Charles Ramsey battered his wife,
did prison time for three attacks

The Smoking Gun – MAY 8–The Cleveland man credited with helping free female captives from a house of horrors is a convicted felon whose rap sheet includes three separate domestic violence convictions that resulted in prison terms, court records show.

Charles Ramsey, whose 911 call and subsequent TV interviews have made him a microcelebrity, was once a repeat spousal abuser whose marriage ended in divorce following a 2003 felony conviction for battering his wife. Ramsey, 43, has said that when he heard captive Amanda Berry screaming and trying to escape from neighbor Ariel Castro’s home on Monday, “I figured it’s a domestic violence dispute.” Ramsey has also reportedly said that he went to help Berry because he “was raised to help women in distress.”

Ramsey’s first domestic violence charge came in February 1997. He entered a no contest plea a year later and was found guilty of the count by a Cleveland Municipal Court judge. While waiting to be sentenced, Ramsey was again arrested for domestic violence. The domestic violence cases apparently were consolidated for sentencing in August 1998, when Ramsey was ordered to serve six months in jail, placed on five years probation, and directed to attend a domestic violence counseling program.

Now, ain’t that a bitch. Oh well, there goes that book deal, and/or reality show.

  1. Phydeau says:

    In today’s media world, people have to be either heroes or villains. They can’t be flawed human beings with good qualities and bad qualities.

    So glad I don’t watch TV. What a bunch of crap.

    • bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

      Let me quibble—we don’t know if Our Hero has any bad qualities “currently.”

      Its rare, but people can grow out of the values their parents forced down their throats. In fact…. I think the best of us do.

  2. bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

    I didn’t like the movie overall, but one aspect of John Travolta in Urban Cowboy that was of note is that his beating of his wife was justified in a sense if you paid attention. Its the only way he knew how to deal with conflict. This non-hypocritical explanation was made clear in how he repeatedly went up against a guy that was bigger and stronger than he was. JT got beat up each time, but when you are in a beef with someone, you fight. Didn’t matter if it was a Bigger Guy, a Steer, or your Wife.

    Some guys are like that.

    And it was set in West Texas.

    I think in one clip he said that if he hadn’t gone to help the woman that his father would have beat him for not being a man. Its all how you are raised and what your values are.

    My daddy used to argue with me all the time…..

    • B. Dog says:

      Houston isn’t in West Texas, pilgrim.

      Wes fought Bud because Bud threw a burger at him from behind. Bud wouldn’t have gotten hurt there, except he tried a cheap shot when the fight was over. Bud (as played by John Travolta) was a sissy.

  3. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    “Now, ain’t that a bitch. Oh well, there goes that book deal, and/or reality show.”

    who sez?

  4. bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

    Reposted from end of earlier thread as it is once again relevant:

    bobbo, NOT so dissappointed to see real humanity when it shows itself says:
    5/9/2013 at 12:16 am

    NOW the guy says to give the reward money for the return of the kidnap victims TO the girls.

    I can say I would be tempted to give half …… maybe. I’ve always been pretty good at resisting temptation though.

  5. god says:

    Everyone knows that black warts are more dangerous than white warts.

  6. Hmeyers says:

    A “rap sheet” for not getting along with his wife at all.

    Better keep your doors locked, he’s quite the hardened criminal!

    • bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

      getting punched in the face = not getting along

      true dat.

  7. bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

    Amusing that the two brothers of the kidnapping raping murderer are going to be set free. Like the guys son–never been in the guys house for 10 years?

    ….. then again…. I have a sister cross town and I’ve never been in her house. But I can only wonder how many cats she has.

  8. Melvin Belly says:

    So he is a Three striker?

  9. Carlos says:

    “Oops?” Why oops? Because he has a questionable past, he no longer saved these young women’s lives? This headline is disappointing.

  10. deegee says:

    This story is just indicative of the world we live in.

    As the saying goes:

    What do you tell a women with two black eyes?
    Nothing. You told her twice already.

  11. MikeN says:

    Hmm, has the owner taken my advice and claimed to be Communist. First they are setting free his relatives, and now they are bashing the people who helped the captives get away.

  12. deowll says:

    He got his rear kicked for doing bad.

    He deserves to be given due credit for doing good.

    The people that outed him are simply elitist reekers. Wouldn’t shock me if they are alcoholics who do drugs or have otherwise disgraced themselves. No doubt they’d whine like crazy if somebody outed them.

    • bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

      Ha, ha.

      How the conservative mindset is constantly revealed for its bias and stupidity===even when rarely as do-ill demonstrates here, they start out with a good idea.

      Yes====telling BOTH sides of an issue is………
      ………………………………wait for it ……………………………….


      And of course that is even true. The BEST kind of insult. Truly an asshat always only wanting one side of a story, the side that the talking points support.

      There needs to be a special world for that kind of mindset as I don’t think Toady ZombieHead Unthinking Sheeple Conservative Brain Dead Bumper Stiker Reading and Believing Luddite quite covers it.

      The truth does have a liberal, and elitist, and two sided quality about it.

      Silly Hoomans.

  13. BubbaMustafa says:

    Once a criminal always a criminal? No one can EVER change and learn from their mistakes? Ever pulled over for a traffic violation? a parking ticket? and you WALK THE STREETS????

    Next time you have those Perfect Lessons, sign me up. I wanna be perfect *just like you*

  14. Glenn E. says:

    If I heard right, the police had gotten a report of seeing a female or females at the Chicago home, years earlier, by a neighbor woman. But the police put it down as a crank call from a crazy lady. However this guy, they choice to believe, years later. Makes you wonder why are they suddenly taking kidnapping reports seriously, now? That they obviously weren’t, ten years ago. Since the girls were only a short distance from where they were taken.

    Hopefully this, like Sandy Hook, won’t be turned into some reason for suspending another Amendment of the US Bill of Rights. Such as searching homes, without any warrants.

    “Won’t somebody please think of the children”, as they say to justify trampling another Right.

  15. honeyman says:

    Nothing in the playbook sez you cant be a hero AND a douchebag.


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