For all your backyard chicken entusiasts this links to an 11×17 poster.
smaller chicken poster

  1. bobbo, affectionato of all things supposedly healthy for you says:

    Doesn’t show the fancy fluffy “ornamental” breeds that lay the same good eggs.

    Sister has a friend with a backyard hen collection and brought me a dozen pure organic range free roam chicken eggs. Mix of white and brown with a tinge of blue on some.

    Eggs looked more yellow and “stood up” more than store bought===BUT I CAN’T SAY=== I could taste any difference. Not any difference worth x3 the price. So now==I’m quite happy with my store bought eggs and no longer considering getting 1-2 birds, cage, nesting boxes and enter into a nightly battle with the racoons that live around here.

    Hmmmm. Could that be true? Better order up another dozen eggs and try it a second time. “Its tastes completely different!”==can’t be just more mindless BS being fed to us can it?

    • bobbo, affectionato of all things supposedly healthy for you says:

      Same with abalone. Tastes fine…but not the awesome wonderful you hear all the time. Hmmm—much like a octopus steak? Have to try that again too–side by side.

      Can’t stand caviar–too salty.

      Safron Rice?==I prefer garlic.

      Truffles?? Those are in my bucket list.

      ……. and so it goes.

    • Grey Bird says:

      I can’t think of where the studies are, but people apparently have a range of taste abilities. Some are “super tasters” who are very sensitive to minor taste differences and have many more taste buds, and some are way the other end with many fewer taste buds. My late wife and my dad can taste something and figure out the ingredients in it, and that just amazes me. Maybe you’re more the other end, and those talking about the difference are more towards the “super taster” end. If you can’t taste the difference and don’t see any health benefits, then why spend the extra money.

      • bobbo, affectionato of all things supposedly healthy for you says:

        Grey Bird–while I basically agree, let me quibble: I would say there are but only a FEW super tasters. So FEW that their opinions aren’t worth much to the GREAT MAJORITY who I think like me are average tasters.

        You see it time and again in blind taste testing. People more influenced by setting, packaging, assumptions, and what they just saw on tv than what anything actually “tastes” like.

        As an interesting aside, humans have 4 basic taste/sense receptors 5 if you are turning Japanese. The thousands of eating sensations are the almost unlimited interactions between those 4-5 basic sensations with the 100/1000’s of smell/aroma receptors.

        To restate: I WANTED to enjoy the availability of free range eggs that I have…and I can tell “a difference” between the two but can’t say I have a preference other than in the looks department which shouldn’t really count.

        Same with Mac & Cheese. I grew up on Kraft and looked forward to even better from scratch. So add a big additional factor: what we have habituated ourselves to: I like Kraft Mac & Cheese over the more laborious and expensive from scratch.

        Form and keep your own good opinions. Change only for the real, not because you have been marketed to.

        • bobbo, affectionato of all things supposedly healthy for you says:

          Speaking of crappy food from childhood, about 20 years ago I had a pop tart. The filling and pastry were gooey and totally inedible. this morning my neighbor gave me a few extras she had and I just had two from the toaster. Not at all the same product from years ago. The pastry was downright “almost” good==at least NOT gooey. The filling was still gooey but not as sticky as I recall the last hot mess.

          Still would never buy them myself, but in a pinch, I won’t turn one down any more either. I wonder if any of them have actual fruit bits rather than reconstituted glue?

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    I always thought it was “chicken fancier”.

    Gonzo the Muppet is a chicken enthusiast.

    After Gonzo uses mouth-to-mouth resuicitation on his chicken:
    Miss Piggy: Gonzo, is Camilla all right?
    Gonzo: Yeah, but I think we’re engaged!

  3. jpfitz says:

    “The game fears nothing.”

    Are these birds fearless or just ballsy?

    John where’s something on the March Against Monsanto event?

  4. egg man koko kachew says:

    What happened to my post?

  5. Sematics says:

    Always knew John was a cock lover.

  6. C. Little says:

    Sir- Cockyness…

  7. Mextli says:

    It’s amusing how many of these things are kept as pets.

  8. Dallas says:

    An endangered species , the Langshan is amongst the largest black cocks found this side of DC.

  9. Gerald Miller says:

    I do not see a BLUE HEN CHICKEN the state bird of Delaware and the University of Delaware’s(noted for OBiden )mascot. This chicken was known for its cock fighting abilities during the Revolution.

    • sargasso_c says:

      Wondering whether that chicken fought for the Union or the Confederates?

  10. Electronshaper says:

    11×17 size with a resolution of 2 dpi???


  11. Farm boy says:

    You can tell how fresh a egg is by candling the egg. Shine a bright lamp in to the egg and look for the air sack.

    AA— is fresh from farmer. The yoke sits high the albumen (white) is tight.
    A–is the type they sell in the supermarket, because they handle them too much.

    B– is used for commercial use
    C– used to make powdered eggs

    • Farm boy says:

      Corn feed tastes the best in eggs.
      You have to trim the beak on the chicks. When they grow up they can be mean to each other.
      A capon is a rooster with his nuts removed.

      A fertilized egg does not last as long as unfertilized.

      Then there is culling 🙁

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Good stuff Farm Boy. Yes, eggs gain air as they age. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a bad egg in normal circumstances beyond the occasional blood spotting. Still “safe” just not appealing to me once I have seen it.

      When making a salad or quiche for others to eat though I do put the egg in water. If it floats, I don’t use it for guests.

      I’m must that much a caring guy.

  12. orchidcup says:

    What are “entusiasts,” I can’t seem to find a definition.

  13. deowll says:

    Chicken is fowl food. Delicious but chicken and dumplings made from an old hen may be better than fried or baked. Of course gumbo is to die for.

  14. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    I’m no expert but I believe this poster is a fake. So, I’m calling fowl!
    And even if it is real, it don’t mean chicken shit. So don’t let Bobbo egg you on into thinking he knows every thing there is to know about poultry. His wife hen pecks him all the time so he has to bloviate and strut around like a rooster to make himself feel better.

    • orchidcup says:

      Bobbo is a bloviator?

      Say it isn’t so.

      • The Monster's Lawyer says:

        Sorry Timmy, it’s true.

      • jpfitz says:

        One of the best inventions in recent memory was the universal remote that allowed you to turn off television sets in public spaces — such as airport waiting areas — where you might want some peace and quiet. Since it was a direct assault against the combined forces of capitalism and telecommunications, however, I am sure that this device has been either rendered useless or criminalized as a capital offense.
        As a small defense against the relentless decline of the public realm, I would invent a Hand-Held Anti-Bloviator (HHAB) that could be used to render the voices of those engaged in needless cell phone conversations inaudible. Designed to resemble a cellular phone, the HHAB would eliminate mindless blather by blocking annoying voice frequencies simply by placing the device to your ear.
        The HHAB would activate using key phrases. If it detected “I don’t know, what are you doing?” it would immediately mute conversations in the modulations of pimply adolescents. “I’m getting on a plane” would tip off its Self-Important Yuppie function. And of course, “Honey, which tomato sauce should I get?” would alert the Wimp Sensor.
        The HHAB could also be programmed for specific words, utilizing its “Jargon” function: If someone used the term “algorithm” or “branding” within earshot, their aural output could be rendered void for the duration of the conversation (unless they were actually a mathematician or cattle rancher).
        Best of all, the HHAB’s “Reverse” function could be used to amplify particularly juicy gossip nearby.
        It could contribute to a near-perfect world.


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