Assange shows up near the end.

Diane in Sydney, who sent me the video, says:

“Yes, he’s running for the state of Victoria in Oz. It’s for the Senate which is the part of Australian government that’s called a ‘house of review’ for policies that the government wants to get passed.

If he gets elected he has several (not sure how many) months to take up his position. If he can’t (for obvious reasons!) he appoints another candidate in the WikiLeaks Party to take the seat. Our government has a real dilemma if he gets elected as we’ll want the gov’t to actually do something to get him back here.”

  1. Chizzler says:

    I can’t say I like it but the context is helps… The song is a cover / send-up of a bogan Aussie rocker John Farnham. His song “Your the voice” was sadly an Aussie anthem.

  2. Mark says:

    That was almost as interminable as the election itself.

  3. nocornsyrup says:

    as an Aussie, this is totally unfunny and awkward. portrayal of Abbott is unfair and JA is as cringy as fingernails on the blackboard.

    the 2 guys that run this show are called Juice media. the ‘news anchor’ is some politically motivated hippy Brit who has relocated to Melbourne. the writer is an academic lefty from Melbourne. two kinds of people i dont trust.

    what it does illustrate is that seemingly anyone can gain access to ‘enemy of the state’ Julian Assange.

    • dansus says:


      Loved it, best satirical comedy for years. Some of their other stuff is very clever too.

  4. Uncle Patso says:

    Wow, don’t the Aussies require their legislators to be citizens, or at least residents of the area they wish to represent? Or is that just here in the U.S.?

    • nikelectric says:

      Julian Assange is a natural born citizen of Australia

    • Diane says:

      Hi Uncle Patso,

      This is ‘Diane in Sydney’. Legislators do need to be citizens. Mr Assange is an Australian citizen with an address in the state of Victoria.

  5. YesCornSyrup says:

    nocornsyrup, as an Aussie, to me this is totally funny and not awkward. The portrayal of Abbott is about right and Gillard is as cringy as fingernails on the blackboard.

    The other stuff is just your opinion.

    Rudd is meh, but better then Latham, still no one in the major party’s worth voting for.

  6. YesCornSyrup says:

    Huh, comment removed. Fair enough if you want to be like that.

  7. Cap'n Kangaroo says:

    Voting is compulsory in Australia. Failure to vote without a satisfactory reason results in a fine.

    • YesCornSyrup says:

      Or you just not Vote, they might send a fine and you still do not pay it and nothing happens.


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