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Swedish furniture giant IKEA says it pulled nearly 18,000 prepackaged elk meat lasagnas from its European stores because they were contaminated with pork meat.

Belgian officials discovered in late March that elk meat produced by Swedish food manufacturer Familjen Dafgard contained just over 1 percent pork, The reported Saturday. Familjen Dafgard supplies IKEA with elk meat for its lasagnas.

At that time, IKEA held more than 11,000 tons of lasagna at its central warehouse. The company pulled 17,600 packages of lasagna from its stores throughout Europe without telling customers why, the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reported…

Familjen Dafgard said the contamination was due to its facilities not being properly cleaned between the handling of different kinds of meats, the BBC said.

I guess that’s supposed to be a “good” reason.

“Together with our supplier, we have implemented improvements to ensure that our products should not contain any other ingredients than those declared on the packages,” said the IKEA statement. “IKEA is committed to serving and selling high-quality food that is safe, healthy and produced with care for the environment and the people who produce it.”

I’m not even going to post the meatball problem they may have in the Netherlands.

  1. Dallas says:

    That’s weird because I’d want the pork lasagna pulled because of Elk meat contamination. Why do Teapublicans want to eat Santa’s Reindeers ?

  2. noname says:

    Guinea pig, the other other white meat.

    frihk-uh-seed, YUMMY!

  3. dave m brewer says:

    OMG!!! I bet some Jews ate some of this and they’re going to SOOEE!!!

    • noname says:

      Observant Jews eat kosher, and only in Israel is IKEA in-store restaurants kosher. So, not likely.

  4. noname says:

    Since you are what you eat, it stands to reason; If IKEA was feeding it’s pigs elk meat, wouldn’t the pork really be elk?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. Steve S says:

    I wonder why they Ikea doesn’t offer Elk Lasagna in the United States? It might sell as a novelty.

  6. The0ne says:

    Cute little guy 🙂

  7. Admfubar says:

    sooo that makes the elk lasagna of the wrong ilk?

  8. WmDE says:

    Should have just printed up some stickers informing buyers.

    Now with Pork!

  9. ECA says:

    11,000 TONS of elk Lasagnas..
    Even with a 1/8 lb of meat in each..

    They are either using SKIMPY amounts of meat..or they killed MANY elk. Figure about 4000-5000 Elk killed for meals??

  10. sargasso_c says:

    Pork is not a contaminant.

  11. NobodySpecial says:

    Surely at IKEA they would just give you an Elk and an Allen key and you have to make the lasagna yourself ?

  12. deowll says:

    The cute critter in the picture was domesticated in South America as a meat animal just as rabbits were domesticated in Europe as a meat animal. Reindeer are domesticated caribou and are raised as meat and draft animals and their furs are really warm.

    In answer to Dallas’s silly question I’d like to eat some reindeer because they are delicious and of course the stores in Finland and adjoining countries sell the meat for human consumption because they are raised for human consumption. They are the only domesticated herbivore that can actually survive where they are raised anyway.

    St. Nickolaus never actually saw a reindeer because he lived in what is now Turkey of course I’m less well informed about Santa Claus and his elves never having been to the North Pole. Maybe Dallas should share what knows about them seeming to be well informed on the topic.

  13. Cap'n Kangaroo says:

    Elk lasagna with some pork meat beats the hell out of hot dogs with rat feces.

    • The Monster's Lawyer says:

      That depends on how it’s prepared. With a little garnish any hot dog can be edible. Just ask pedro.


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