is a group supporting the American Anti-Corruption Act, to overhaul campaign finance laws, impose strict lobbying and conflict of interest laws, and end secret money…The group highlights the phrase, “Represent Us, Not The Money.”

Some folks think this is too edgy. I think it’s a little too kind.

  1. JS says:

    I’m not saying what is trying to do is not worthy of consideration (or even adulation), but I had to have a chuckle at the first two things I saw on their page:

    – “It’s time to get money out of politics”; and
    – “Donate Now”


  2. ± says:

    It should be illegal for any lobby to donate anything of value (a lunch, a pen, a dime, etc.) to any political group or politician.

    • bobbo, in Half Crouch says:

      Old guy is in pretty good shape. He didn’t like bending over backwards very much. Obviously more used to bending forward as when blowing barnyard animals.

    • dusanmal says:

      Why? Why is their voice/money any better/worse than any other (person or group)? Who decides which group has political speech or monetary influence rights? Again Americans FIRST need to have experience of totalitarian regime and only than start to see where these “helpful” actions lead. About half way there now.
      Same as the vote itself must be secret/anonymous to be protected same goes for any form of political speech: voicing, promoting, paying, … in order for the political system to be protected from the bias. Yes, those with more money have more influence. So do those in greater numbers. Or the louder ones… In each case such group has done SOMETHING BETTER for themselves to be in the position of greater influence. So it should be. We must stop this Progressive mantra that Mediocrity is Nirvana. No. Real progress of the society comes from the strife and competition and by someone winning and having advantage from it. = neo-brown-shirts for the Neo-NaziCommunism.

      • bobbo, in Half Crouch says:

        “In each case such group has done SOMETHING BETTER for themselves to be in the position of greater influence.” /// Yeah—but in the case of Lobbyists, the something they did was BUY OUR CONGRESS.


      • ± says:

        whaaa…. ?

  3. Dallas says:

    I love to watch male pole dancers but they need to be under 35.

  4. Sea Lawyer says:

    Having actually read the highlights of this plan… they want to give everybody a $100 tax rebate to donate to political candidates, but those candidates can only accept the money if they agree to a list of restrictions.

    Nonsense like this is why I’m less inclined to take these plans seriously.

  5. Porky Rottenham says:

    I’ll go with too kind. Also too late.

  6. I.Dohno says:

    This is horrible, strippers are decent good Americans. Comparing them to politicians slanderous.

  7. Silvester says:

    Article are decent good of Americans. Comparing them to politicians slanderous.


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