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  1. Skipper says:

    “Clear to Land”

  2. NA Knight Wannabe says:

    What a waste of sheet metal and rivets…. That’s what plastic planes are for……

  3. When Jeeves first applied for the butler position, he didn’t realize that part of his job would be doing full-body pat-downs on all arriving guests. That just turned out to be a happy surprise.

  4. noname says:

    Interesting and inefficient use of one’s money!

    Assuming the original flooring is used; you can’t look at the “window” standing up or open them. The whole design looks uncomfortable. HVAC systems likely must be kept running all the time and expensive.

    It’s brilliant as a discussion piece; but, it takes an off-kilter something to want to live!

  5. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Oh Skipper….I KNEW it was going to be you posting first here.

    How come you NEVER POST ANY FACTS?

    Whaaaa, whaaaaa, whaaaa.

    That op pic is the best airplane/house one I have seen. Better than the Wing House in (Malibu?) on World Extreme Homes. I don’t know why, but I’d really like to design/build 3-4 shipping containers as my “compound.” Sadly, zoning regs for plopping down shipping containers are not established so you risk wasting a lot of money to be that creative. Better to move in mobile homes and take the wheels off.

    “I couda been a container.” Ha, ha. I constantly crack myself up.

    Lets do a fact count?………Hmmm. Zero. Appears to be all opinion. Heh, heh. Atleast I can tell facts from opinions?

    Too many pukes cant. Its part of their psychological tendency. I could link, but why bother?


  6. deowll says:

    As good a use of scrap metal as any. Must be fun if you have the money.

  7. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    Here’s some more. Airplane Houses

    And if you got time to burn this is a good site:
    Airplane Houses

  8. Tim says:

    So that is what happened to the pentagon plane. The old Philadelphia Experiment thing-a-ma-jigs must have been in that outer ring.

  9. Is this a junk plane or just a fake one?

  10. orchidcup says:

    I remember when hippies would convert a school bus into living quarters.

    Times have changed.

  11. Lost says:

    Creepy. They all remind me of plane crashes.


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