Baraka Kanaan is suing Delta Airlines after he was forced to crawl down the aisle of his plane, down the stairs, and across the tarmac to his wheelchair with no assistance.

A car accident in 2000 left Kanaan’s legs partially paralyzed, and he relies on a wheelchair to move about.

Delta had assured Kanaan weeks earlier that his disability would be accommodated, but then his flight departing Hawaii was cancelled due to weather, and he booked a flight for the next day.

Upon his arrival in Nantucket, Massachusetts, the complaint alleges Delta had none of the equipment — an aisle chair and a lift — to help Kanaan off the plane…

In his best suit, Kanaan then had to “[crawl] hand over hand through the main cabin and down a narrow flight of stairs and across the tarmac to his wheelchair…”

On the return trip to Hawaii, equipment was still unavailable and Kanaan was astonished to have to repeat the procedure. This time, the complaint states, the airline offered to place cardboard beneath Kanaan “so that his clothes wouldn’t get dirty.”

A truly bighearted operation they run at Delta, eh?.

  1. ± says:

    Suing for what? Some law of physics built into the universe 13.7B years ago was violated?

    Although I agree effort should be made to accommodate anyone in trouble for whatever reason, shit happens.

    • deowll says:

      The problem for Delta is Federal law requires that the company make accommodations for such people and the sales rep promised that they did and then it turns out they didn’t.

    • Dallas says:

      Hope he didn’t delay your shipment of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that was on board.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      It’s America. Lawyers replaced common sense and manners when the constitution was written.

      • Dummy Up! says:

        Not quite!

        Most of the people who wrote/signed the original Constitution were NOT lawyers! And the few (lawyers) that did (sign) were nearly all disbarred from the British legal system (which was the only legal system in use that had any real power at the time). In fact, nearly the entire population of lawyers in both England and America didn’t get involved with the Constitution until about 30 years after the ratification of the new Republic (around 1813).

        One can only speculate the reasons why lawyers were conspicuously absent during the American revolution and the forming of the new Constitution, but I suspect they (the lawyers) didn’t have the balls to get involved until they knew the revolution had been won and that any more “red coats” had been kicked out of the country – just as you might expect from a group of COWARDS! (Since cowards never side with the under dog.)

        I’m not real sure what that has to do with Delta other than the fact we can all be sure that at least 2 lawyers are involved. We can also be relatively safe in assuming that all of the lawyers on both sides are currently trying to figure out how to screw someone out of more money too!

        Funny how lawyers always go right for the “root of all evil” — and how the more successful ones seem to always get elected!

        • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

          Excellent subject. Is it your math that is off or what?

          35 of the 55 original contributers were lawyers.

          Wrote/signed/attended/ doesn’t change the outcome.

          I keep looking for some deeper/insightful reason why it so often is the upper middle and upper classes that revolt from foreign control. More to lose….but I suppose more to gain as well? “Loved Freedom.” Am I too, just too, disrespectful?

          Of note–12 were slave owners. Always love the hypocrisy of that. Got more in services than the taxes they paid? Paid more tax to the US Gov than to the Brits???

          Fun stuff.

        • Drew says:

          BAR == British Attorney Rules…

          Wait.. WHAT?!

          he he

  2. NewformatSux says:

    Under ObamaCare, he would be offered suicide therapy.

  3. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    I dunno. Seems to me “worst case” that any airline would offer more help than cardboard.

    What do you think: without any of that special equipment available on the field ((just make him wait for it to get found)) then offer him stretcher service after everyone else has left the plane? find a co-pilot or steward to give him a firemans carry?

    No? Just cardboard huh?? Well…imagine if he couldn’t take any plane at all???

    Pros and Cons.

  4. THOG says:

    You mean no other passengers would help this man off of the plane?
    Wow! I reckon this is to be expected in this day and age!
    Shame on those who wouldn’t offer to help.

  5. JudgeHooker says:

    Like most of the stories posted here, there is obviously information missing. Making this simply bait. Weak bait too. Don’t bother posting anything else here folks. Enjoy the sunshine.

  6. What? The moth is always drawn to the flame? says:

    I personally hate Delta, and let my miles expire because I can’t stand flying with them. United is almost as bad. Delta used to be my favorite US Carrier.

    I need a charter service that books executive jets at 3x the cost of major carriers’ Y-class offerings for future travel. Any recommendations?

    • msbpodcast says:

      The problem here is one of where are you taking off from.

      Teterboro airport would be my choice, but that is just me (& my cousins.)

      Anyway, you will be taking off from a regional airport.

  7. sargasso_c says:

    I thought the broken glass on the ramp and salt on his wheel chair, were a bit rough.

  8. birddog says:

    Delta should go back to being a crop dusting company.

  9. Tim says:

    Lieutenant Dan, you got a new spine.

  10. Yankinwaoz says:

    I witnessed the same thing on Greyhound Bus. I took at the bus from Oakland to SB. There was this old wheel chair bound guy on board going to SLO. We get to SLO and the station is closed. There is no on there to help.

    The guy says “I need to get off”. The bus driver told he that he can’t touch him. He also told the guy that his ticket was only to SLO, so he had to get off. His frail wife managed to get the wheel chair outside. And he managed to crawl to the front of the bus. But he couldn’t get down these steep stairs.

    The passenger pointed out that they knew he needed help, and was promised that someone from Greyhound would be there to help. The driver didn’t give a shit.

    The bus driver was getting real nasty with the guy. The guy was pleading for help and the driver refused. He stormed off to smoke a cigarette.

    I couldn’t take it any more. I got up and told him that I would get him down the stairs. I found another passenger, looked to be in his mid 20’s, look like he was military. I ordered him to help me. The young man protested and said “What if I drop him?”

    I glared at the kid and said “Then don’t fucking drop him”. I ordered the kid to take the mans legs, and carried him under his arms, and we walked him down the stairs and placed him in his wheelchair.

    The bus driver was glaring at me with a “You should’t have done that” look. The other passengers looked shocked. I stopped at the front of the bus, tired (The old man was heavy!), and yelled at all of them “Hey! That old guy could have been ANY of you people’s grandfather”.

    Then I yelled at the bus driver and told him to get us back on the road, which he did.

    Still bugs me to this day.

  11. LordWolter says:

    All serious discussion aside, the post’s title gave me the first impression that the Delta Forces had a paraplegic on one of their squads. I was ready to read about purified badassery.

  12. ShyWriter says:

    My Mom is 90 years old and has difficulty walking. Southwest Airlines has ALWAYS provided a wheelchair with an attendant to help her from the entrance to the airport on through the complete journey to the gate. There she is among the first boarding group and is assisted by Southwest personnel to her seat.

    The same is done in reverse order when she arrives at her destination.

    People here making fun of people that need assistance in any area with movement better hope they never find themselves similarly “handicapped.”

    If you want to pick on someone, find a multitude of the a@s with Handicap Parking tags/placards whom aren’t handicapped (except perhaps; MENTALLY..) who use the marked Handicapped parking spots.. Even if the car belongs to a handicapped person, if THAT person is NOT in the vehicle during that trip it is illegal to park in such a spot..

    It’s a $250-$500 fine , if caught, in my area..

    As for the actual lawsuit: He certainly has a much better case (and much more palatable) for suing than the old hag that clipped McDonalds for $8 million dollars for “its coffee being too hot” and burning her AFTER she put the cup between her thighs and spilled it on herself..



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