (bleeping) guess at what “side” has most of the power right now.

        In fact, the idiots seem more interested in politics when it’s been reduced to some kind of goddamn reality show. This new majority of IDIOTS will vote for their “side” even when their side is obviously WRONG! The majority of idiots won’t deal with the real issues and therefore it should be no surprise that a ton of waste is the result where we have things like a “70-percent safe White House”. DUH!

  2. John says:

    Well, you’d think they would have enough money to purchase this:

    must be the sequestration thingy.

    • ± says:

      Soon the owner of that site and his estate beneficiaries will be droned (new verb … you heard it here first) and then the site will become a respectable implement of the RD hegemony.

  3. Dallas says:

    This is slightly more disturbing than Michele Obama’s vacation travel indulgences.

    • Rick says:

      Yeah her $99 Target dress expenses are obscene.

      Didn’t you vote Romney and his wife’s $5000 designer outfits?

  4. Phydeau says:

    Yawn… more Obama bashing on the flimsiest pretexts. Why isn’t the blog talking about Rand Paul’s filibuster over the drones? I gotta give him credit for this one; he’s a nut but he’s right about the drones. Of course he wouldn’t have filibustered a Republican president, but never mind that.

    And shame on any Democrats supporting the drones just because a Democrat is president.

    Technology sucks sometimes… welcome to the surveillance state. 🙁

  5. Phydeau says:

    Oh yeah… and why doesn’t the blog mention that Dow Jones record high achieved under Comrade Obama? 🙂

    Maybe it had to do with him appointing that woman to head the SEC who has for the past ten years defended big corporations against the SEC. Classic example of the regulated industry capturing the regulatory agency.

    If I was a fat cat, I’d be feeling pretty good about Comrade Obama at this point…

    • Phydeau says:

      Cognitive dissonance will prevent the average wingnut from mentally processing this information.

  6. Adam R says:

    You can never fully trust the government.

    • Duumy Up says:

      That’s because you can never fully trust your NEIGHBOR!

    • Rick says:

      We can always trust corporations, because they have our best interests at heart.


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